Labour is finished! Let it Die.


I asked a little while ago if we needed a Labour Party and came to the view that we probably did but now I am not so sure.

Today the NEC of the Labour Party are meeting to discuss the leadership challenge of Angela Eagle MP to Jeremy Corbyn, and if the current leader Jeremy Corbyn should be kept off the ballot paper. It is beginning to look like the Labour PLP (we are Labour), or most of them, will do everything they can to keep the leader out of the leadership contest, even going as far as court by the sounds of it, and if they do Labour could and should be allowed to die.

The UK needs a left of centre alternative to the Tories, I am sure of that, but Labour is just not it. People like Stephen Kinnock, Harriot Harman, Hilary Benn, Angela Eagle, Chuka Umunna etc would not be out-of-place in the Conservative Party as I have said before. On top of the Conservative Party basically appointing the next Prime Minister, we have Labour MPs doing everything they can to bring down the democratically elected leader of their party. What a joke.

Politics are bad enough in this country as it is, but to watch these self-serving Labour MPs doing what is good for them and not their party or the country makes me sick. I never thought that Labour could get as low as the branch office in Scotland but there you go. There has been talk of defections to the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, please let that be true.

On the back of the Scottish Independence Referendum and the EU Referendum political engagement has never been higher in this country, that is a good thing, but what it has done is show many more people how bad our politics is in the UK. People are learning how self-serving the politicians are, and Labour members in England are finally learning what Labour members in Scotland did a long time ago, and that is that the Labour Party is infected by self-serving Red Tories who just do not care about them, their needs or their beliefs.


It has just been announced that Jeremy Corbyn is to be allowed on the ballot paper for the leadership contest of the Labour Party. Now is the time for those members desperate for a left alternative to stick with Jeremy Corbyn, and either de-select their current Red Tory MPs or to break away and form a new party, leave what’s left of Labour to die, which is probably what is going to happen now.

Labour probably can’t win in 2020 or sooner, the actions of the Labour PLP have made the demise of the party pretty much guaranteed now. I would never vote Labour and their turmoil I think makes the argument for an Independent Scotland clearer every day as more and more Scots start to understand that there is no left party anymore that can form a Government that can represent Scotland at Westminster. Labour, as it is right now, can do the decent thing and fade into history.



  1. bjsalba

    I don’t think splitting will do it. To some degree each part will carry Labour’s Bad baggage which would hamper any new party. I think Labour voters should look to existing regional parties that follow a Green/Social Justice ideology and then link up into an alliance with others of similar view.

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t see how it functions as it is and especially if or when Corbyn wins again. The issue will be who the unions back right enough and they look to be backing Corbyn also so he might have the main financial backers on his side. I don’t see anything other than a split now, maybe 70% chance, and some of the PLP maybe going to the Tories or the Liberals. It will be interesting times either way and a long time coming. They should have learned the lesson from Scotland but they haven’t.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      I don’t know the answer to that question but there was previously the accusation that Labours Scottish MP’s previously, when they had more than 1, would treat MSP’s like shit so maybe that is what goes on nationally. Labour are a shambles and if it does survive it really a major overhaul of everything by the looks of things.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my rants and commenting.


  2. lanark

    Labour has to die. What is the point of immitation Tory parties (Labour/LibDems), when you can have the real thing? Of course we need a proper opposition to the Tories but the voters in England and Wales need to follow our example and ditch them for the Greens and Plaid.

    Of course a Corbynite Socialist /Green alliance would be hammered by the right wing gutter press but to me that means that they’re doing something right! Plaid and the SNP would be prepared to work with such an arrangement (until independence of course).

    Maybe it will take Scotland leaving the UK to wake the voters of England and Wales up however.

    • Anonymous


      I’m not sure how they survive. We will find out in September I suppose. If they do die then hopefully England and Wales will get a left of centre of party but so much will depend on the unions. You are correct though, with so many Tories like Eagle in the Labour Party people might as well just vote Tory.

      It is nuts though that the Tories do all their shit in 2 weeks but Labour take 4 months. Shows you how crap Labour are, the Tories just remain scumbags.

      Thanks for commenting.


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