Nick Clegg is taking the Piss

I saw this comment from Nick Clegg at the weekend, the former Deputy Prime Minister and former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and thought to myself is he taking the piss.


This is the same Nick Clegg who signed up to the Vow in the Daily Record during the referendum. Of course every promise made during the referendum has been met, only in the shittiest way possible in the most opposite of ways possible. Better Together (Clegg, Miliband and Cameron) promised Scotland would be safe in the EU (brexit), that shipyard jobs were safe (frigates delayed and reduced), that civil service jobs would be safe (17.5% lost), the UK would protect the vulnerable (12 billion welfare cuts), and lets not forget EVEL (English Votes for English Laws). Nick Clegg who abandoned all Liberal policies like Proportional Representation for the ill fated trap that was the Alternative Vote Referendum, his fairer taxes pledge meant tax cuts for millionaires, all for the ministerial car.


This is Nick Clegg who has the worst voting record in parliament, he has voted in a mere 14.5% of all divisions since the General Election. Nick Clegg when faced with a vote to send soldiers to war always voted for, voted against raising benefits in line with price rises, voted to reduce spending on welfare, voted against extra money for long-term unemployed young people. Nick when he bothered to vote voted for the increase in VAT, voted against his own parties mansion tax, voted for more trade union restrictions.

Nick Clegg calling for referendum promises to be shown for what they are makes me laugh. How can you trust Nick Clegg when he was one of the 25 Liberals who stabbed Charles Kennedy in the back and lied about tuition fees. A party that Charles Kennedy made more electable has been destroyed by a man who has no shame; in fact Nick Clegg is shameless.

So when Nick the liar Clegg wants to show up broken promises, he should start with September 2014 and the total betrayal of every no voter who trusted him, and the yes voters he made promises to. Nick Clegg and the truth just don’t go hand in hand. No wonder the Liberal Democrats have a long road back if they can get back at all.



  1. tris

    We can add to that list of failure, a promise that pensions would be safe with the UK.

    Of course the government denies this, but the ex-pensions minister has said very clearly that going forward we simply can’t afford the second worst pensions in the developed world, and that the triple lock on pensions will have to be discarded.

    The triple lock was necessary, of course, becasue Mrs Thatcher dismantled the lock that there used to be between pensions and average wage increases. meaning that, from the early 80s the value of the state pension dropped and dropped and dropped.

    While Britain brags about punching above its weight in the world, it has, over 30 years, reduced the value of the state pension to a pittance compared with even Crown Colonies like Jersey,. That is before you consider Gordon Brown’s raid on private pension funds adn the disastrous reduction in income from them.

    Now people whine about pensioners getting a rise when other people working or on benefits are getting nothing, but in reality they were just starting to catch up a little.

    Decent pensions benefit everyone who doesn’t have the misfortune of an early death.

    Rant over.

    Clegg managed to destroy the work that Chic Kennedy did to build the Liberal Democrats to a 3rd party.

    His legacy will be that he destroyed his party for a 5 year stint of a ministerial car and a few red boxes, and no real job.


    • Anonymous


      I pay a not so small amount every month into SERPS and when I get my statement I see that I will get less back and will probably not live long enough to receive it anyway with the rate the retirement age keeps getting put up. We should be finding ways to reduce the pension age in this country, and all over, this would provide not only jobs for young people but also some time to maybe relax in the third stage of our lives. But under the Tories we will work until we drop, I hate them and everything that this country stands for.

      Nick Clegg is a Tory, I doubt he was ever a Liberal in the first place. Thatcher really did a job on Labour and the Liberals to the extend they are just mini Tory Parties now and pretty much finished. We live in shitty times.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    Taking the piss – it’s what Clegg does. I’m surprised he didn’t get a wee honour from Davie yesterday.

    The “vow” was always a piece of crap dreamt up by Brown. At least two of those leaders would be out of a job a few months after September 2014, so how were they in a position to promise anything?

    I see Wee Willie wants a referendum re-run as well. Not the Scottish one naturally.

    • Anonymous


      Rennie is the main reason I decided to end my membership of the Lib Dems, plus the fact they are not really that liberal. The hatred of some members towards nationalists was a bit surprising, I really dislike some parties and politicians but I don’t hate their members. I might get angry at times and say I do but I don’t. Rennie can go do one for all I care, the man is vacuous at best. Clegg is a Tory, like Blair was a Tory and Miliband was a soft Tory. That’s the problem, they are all the same and all equally as crap. No matter what they throw at Scotland in the next campaign independence could never be worse than what we have now, this country is on it’s knees and we really have to get out asap. Your right about ‘ the Vow ‘ all shit served up by a shit paper agreed to by shit politicians and promoted by a shit media.

      Thanks for commenting.


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