My Political Review of the Year and some thanks.

Well we are near the end of 2015, so first things first, Happy Christmas to everyone who has read this blog and a huge thanks for reading this blog. I know my writing isn’t the best, my grammar is the worst, my sentences cumbersome and incoherent at times, but I try my best and the aim has always been to blog in a way that I hear people talking about politics. I would like to thank Tris over at Munguin’s for his continued encouragement when I blog (we do really need to meet for a coffee sometime) and I would like to recommend Wings Over Scotland, Derek Bateman, Liberal Voice, Craig Murray, Scot Goes Pop and Munguin’s Republic for being excellent blogs and the most informative.

So this year has been a bit of a drama. The SNP continued to do well on the back of the disappointing referendum result, they have continued to do well overall in government but I think they need to pick a few fights and up the game a little. I would start with the joke that is the Scotland Bill, a fiscal trap that will see us all standing in quick sand and certain unionists cheering as we go down. This bill has to be rejected but I fear it won’t. The cuts to local authorities in the new year will result in substantial job loses, that might shift some votes but that was the unionists plan all along.

My own party, the Liberal Democrats, are a mess. From the near wipe out in the May elections, to Carmichael, to Clegg having no idea how to actually fight an election, and the disaster that was the coalition. Too many in the party would not be out of place in the Conservatives and we have failed to learn a single lesson from the near wipe out. I had high hopes for Tim Farron but his handling of the Carmichael affair has doomed the party for Holyrood next year and highlights that there are still too many at the top in the party who don’t have a clue. Willie Rennie has went from calling for a weekly resignation to a weekly enquiry and still continues to perform poorly, I appreciate there is little to choose from in Scotland but Willie will not encourage people to vote for the party if he can’t take a step back and come up with Liberal alternatives. The really sad part, for me anyway, is that I am convinced we need Liberalism but the party show little or no sign of actually agreeing with me. The NHS database is an ID card through the back door, Police Scotland has lost it’s local accountability, national testing has not been explained enough, the named person bill is pointless and the continued lack of an alternative to the council tax shows that the SNP need good opposition and we need good liberal ideas influencing policy but overall the Liberal Democrats have failed badly and have a long road back.

Labour unsurprisingly lost the election, I don’t think anyone with half a brain thought they could win. Miliband was never going to win, he came across as an entitled posh boy who had little or no idea about life, surrounded by either Tories in red or people full of hate, esp in Scotland. However, the near wipe out in Scotland cheered me up no end and showed that some Scots are at last waking up to the damage this party has done to our country for over a hundred years, they may have played a small part in the success of Project Fear but they lost their soul and I hope will never get another foothold in Scottish Politics again, there needs to be a new party of the left to provide some opposition but one with honor and some dignity. Corbyn’s election at least showed that some members had some balls but it will not lead to government and may break up the party, and I don’t care. I wish them all the worst and never ending diarrhea.

The Conservatives are now showing their true colours, the Liberals did hold them back a tiny little bit but not near enough. To cover up their continued failure to turn the economy around and their desire to re image society back to their preferred choice of a new Victorian Age they are attacking and punishing the poorest and most vulnerable. I thought Thatcher was an evil woman but IDS, Cameron and Osbourne put her into the shade. Those fuckers(excuse the language) are hell bent on returning us to the dark ages and sadly have convinced many in England with little that those with even less or a different language or colour of skin are the problem. They are taking what is ours and making it theirs and we continue to sit back and let them. We really need to become more like the French, grow a pair and take to the streets in huge numbers to voice our displeasure, we won’t because we are broken, and I don’t know how we fix ourselves.

The EU Referendum may come next year and while I tend to lean towards remaining I continue to be undecided. There is a part of me that hopes that England votes to leave, let’s face it our vote doesn’t matter really, just to punch Cameron right in the puss and let them see where their Britain stands in the world, it might just be worth the misery it will cause just to watch that prick squirm. I suspect though that it will a close yes and even if it’s a no will not result in another Scottish Referendum, the SNP look to have decided on a very slow approach to this issue now and that I feel is a mistake.

Rise I suspect will achieve little and the Greens will make a few list gains at the expense of Labour and the Liberals.

I will continue to be a YES voting member of the Liberal Democrats for the time being but the impending vote on all women short lists might just change that to be honest. Not against women in any shape or form, married two of them, but not at the same time, but all women shorts lists fly in the face of democracy for me, like the Lords and the Windsor’s, and where does it stop. Lists from BME communities, lists from the homosexual community, transgender lists. Not against any of those groups being selected as candidates, in fact would welcome it along with more real people and less drones, but not if it is not the members deciding who they want their candidate to be, not the party deciding the list based on gender for the members, sorry a step too far. I also hope to still have a job beyond April next year, that would be nice.

Anyway thanks for reading my crap on this blog, you all deserve a medal for getting through it to be honest and I wish you all a very Merry Happy Christmas and New Year, see you in 2016 so to speak.

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6 Responses to My Political Review of the Year and some thanks.

  1. tris says:

    With all the hard decisions facing the government of both the UK and Scotland, I’m glad I’m not a politician.

    There’s a fair amount that the Scottish government doesn’t get right… There’s almost nothing that the UK government gets right (as we see from all the figures). But of course, in both these cases that is only my opinion. I’m sure there are many who think Cameron is doing a grand job.

    The trouble with the opposition in Scotland is that it offers no hope and no vision. The Tories seem to offer whatever is happening in England. They must be gutted that the only person they have here from London is Fluff.

    The Liberals… what can I say? The Carmichael fiasco is beyond credibility. They should have had the courage to ditch him, They can’t make him stand for re-election, but they could cut him adrift and leave him as an independent. As you say, they pay the price for working with the hated Tories. I’ve never rated Willie, but who else is there?

    Labour, I simply can’t understand. Scotland has been theirs for years… in some places 80, 90 years. In others at least since Thatcher. They stated to lose the place in 2007; lost it seriously in 2010, and then were wiped out in 2015.

    To lose 40 out of 41 seats was a catastrophe. To carry on doing the same things after losing these seats and expect everyone to come back is beyond stupid. Curran realised that after the referendum they needed to go more left wing. She said so and said that she would tour YES areas telling them about a new Labour left, working man approach… then she backed Murphy????

    What? Why? He’s a Tory.

    Kezia isn’t up to the job. I know she’s bright, but she lacks the sharpness or the authority to lead.

    Ruth is a bit better, but the Tories are the Tories. They’ve won some Labour voters back, but they aren’t going to set the heather on fire.

    They collectively have to learn after 7 years that bleating about how crap the SNP are doesn’t cut it. They have to stop their press making a mountain out of every little thing that the SNP does and passing over the sins of the others.

    Nathalie and Michelle totally judged, but no comments about the Labour woman who is appearing in court for assault, or the £10,000 that is missing from Edinburgh East that eventually after a year of putting it off, the members took to the police. And Carmichael given all the space he needed to tell the world he had been vindicated!!! Bloody funny vindication when two law lords say that you’re a lying cheat.

    None of that works. They’ll say it worked in the referendum, but it didn’t. What DID work was the ex prime minister promising Devolution Max… and that he would guarantee it. Then going off to America.

    You’d think someone would say to themselves… let’s try another tack.

    Anyway. Interesting year to come.

    Thanks for the nice things you say about Munguin’s Republic, and the exalted company in which you put us. We’ll meet up in the new year?

    I might use this post for a Munguin Post!!!!

    It started off to be a couple of lines… and now look at it!

    Cheers Bruce. Happy holiday.


    • Anonymous says:


      Good assessment, thanks. I agree with you on most and while Labour and the Tories are just doing what they do I have been really disappointed with the Liberals. There was a real opportunity to build some bridges and step into the vacuum if they had used some common sense and started to re-build their credibility but they blew it big time and will suffer even more. Like you said the unionists just offer no hope, what a mess to be in. I sometimes think I don’t envy politicians, but that would be more the case if they were any good, but they are overall not that great in most of the parties. The SNP are certainly better off than most but still have their belters and their softly softly approach might not work in the long run, time will tell. Have a good holidays.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. jimnarlene says:

    All the best for 2016 and beyond.

  3. hektorsmum says:

    Well Bruce as you know apart from Party we tend to agree on most things so I am not going to go into the blog in any great detail, I tend to feel we need to get the bit between our teeth and go for it. Like you I am of mixed feelings with regard to Europe but one thing is they may get stuff wrong but they are more democratic in Europe than they are here. So I shall watch the polls and vote accordingly to what ever will discombobulate the Westminster lot.
    As for Willie Rennie, he is an erse, seems he must always have been one, entirely out of his depth and as I continually say about Kezia, that they are so stupid that they accepted the poisoned chalice because the smart ones were those who stayed in the back ground and watched them squirm and never even made a play for the post. Surely there are smarter people in the Lib Dems than him?
    Well have a Guid New Year, yin and aw, Let us hope we get a guid one cause the other sort isn’t worth thinking about. Helena

    • Anonymous says:


      Hi, happy new year/ Dugdale and Rennie are just poor, I would like to think they might be hard working and good MSP’s but I tend to doubt it to be honest. Neither party has much to choose from but that doesn’t stop someone out of their depth still showing some dignity and honesty. Willie Rennie would do better if he was just nice and stopped calling for enquiries all the time and started to come up with alternatives. I appreciate the Liberals don’t have the resources of the SNP but that surely can’t stop some decent policy development. The reality is the Liberals are infected with either those in denial or those who would be better suited to the tory party.

      I do think the SNP have to be more radical though, John Swinney mirrored the Tory budget in the main and I had hoped for a bit more imagination not just passing massive cuts onto local authorities which are already preparing to make thousands redundant this year, it does not look good at all. They need to really ramp it up in Westminster and think out the box in Holyrood or they will lose goodwill to other parties like sadly Rise and maybe the Greens.

      I think the English will vote to leave the EU, it will be tight but I think they will and Cameron will have to go and we will end up with Boris or something, saying that it is all one step closer to independence if the SNP get it right. They have got to go with a Scottish currency like myself and many others were crying for, there would have to be a commitment to a referendum on the make up of our democracy etc. Interesting if somewhat shitty times.

      Thanks for commenting.


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