Fury I Tell You, F****** Fury

The Daily Express Scottish Edition has a story today stating that there is FURY, yes real FURY , at one SNP Councillor, one SNP MP and one SNP MEP expressing republican views on the future of the unelected Head of State of Scotland.


But is there really FURY at the very suggestion that Scottish Voters, at some distant point in the future, actually might get to decide if they want to continue to pay for a pampered family to have Lordship over them. To have advantages over them that all of us can only dream of, to have influence over our politics and our laws that we don’t have, to have access to politicians that we don’t have, have tax rules that we don’t share……the list is f endless on the differences between us and them around rights.

However, I actually couldn’t find any FURY. What the article quotes from the yoons, sorry the Unionists, were Jackson Carlow, Scottish Tory Deputy Leader saying they were “ completely out of step with voters “ and “ support for the monarchy remains high “. Dame Mervyn Redding, British Monarchist Society and Foundation said “ People love the Queen and Royal Family “ and Mike Rumbles from the still relevant Scottish Liberal Democrats said that MEP “ Alyn Smith can’t seem to go 10 minutes without suggesting one referendum or another “. NO FURY TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE.

Now my views on the monarchy and the whole unelected Head of State issue is clear Monarchy. The hereditary principle goes against everything that I believe in and goes against every democratic principle that I have and that this country is supposed to hold. Stuart at Wings over Scotland found in January 2015 that 65% of Scots agreed that Scotland should keep the monarchy, so Jackson Carlow was correct nearly two years ago, however it appears that in 2016 66% of Scots also favor keeping the monarchy, this was in an ipsos-mori poll but the Scottish sample was a whole 35 respondents, hardly conclusive but no different from the result of the Wings survey.

But what I found interesting, and clearly demonstrates what Stuart at Wings advises about reading the story and not the headline, is that there was no FURY in any shape or form. There were predictable responses from some of the yoon politicians.

Personally I think if we really educated people about the Windsor’s, about the advantages and influence they really have over our country, the way that they operate behind the scenes to reinforce their position and maintain their wealth, the polls might just start to change. There will never ever in my mind be a reason to have an unelected head of state, and if you want to see FURY, just look at me when the BBC go on a Royal Family love fest several times every year using our TV tax money when people go hungry in this f****** awful UK.



  1. Jim Morris

    Technically, since the Queen of Scots is supposed to reign by the agreement of the Scottish people, there should have been a referendum in 1952 when her father died, and in 193whatever when her uncle abdicated, right back to the establishment of universal suffrage when democracy was supposed to have become a practical reality in the daily lives of our citizens and other residents of the country of Scotland. Since no such referendum took place then the present monarchy can be represented as unconstitutional for the Dominion of Scotland.

    • Anonymous


      I just find it all un-democratic but even at a young age I always despised the privilege they had when I saw people around me unemployed and hungry. I can’t get my head around that anyone could support either that family or the principle and the headline was just your typical yoon rubbish to try and have a go at the SNP. It’s all bullshit.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      True enough, just part of the old boys network who look down on everyone else and esp democracy.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    Well , Mr Carlaw, they are not out of step with me or quite a few voters I know. I look forward to the day we live in the Republic of Scotland.

    • Anonymous

      Same here, I find that people I speak to who don’t mind them or like them actually know nothing about them and the power they have over us or what they cost when you add in security. Once you enlighten people it’s amazing how their views start to change. I really think that if we actually informed people or people took more of an interest then things would change, or at least start to. But the headline was just another lie.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown

    Time for people to look at what t hey get for their hard earned money. I suggested many years ago if the Sovereign as an institution, then let them stand every five years for the office.

  4. Helena Brown

    Should read if they are as popular as they think they should stand for office. Oh and let’s get shot of the lead weight of the Lord’s House.

    • Anonymous


      Yeah if they love it that much let them stand for election and see how it goes. Be glad to get rid of both the Windsor’s and the HoL, all designed to maintain class and keep us in our place. The headline designed to do the same I think.

      Thanks for commenting.



    I am with you on this one Grumpy.

    i think once the Queen goes support for the monarchy will die out . king Charles anyone ?? Scotland needs indi first . Then we can take the next steps as we grow more confident in ourselves .

    Theres a lot of change coming one way or the other . the Monarchy wont be exempt .

    I dont always comment Grumpy but just just to let u Know i read everything and enjoy most . Good to have you online .

  6. Anonymous


    The stupid headline just encourages people to look into things and I’m with you, I think once Elizabeth Windsor decides to step down or age catches up with her the affection will wane in Scotland. Indy first though but I think we need to go into any indy2 with less commitment to the unelected head of state but then there has to be a referendum on it once independent. I know many people don’t care but I actually find it offensive in the modern world now to be honest in every country that has to suffer the system.

    Thanks for commenting.


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