Are you angry yet?

I don’t normally blog on this type of thing but when I saw this I did a double take. I just could not believe that the Cameron’s were this stupid or morally bankrupt, obviously we know that the Prime Minster cares little for the poor, or the taxpayers of this country, well of anyone really, but he has tended to play the media card really well. But his Panama tax week is becoming his nightmare week as this comes out today and it is just beyond belief.


What don’t these people get, what don’t they understand. If this doesn’t tell more no voters about the type of people they chose to govern them nothing will. This PM and this Government are completely devoid of any morals at all. When we are still facing horrendous cuts, when our standard of living continues to plummet, when some people (too many) don’t even have a standard of living the Cameron’s thinking this is remotely acceptable if just beyond me.

I am not one for calling for people to go but this makes me more angry than Cameron and his tax problems, the rich hide their money. We have always known they hide their money, it is just that we now have more information as to how they do it and how complicit people like Cameron are . Hopefully more information will come out, if our media can actually do their job for once, because we will never get this type of information again, but hiring a special fashion advisor on the tax payers dosh is just too f****** much.

The Cameron’s are obviously shameless in every way, it’s time for Cameron to go and it really is time for Scotland to go and English voters to free themselves from this horrible disgusting Government as well. There is no defending this, there is no argument to say this is in any way correct at any time but in particular now when so many are going without vital services, and things like FOOD for f*** sake. I really have had enough of this f****** country that I cannot get out of this union quick enough. Any No voter defending this can go do one. There is no debate, this is up there with everything that is sick about our so-called democracy. I hope you are all as disgusted as I am today.

Thanks to Sid @red13charlie on Twitter for breaking this.

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10 Responses to Are you angry yet?

  1. East Neuker says:

    Yes Bruce,
    I am angry and disgusted too, and have been for some time. I am still at a loss to see what more we can do other than trying to spread the word and convince others. If there is a realistic street movement or demonstration we can join I would try, though my walking can be a bit dodgy at present.
    I feel frustrated and sometimes powerless to affect things. What do you think we should do?

    • Anonymous says:

      East Neuker

      I imagine most of us are frustrated, I know I am and esp with no voters who refuse to see what is around them or just make excuses all the time. Kinda makes me sick how unfair it all is. I think the best we can do is keep chipping away, those who are activists within the SNP and other YES parties keep up the good work, the rest of us blog, share info and keep chipping away. For a while I thought about just stopping blogging but it’s all I can do really and even if only one person reads it then that is something . When I get into debates I try to use the wee blue and black books if I have them handy. I need to put links to them on the blog and will try and do that today as Wings did a fantastic job with them. Both of us need to keep at it, we will win no matter how long it takes.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark says:

    Too right I’m angry. This is the same guy that had a go at Jimmy Carr for much the same thing. How bad do things have to get for people to see through this?

    As I posted on Munguin, Panama helped get us into this. Wouldn’t it be so fitting if it helped get us out?

    • Anonymous says:


      The hypocrisy is unreal, they have been caught and they hate it. Not just here but all over the world and we better take advantage of the information because this type of information will never see the light of day again, the rich will be working on making sure of that. I think Cameron should go, it might just start the whole thing falling down and that is a good thing.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Tedious Tantrums says:

    How could they they understand how most people live? They live in a world of plenty which isn’t enough for them so they then try to get as much more as they possibly can, not to mention how they squeeze us to get even more money for themselves.

    How about going the UDI route? We’ve played their stupid games for long enough. How does Tuesday sound?

    • Anonymous says:

      Tedious Tantrums

      UDI sounds great but no one in power would ever go for it, the SNP would never take the chance, they are too cautious. People like Cameron are just scum, his like all over the world are the same. It’s time we woke up and put pressure on these people, they have manipulated for too long. I’ve always admired the french as they take little shit from anyone including their politicians, we need more of that here.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Kangaroo says:

    Get really angry. Read “Truth is a Lonely Warrior” by James Perloff

    • Anonymous says:


      I will check that out thank you, and yes I am very pissed off with these people.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Helena Brown says:

    Not simply the Camerons, hey I wrote it as Camorons first, I like that. There are another 18 in his Government who said no comment, I think we can take that as a given, I doubt the Brexit campaigners are any better. I think most people have to resent that those who make the laws in this benighted country are the ones breaking them. I commented to my other half yesterday that Cameron was having a laugh that all he got from his extremely rich Daddy was £30,000. Come on we are not rich but our estate would be worth a damned more than that and so I imagine are many people’s, now it turns out he was rewarded by both his Dad and his mum to the tune of half a million, I rather fear that too is conservative.
    Time the tumbrils were rolling, I am up for sitting counting my knitting as the heads fall. I bet George the towel folder is sweating, once they are done with Cameron they will come for him and a good thing too.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not against people making money at all as long as it’s morally done and they pay their fair share. They take advantage of the roads, police, health, education, workers etc that are all part of the state so pay your f taxes. I’m not asking for anything more then the rich do their fair bit that none of us who have to use paye do, not a lot to ask. We need to close the loopholes and where someone has broken the law no more deals with HMRC, we jail them and we confiscate their assets, that might get the message across. We have put up with this shit for too long, hundreds of years and it’s time we took a stand. I would go as far as saying Cameron should be forced to resign and another general election called, enough is enough with this shit. I mean all the parties but no doubt some will be a lot worse than others.

      Thanks for commenting.


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