Cameron: A Legacy of Shame!

There will be eulogies, there will be millions of ass licking words written about Cameron and today we have had a wall to wall Cameron love in, what a lot of bollocks. This man’s legacy will be airbrushed to show him in a positive light but what did he achieve. When he took over from Blair, a PR man got to stand at the dispatch box, he was there with the piss poor jokes at the hapless Miliband, Nick ‘ the joke ‘ Clegg, and the unfortunate Corbyn, but where was the substance, where was the new politics, the third way?

He was and is full of shit, he did more to divide this country and impoverish millions in six years than Thatcher did in 11 or something years.

Here is what I will remember; I will remember record food bank use:

cameron 1

Where 117,689 people had to use food banks in 2014/15 in Scotland. This continues to this day and is a stain on Cameron and the parties that supported it.

I will remember Cameron saying that Benefits are not a ‘life choice’ which resulted in Social Security sanctions:

cameron 2

16% of claimants on Job Seekers Allowance have received a sanction in Scotland and claimants on Job Seekers Allowance for more than five months are more likely to be sanctioned in Scotland. 15% of claimants in my own City of Dundee have been sanctioned. That was David Cameron and is a stain on Cameron and the parties that supported it.

I will remember tax cuts for the rich and tax havens for the Cameron’s:

tax cameroncam 6

David Cameron railed against Tax Evasion in public while admitting he benefited from a Panama-based offshore trust set up by his late father. Cameron’s policies were where the richest 10% got a big tax break and those at the bottom got hit the hardest. Hypocrite, happy to make himself even richer while hammering the poorest. That is a stain on Cameron and those that supported him.

I will remember a legacy of debt:


Since 2010 David Cameron’s management of the economy resulted in additional borrowing of £536 BILLION POUNDS up to the end of 2015 taking the UK’s debt to 1.5 TRILLION POUNDS resulting in cuts to services to an extent never known before in this country. Another stain on Cameron that we will be paying for forever.

I will remember when David Cameron called desperate men, women and children fleeing the results of UK foreign policy a “ bunch of migrants “ , he shamed us all and put a stain on this country.


And finally, the day after the referendum when 55% of voters in Scotland, strangely enough many from the EU, voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom, instead of thanking those voters, instead of showing some humility, some thanks, David Cameron rolled out English Votes for English Laws:

cameron 3

He betrayed those 55% by taking advantage of their faith in the UK and their trust.

David Cameron, in my opinion, just goes down as another failure in a long line of failures. David Cameron, like Thatcher, like Blair, and like Brown, betrayed those that needed the most support, the most help. David Cameron, while supporting those with the most, supporting the consolidation of power in the hands of the few, left the poor, the vulnerable and disadvantaged to fend for themselves. David Cameron leaves a legacy of hurt.

David Cameron is a dick.

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4 Responses to Cameron: A Legacy of Shame!

  1. lanark says:

    I only agreed with Cameron on one thing: Nick Clegg is a joke. Glad to see the SNP didn’t join in the “applause” today. As you point out here, the man’s legacy is a disgrace.

    Good riddance.

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