Something Different ‘ Is There Something I Should Know ‘

A few people who actually read this ill-informed blog have commented that it is all politics and maybe I should do something different at weekends. I have posted non political things before and do enjoy it, I also enjoy Soppy Sunday over on Munguin’s Republic so for fear of copying Tris I thought I would give it a go at weekends, although no doubt my efforts will not be near as good.

To start this off I am listening to Duran Duran All You Need is Now Album as my drive to work album the last couple of days. It’s a great album, if you haven’t heard it check it out, but anyway it got me thinking about music. Those of you who grew up in the 80’s might remember that feeling of excitement when you knew a new single was coming out from your favourite band. The first time that I remember really waiting on that moment was the wait for’ Is There Something I Should know’ by Duran Duran.


This was before mobile phones, downloads, MP3s and fifty radio stations. I remember trolling the few radio stations we had in Scotland to hear the song, waiting for MTV to show the video, not that I had MTV but if they showed it so would Top Of The Pops on Thursday night. Do young people feel the same way now! I don’t think they really do, I certainly have never heard my kids be excited about a band releasing a new single. While the advances in media and in music have been great in so many ways, in other ways they have really taken away a lot of the fun.

Buying the vinyl single, holding it, looking at it and then playing it 50 times until you knew the lyrics off by heart, those days are gone and in some ways that is so very sad. I still enjoy hearing about a new album by a favourite band but now, due to time passing by, most of them have gone now or don’t really release anything and music is so manufactured now I rarely hear anything new that I enjoy or find interesting. Things like One Direction, Take That, Girls Aloud killed the idea of band for me in so many ways. Few of them can actually sing, the songs blend into one and all sound the same, the people come across as real assholes in so many cases (maybe that hasn’t changed) but they seem to lack the talent. The real talent is the marketing people behind them.

But times move on, while I fondly remember parts of my youth like waiting for that single, while ignoring the parts that were not so good or just plain awful. The last Duran Duran album was Paper Gods , it’s decent, I must admit I look forward to the next Duran Duran album but would love to hear one more new Rainbow album, one new Ultravox album, one new original Alarm Album or for The Big Sound Authority to reform or Japan.

But today I am going to watch the video for ‘ Is There Something I Should Know ‘ , enjoy the moment that Simon Le Bon shouts out ‘Please please tell me now, please please tell me now ‘ . Something different and something just plain brilliant, well in my mind anyway.



  1. tris

    Munguin likes Duran Duran, Bruce.

    I think it’s good to have a break from politics from time to time.

    I’ve kinda got into the habit of Soppy Sunday (John Brownlie’s idea for a title) and I dare not change it now for fear of a revolution, but I used to do little travelogues years ago… Pick a interesting, not well known country, and write about it, with some pictures.

    I seem to remember doing Bhutan and I think Lichtenstein.

    I should probably do that again sometime.

    Music is good. It gives you the chance to showcase a band or singer you like and to talk about the music of the time.

    I know what you mean about today’s bands. It’s hard to tell if hey have any talent, because of what they can do in a recording studio. I can;’t help thinking a lot of them rely on their looks and sex appeal, but then, they always did. Given the audience they are trying to appeal to, that’s natural.

    It worries me a bit that these tv shows seem to create overnight stars either is pop or is show biz, who then have to operate at such a high level.without any of the background that established stars have.

    Still, I guess that’s a sign of growing older…

    • Anonymous


      It is a nice break although I saw something this morning that got my goat so I know my next blog lol. Music is pretty crap now, I find that I always go back to what I liked in my teens etc, I know most people do, but music today is overly manufactured and boring. Duran Duran are still brilliant, after a couple of not so great albums they really have gotten a second wind, if only some others would re find their greatness. Not sure what I will do next, maybe a book or football, a movie. Depends on how much time I have as I tend to write during my lunch breaks as by the time I get home at night I am pretty much beat.

      Thanks for commenting.


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