From our birth we were given an identity
People told us we were great or small
From our birth we were given rules of right or wrong (Howard Jones).

It really annoys me when I hear people say they are not interested in politics, or worst yet they don’t care what is going on in their country.

We have allowed ourselves to be so beaten down and conditioned that we will accept anything now while we wait on the latest Iphone, just about affordable but you have to skint yourself to get it, but do you really need it, well yes because you are told you need it. One of the greatest tricks this country, and most of the western world, have done has been to convince us that we have no power, a message reinforced by the media and the privileged who are fighting with everything they have to stay at the top and to keep things the way they like them.

War is good because it sells arms, poverty and unemployment are good because they keep wages down and us enslaved to their system, we need them. Class is good because it lets us know our place in the world while we are expected to worship down at the Disney Movie that is the Windsors because we are conditioned to know they are better than us.

And we accept it like the good little Britainirs we are.

If we really want Costa and Amazon to pay tax then all we have to do is stop buying their things overnight and they will brick it. If we want the Tories out then the millions who don’t vote have to get off their arse and start voting for what they want. It isn’t rocket science, but they have us by the balls because we allow them to have us by the balls, and I have no idea how we change it and convince the majority it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just today I was having a conversation with someone and I said to them that I accepted the referendum vote as soon as the Dumbarton result came in, we suspected right away we had lost within a couple of hours of the first votes coming in, but what I find hard to accept is the lost opportunity that the YES vote potentially was. We can all rant about the tactics used by scumbags in government, by unionists, and the media but deep down I really believe that some people when voting no knew that what they were doing was wrong, deep in their hearts they knew it was wrong, but they have been conditioned by fear and lies so much their whole lives they couldn’t vote any other way.

People like Brown, Rennie, Davidson, McDougall and Darling knew that they were voting for themselves, for the system they believe in, a system that protects their narrow view of the world, not for any real belief in this horrid, selfish, shitty little country that is Great Britain, a country that will do anything to keep them in their place and the rest of us where they want us to be and we accept it and not just us, every person in the industrialised world accepts it, and you wonder what the tipping point is. You also begin to understand that they are also just feeding off the crumbs that fall from the table of the privileged, they just catch more of them and are as deluded and conditioned as we are deluded and conditioned. The really disappointing and depressing thing is that are being used to do others dirty work, and for what, the latest Iphone and a seat at a slightly higher table of delusion.

The middle east right now is a basket case built on hatred of each other, of the wrong religion and of mainly British involvement throughout history. Anything good that has come out of this country has mainly came about by accident, we blame America but we made America, we blame capitalism but we designed and exported capitalism, we blame oppression and we are the masters of oppression. But we are being conditioned to believe that they are the problem, and for our sakes we better bomb them, kill them, then blame them when our very involvement allows for more hatred and more killing, the perpetual circle. But hey, it’s Christmas and your iPhone awaits.

It is also really sad that far too many people know nothing about this country, how it works and what it does to them. As long as they have their iPhone, that they are told to be thankful for the crumbs that fall off the table then nothing changes. I get so frustrated at what we have allowed ourselves to become, but other than rant and get frustrated I don’t have the answers, I can only hope that my developing hate (what an awful word) for people like Cameron and Osbourne, for the Red Tories doesn’t consume me or all of us because that is exactly what they want and have been doing for hundreds of years.

I appreciate that I am making sweeping generalisations with this post but just ask yourself if you are as frustrated as I am.



  1. hektorsmum

    Much I agree with Bruce, I have argued the case that we need to do something about the Global fact that companies can pay as little as they choose and all the boycotting in the world will bring nothing but more misery on those who have no other choice but work for them. Many here in Dunfermline would be unemployed and might even have been better off being so, before the Tories decided the poor should be the ones punished for, well being poor.
    I never got the memo about my place in Society, I know my folks were well brainwashed, my Mum worked as a Laundry Maid, my Dad carried Coal for a living. I remember when as a teenager he stopped the lorry and asked if I wanted a lift home, when I did he said that he should not have done that as people would talk. My answer was why would that bother me, I was not ashamed of what my Dad did for a living and I never was. He had to take what he could get when he lost his very first apprenticeship circa 1924 and he carried coal till he was 70.
    My Husband will tell you that his parents were very aware of their place in society, a bit higher than mine but still unlikely to ever be a power player.
    On the subject of GB and it’s place in the world, how much I do agree with you. Time for GB to be consigned to the history books. That is what the settlement with the United States at the end of the War was meant to do, the the US would become GB, and GB would retire.
    Utterly fed up listening to the likes of Broadcasters in this country blawin’ about how marvellous they are, even to the point that they claimed Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest in the world at one time. Well we know differently that the one in Strasbourg was the tallest and did not need the wee wooden pole at the top to make it so.
    I find it utterly ridiculous that our government is spending all this money on purchasing Trident when most of Britain, well apart from London and some of that looks like the rest, that the country looks like it HAS been bombed.
    For heavens sake we need to get a grip, so much is wrong in this country we hardly need to go abroad to sort the rest of the world which in many cases are doing so much better.

    • grumpyscottishman


      We were the same. I remember my dad, who was a bus driver, and gardener after 7 years on Thatcher’s dole, saying at this time of year ” we’re too poor to have debt “. That has always stuck with me and I have always avoided it where possible, that’s how they get you in some ways, debt makes you afraid. I don’t have a mortgage and while I pay a bloody mortgage for my so called social housing rent, I actually pay more than my brother does for his mortgage, at least I don’t have that hanging over me as my job is definitely at risk just now with the cuts that are coming to Dundee.

      There was an article in the Guardian yesterday that a friend sent me about Osbourne and the so called austerity, but it’s only austerity for the poor, but what was interesting was this writer was saying what many of us have been saying since the star,t this is an attack on our way of life, this is a class war that the Tories are fighting with us now, pure and simple. The really sad and frustrating thing is that too many people will sit back and believe what they are told, they are happy in their ignorance and don’t realise they have power. They have power to vote , vote a certain way, to buy or not buy things. The only things these people will sit up and take notice of is if we fight back and hurt them in the pocket, if we suddenly stop buying certain things then they will get concerned, yes I know shitty paid jobs will be at risk but you know what I actually think that is the point we are at now, we are losing the class war. We gained some ground with services, the NHS , pensions etc , you know when Labour and the Liberals where proper parties, but it is all being stripped away and if we don’t fight for it we have lost pure and simple.

      The ruling class and the privileged have us exactly where they want us, and we had better wake up soon before your GP is from a charity, your unemployment benefit from the poor house, your home care from volunteers if your lucky, your education basic reading and writing. We are losing.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


  2. bjsalba

    I haven’t bought from Amazon for about five, maybe six years. I am also trying to wean myself off all the big firms. It has taken a bit of organizing but it does work.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I think more or millions of us have to do the same, not easy I know. My iphone broke recently, now I really enjoyed my iphone although it is more a toy than a phone, but I decided that I would not replace it and went for an older phone. I just decided that I am not giving Apple any more money for what is a very overpriced toy. I thought I rarely buy a paper other than the national anymore, and I was an avid paper reader up to the referendum, so I can do without an iphone, small steps. I have even asked the wife not to get me a new iphone as she was thining about it for my birthday/christmas gift. I just don’t need it, and I really don’t want to keep buying into all the shit we are fed everyday anymore. My next blog, which I will post tonight is about some of what we are being fed.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    This my first reply to your blog althouh I have been reading for the past year or so. I felt I had to comment as this sums up just how I feel and have felt since losing the vote last year.

    Please keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous


      That is flattering that you read my blog and even more flattering that you would take the time to reply. Please feel free to comment any time you wish, it’s the only way I learn and understand things better. The more we talk and share the better equipped we are for the next round. I joined the Liberal Democrats after the GE and I am fighting the YES side from within. I always considered myself a Liberal but it has been interesting pointing out where the Liberals were wrong, and while I have been accepted by most of the membership, who are really good people, I can see that some people are not keen on the ideas but that’s the point. We all learn from each other, I also need a way to communicate my opinions or like many in this bloody media corrupt country you would feel like going postal.

      Thanks for commenting.


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