Trident is a Crime

So there we have it, the soon to be gone Prime Minster David Cameron, has announced that there will be a vote on the renewal of the Trident Nuclear Deterrent.

My first real interest in politics was watching The Day After on television in 1983, I had just turned 14 years old and I remember hating the idea and being horrified at the idea of America and Britain being able to kill millions of people.


I just did not get it then, and I still don’t get it now. The idea that if someone fires a nuclear weapon at the United Kingdom I will die happier knowing that we have just fired ours at them, killing millions, is no comfort in any shape or form. Part of the stupid theory behind the renewal is deterrence and MAD (mutually assured destruction). That means if we have nuclear weapons then countries with nuclear weapons will not fire theirs at us. Surely if you are mad enough to fire a nuclear weapon in the first place you are really not giving a shit if someone fires theirs at you.

Labour, The Conservatives, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats are all for renewal although the Liberals favor some form of deterrent with less submarines. Labours position is clear and somewhat confused:


Both the Green Party and the SNP are against renewal. The Guardian puts the cost of renewal at £205 BILLION POUNDS. This is astounding at a time when we are faced with ever more austerity, the economy is tanking, the cost of living rising, public services failing, teachers and doctors striking, children going hungry and our so-called betters want to spend £205 BILLION POUNDS on a vanity project.

One of the main reasons that this horrible weapon of mass destruction will be renewed is the illusion by many within our political parties that nuclear weapons give us clout, an illusion that Britain remains a great world power, clout in the diplomatic field and of course a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations. Lets be clear, Trident is a Westminster Vanity project and more about the ego’s of our so-called betters than it is to the defense of the nation.

The defense argument doesn’t hold up either, name a country that is going to attack or invade Britain! Exactly I could not either. The threats we face today are a direct result of our own foreign policy nightmares and by small terrorist groups. Nuclear weapons will in no way defend us against that. Some people will argue about the amounts of money which will be spent, it doesn’t matter if it’s hundreds of billions or just hundreds of pounds, nuclear weapons are a stain on us all and have no place in the United Kingdom, well actually about 20 miles from Scotland’s largest City Glasgow.

Around 38% of British people support renewal, 28% a cheaper option and 18% against renewal (Channel Four News). I am proud to be in the 18% and disgusted by the 38%. Nuclear weapons are wrong, pure and simple, they are a crime against us all. Many people support unilateral nuclear disarmament, Labour support UND but want to keep the weapons until everyone else supports UND, what a fucking joke. Nuclear weapons are not illegal but it has been agreed that the use of nuclear weapons would be generally contrary to the principles and rules of international humanitarian law (IHL).

For me the renewal of Trident is a CRIME and there has to come a point where someone has to take a stand, a country has to say no more weapons of mass destruction. The money it will save is immense but the message it sends would be worth even more. I am against the renewal of these horrible weapons, not in my name ever. Monday 18th July 2016 will be a sad day as Westminster, the nutters and the ego’s, vote to renew.

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10 Responses to Trident is a Crime

  1. lanark says:

    I remember watching Threads, about a nuclear missile landing on Sheffield. I was pretty traumastised by it but there must have been people watching it and thinking that it was pretty cool (they are all Tory/LibDem/Labour politicians now). They are expicitly designed to vapourise innocent civilians and not military targets. There is no excuse for them.

    The £205 billion figure is surely an underestimate, the cost will certainly spiral. I am worried about NATO’s strategy of negotiating with Russia by moving their armed forces to the gates of Moscow and then complaining that Russia is the only aggressor.

    • Anonymous says:


      I have always found the weapons disgusting and the U.K. having them even more disgusting. What is the point other than this country thinking it is bigger and better than it is, most other countries could not give a shit about the UK.

      It’s a vanity project pure and simple and there is no justification for it. Won’t stop the nutters renewing it though, what does it matter if people are cold and hungry, doesn’t matter if services are slashed and burned as long as they get to pretend they have big dicks, and that includes the women like May and Dugdull. I hate them all, they are below contempt.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Helena Brown says:

    I grew up with the nuclear age, born 1947 so a tad older than you but still against them. Used as a prop to every British Prime Minister to prop up the ” British Empire” since the end WE2 an ego trip, but a dammed expensive one for the people.

    • Anonymous says:


      They are a morally indefensible weapon and an absolute waste of money. The fact that we would even consider spending this kind of money at this time on something that serves no one tells you everything you need to know about this shit hole of a country.

      It also shows how far Labour have fallen that the majority support it. What a joke. I have hated them since I saw that film, if you have them you have already lost the argument.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. East Neuker says:

    Wholly agree. I have been a member of CND since the sixties, and am disgusted to see its former vice chairman, Jeremy Corbyn, fail to stand up for those principles in the face of the Labour Party defence review. They’re going to vote to renew it at Westminster. The only way to get it out of Scotland is independence, and I fear this may now be beyond our grasp, as the mad right wing UK government will use force to stop it.
    I hope him wrong, but I am very depressed at the moment.

    • Anonymous says:


      They will renew, I don’t doubt that and most of Labour PLP will vote for them, shows you how far Labour have fallen now. There is no justification for these weapons, none and anyone who supports them for me have to have a screw loose.

      I have never been in cnd but I will never ever support these horrid useless killing machines and anyone who votes for them I wish never ending diarreah on them.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. East Neuker says:

    What do we actually do now? Unlike you I support the First Minister’s actual default strategy to keep us in the EU via independence, but am doubtful that this will succeed, as it does no have enough support from possible independence voters who don’t want to be in the EU.
    If it did succeed it would provide a way to ar least tell the rUK to take their evil submarines and fuck off.
    If we reach the point where the UK leaved the EU and takes Scotland with it we are really fucked. That hands draconian power to May or Leadsom.
    Resist England then, and you will see tanks in Dock St. in Dundee and English police in George Square supporting the Orange Order and their mad friends. Independence will not be allowed.
    What is your alternative strategy? I’m not getting a clear picture of that. Help me if you can, I’m really depressed.
    I can’t see the logic in your position. “It is what it is” is not helpful.
    You know we agree on much. What is your way forward?

    • Anonymous says:


      I was meaning my reasons for my leave vote. I’m not really sure what will happen to be honest. I hope we have another referendum and it’s a yes vote. We would then have a vote on EU membership and I think it would be join to be honest , it’s a tough one though. For me it’s independence first, once we have that then we look further ahead, nothing can happen until we have that yes vote.

      I’m actually optimistic to be honest, independence is the prize.

      Thanks for getting back to me.


  5. tris says:

    Bang on Bruce.

    Blair admitted that they were a vanity project for teh UK.

    And Michael Portillo, ex Defence secretary, pointed out that they were not independent and required America’s co-operation to use, never mind permission.

    From the late 40s Britain has spend money it didn’t have and/or couldn’t afford, on maintaining some sort of nuclear deterrent, and who’s scared of Britannia?

    No one. They may be scared of America, but they don’t give a stuff about Britain.

    • Anonymous says:


      Everything about them is wrong, the money, the morality, where they are stored. I have always been against since I was 14 years old and that will never change. I would rather spend the money on planes for the aircraft carrier without planes than waste it on that crap. It’s all about ego and vanity.

      Thanks for commenting.


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