Holyrood Dundee West 2016

As we approach the May elections who are the candidates in my own constituency, how well will they do?

The Conservative and Unionist Party: Candidate Nicola Ross. Has stood previously for Westminster in Dundee West and lost to Chris Law SNP but took 8.6% of the vote. Nicola works as a CLD Worker for capability Scotland and has campaigned for local democracy and empowering communities. Campaign appears to be based around being a strong opposition to the SNP in Holyrood. Prediction: No chance at all to be fair or much chance of improving on the 2011 election share of 6.6% of the vote. Personally never heard of her locally and I would imagine being a Conservative in Dundee is a bit like being an endangered species.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats: Candidate Daniel Coleman. Stood previously for Westminster in Dundee West taking 2.4% of the vote. Daniel currently studies law at Dundee University and is an SFA Referee, has been Citizen of the Year, represented Dundee West in the Scottish Youth Parliament and been a very successful Chairman of Dundee Youth Council. Daniel will be campaigning on improving schools, hospitals, mental health services and public services. Prediction: It will be tough for Daniel to improve on the 2011 election share of 4.3% of the vote. I do know Daniel personally and I know that if he was successful he would work very hard for Dundee West and will campaign hard and fairly. It will just be very difficult for Daniel in Dundee West and being a Liberal Democrat at a time when the party nationally is held in such low esteem won’t make the task any easier.

The Labour Party: Candidate Jenny Marra. Currently a list MSP for the North East and double dipping this time as top of the Labour List again for Holyrood 2016 and standing in the constituency vote. Studied law at St. Andrews University and in America. Jenny will be campaigning on stopping the cuts, putting up taxes and looking at her Facebook etc SNP bad. Jenny didn’t stand in 2011 constituency vote where Labour took 31.4% of the vote. Labour took 16.4% of the list vote giving them 3 list seats. Prediction: Due to the double dipping (which should not be allowed in my opinion ) Jenny will more than likely get re-elected via the list even though Labour may well see their share of the vote in the North East drop, I can’t see her winning the constituency vote which should be enough to ensure she is not re-elected if our system didn’t allow double dipping and Labour had any decency to ensure you could not stand for both.

The Scottish National Party: Candidate Joe Fitzpatrick. Currently the Dundee West Constituency MSP taking 50.6% of the vote in 2011. Standard campaign from Joe that being re-elect Nicola Sturgeon, Regional Sports Performance Centre for Dundee, invest an additional £500 million in frontline health services, keep the extra 1,000 police on our streets, continue to support investment in Dundee’s Port to capitalize on all potential opportunities arising out of the North Sea, and fight to bring more jobs to Dundee. Prediction: Joe I believe will win in Dundee West comfortably given the problems facing the unionist parties but no sure if he will actually increase his share of the vote. While things like the waterfront Development in Dundee have been welcome unemployment and poverty still blight the city and the SNP will not be able to trade on the referendum and Dundee being the YES City for much longer.

Can’t find any Rise, Green or independent candidates so my predictions, and not a surprise is as follows:

1st: Joe Fitzpatrick SNP.
2nd: Jenny Marra Labour Party.
3rd: Daniel Coleman Scottish Liberal Democrats.
4th: Nicola Ross The Conservative and Unionist Party.
(3rd and 4th may swap around depending on how hard voters decide to hit the Tories).



  1. Daniel Coleman

    Thanks for your fair review of the campaign Bruce. I will campaign on a positive vision, holding parties to account where they have, in my opinion, failed and then propose alternatives. I think the SNP record in Government is 50/50, there have been some good things which I am happy to praise them on (and have done so) but equally there have been some bad moves and I will hold them to account on that while saying what I would do to remedy the situation.

    • Anonymous


      I totally agree with you on the SNP record both locally and nationally, I would say they get a c+ overall but a c- in Dundee. I do think that their goodwill following the YES campaign will run out if people don’t see improvements locally, esp around investment that creates real jobs. The Waterfront is all good and well but there was no civil service jobs brought to Dundee, no renewable bonanza, cuts across a host of services and now proposed cuts to terms and conditions which may result in the lowest paid council workers getting paid less while the higher paid remain the same, hardly fair and that will rebound on the SNP.

      The Liberal Democrats I know have some really good people in it locally but sadly, as you know, I left the party because of poor national leadership and poor policy choices, throw in extreme unionism and SNP bad and it becomes a very difficult choice to make in Dundee. I know you would be an excellent MSP but sadly I suspect being a Liberal Democrat will not help in this election with the current system of election and the current bunch of blind careerists infecting the top end of the party.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • tris

      I don’t think you can say fairer than that, Daniel. Every government does good and bad things, of course. Sometimes something that is good for one, is really bad for another. But it is refreshing to see someone prepared to praise the current government for some of their positive moves for Scotland and criticise their undoubted mistakes.

      I guess it’s honesty, and we could do with more of that.

      The constant SNP bad of the Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat leaderships is wearing, and, after a while (as the polls show) at best pointless and at worst counter productive.

  2. lanark

    Daniel sounds like a real Liberal Democrat. It’s a pity there aren’t more in the party. As I’ve said previously a proper Lib Dem party in favour of independence would get my vote.

    • Anonymous


      Daniel is a good guy and would make a really good MSP who would work very hard, it’s just a pity he is stuck with the Scottish Liberal Democrats who will do very little to help him nationally as he isn’t one of the leaderships pets. I am also with you, a proper Scottish Liberal Party, independent of the non Liberal party that is there just now, in favor of independence and campaigning for such would have my vote and my membership.

      Thanks for commenting.


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