Is it just me……or are the Olympics boring the crap out of you as well!


I must admit I have watched some of the never-ending coverage of the Rio Olympics on the good old BBC but have decided enough is enough. It feels like it would be easier to count the BBC presenters who are not actually there as the BBC must be spending millions of our tv tax on this jolly for the good and lovely every 4 years.

We are doing well in all the posh sports, ok in some of the sports that ordinary people might be able to afford to do, and witnessing some of the greatest, Olympic standard, ass kissing and sycophants that the BBC can provide. The BBC has sent 455 staff seemingly.

But it is all so boring. Dressage, badminton, sailing, golf for f*** sake, judo. The list is endless and the constant back slapping and insufferable descriptions of boring non events just gets on my tits. I learned that Jessica Ennis-Hill is a mother, the BBC presenter told me that 40 times, and what an incredible achievement it is for her to be a successful athlete mother. Please save me.

I know that I am a grumpy middle-aged man but this is just crap. The Olympics used to be about amateurs competing against each other but now they are all professionals and either earn a fortune selling trainers, health supplements and perfume, or are sponsored by lottery money etc. I don’t know who has taken drugs or not, so it just feels like there are few honest athletes out there now, to the extent that I just don’t care all that much.

If I hear one more Team GB, we used to just be Great Britain and that was bad enough, athlete saying they work hard I am going to scream. Most people work hard for f*** sake. I was watching a bit of the Andy Murray match last night but switched it off at one set all to read a book, I just did not care either way. That is what the Olympics has done to me, I just don’t care anymore.



  1. Anonymous


    I’ve watched some of it but it’s all up its own arse if you ask me. The BBC just make it worse, we have got to have the worst so called public service broadcaster in the world they are so poor. The end can’t come quick enough if you ask me.

    Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    Surely it makes you proud to be British!………..naw me neither. I agree with the TeamGB crap, it’s like something Davidson or Rennie would spout.

    It doesn’t matter how many medals they win, it won’t help people who go to foodbanks. It just helps boost the delusions of a section of society in a declining medium sized European country.

    Cynical bunch aren’t we?

    • Anonymous


      I used to enjoy it but drug cheats and the BBC have pretty much killed it for me. We do good in the posh sports and Andy Murray is English and greets English fans, and they wonder why we are sick of them. I’ve pretty much had enough to be honest and just don’t care anymore about this crap, like you say we should be more concerned about food banks.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Iain Ross

    Aye the BBC coverage gives me the dry boak. I actually quite like watching the Olympics but I want to see the best people competing for the medals where ever they come from. The Union Jack brigade on the Beeb are only seem to be interested in the glory of TeamGB, man it is so parochial. I want to see coverage of the bloke or lassie from foreign-nia who has just torched in the world record while winning gold and not fall to wall coverage of some plunky Brit who finished ninth or god forbid some public school bod who has just won gold in dressage, sailing, rowing or other posh sport.

    • grumpyscottishman


      My wife was saying the exact same thing last night. She was watching some of it while my head was stuck in a book but she gave up. The BBC coverage I think has been woeful to be honest, I thought 2012 was bad but his is really taking the piss. I read somewhere that over 20% of the GB Team are from public schools and most of the rest from top universities, wouldn’t surprise me but that is GB for you, good at class while having zero class.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Brian McGowan

    Totally agree. Everybody commenting has said what I was going to say. And yes, if I hear “Team GB” one more time I will shoot myself. Or maybe just switch of the telly.

    • Anonymous


      I think many people have had enough of the BBC bias coverage and team GB, I know I have. They have driven me to not caring anymore, not that I cared that much to start with. I like the footie, mainly Scottish Football, but I do watch the English Football as my wife is a huge Arsenal fan. I watched a fair bit the first week but when you are turning Murray off then you know you have reached saturation point, although I did find the whole Murray English thing very funny on social media, they just can’t help themselves lol.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. Helena Brown

    The Olympics are on and we are watching Euro News. Not being interested but wondering what the BBC will do once they are over, possibly repeat them?
    Got a few games on the go and always a book, so no problems for me. Time to ditch the TV I think.

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t be bothered with it, my kids have not looked at it and my wife, who is really into sport, thinks the BBC are a joke for only always showing the GB lot. The sooner it’s over the better for me now. Saying that I tend to really just do catch up a lot rather than just sit and watch or like you put on a news channel, not the beeb, sometimes Fox to remind me that I am in fact sane and Fox is good for comic relief.

      Thanks for commenting.


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