A Memorandum of Understanding

The unionist, fake as always outrage, at the memorandum of understanding with a Chinese Company is all typical unionist party bullshit. This memorandum means nothing and will probably result in nothing.

If your from Dundee you will well remember this from 2011


Living in Dundee I am more than aware this delivered zero jobs to Dundee. In fact nothing has pretty much been heard about it since other it being everyone and their aunties fault. But where are the unionists kicking up hell about Westminster destroying investment in renewables, where is the unionist outrage at Dundee as a City still suffering from all the bad stuff on the nasty tables you don’t want to be top of.

The hypocrisy of unionists and their media pals is amazing, the SNP have not delivered the jobs in Dundee but neither have the unionists. As I know, a memorandum of understanding means nothing so let’s just move on.



  1. lanark

    If we do have another referendum and win but Edinburgh rejects the option of beng a capital city again, then I support Craig Murray’s idea of making Dundee the capital. That would hopefully bring a good deal of jobs and investment.

    I agree on the memorandum issue, there really isn’t much in it. This is the problem Scotland has at the moment – opposition for oppositions’ sake. The Tory parties need to grow up but tbey wont. It gets depressing at times.

    • Anonymous


      Dundee as capital, that would be funny but I don’t think it would ever happen. Dundee is the City they wish wasn’t there half the time as it gets no luck at all, other than us brilliant Dundonians of course, but even the SNP are stuck in Edinburg/Glasgow. Dundee my whole life here has never really changed, it looks a wee bit better around the edges, the housing got a bit better but the problems are still the same and pretty much the same level as they have always been. A sad testament to Westminster and to Holyrood really.

      The memorandum is just all bollocks and I will be surprised if it leads to anything, I was surprised the SNP bothered with it to be honest and they didn’t promote it because of the whole Tata Steel issue and I don’t blame them as I am not a huge fan of cozying up to the Chinese when what they appear to be doing is an economic war all over the world. The unionists will jump on anything no matter how stupid it makes them look.

      Thanks for commenting.


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