The Snoopers Charter and Another Wee Thing

The Draft Communications Data Bill is being reintroduced by the Home Secretary Theresa May in parliament this year, having been blocked by the Liberal Democrats in 2012/13.

This Bill will require Internet service providers and mobile phone companies to keep records of each user’s internet browsing activity (including social media), email correspondence, voice calls, internet gaming, and mobile phone messaging services and store the information for 12 months. Retention of email and telephone contact data for this time is already required by the Data Retention Regulations 2014. The anticipated cost of all this spying is around £1.8 billion per year.

Now there is no doubt that the monitoring of information can play an important role in the detection of serious crime and of terrorist planning and therefore has a role to play in the modern world and especially in these dangerous times that we now live in. I don’t think many would argue against that. However, the Edward Snowden leaks a couple of years ago showed that the British Security Services were accessing vast amounts of information in partnership with similar services in the USA, the implication being that they were doing this in underhanded ways and with little or no oversight.

Some people have said that if you don’t have anything to hide why should you care, but do we really want the Police and whoever deemed necessary to have access to our private texts, either they be flirty text to your partner or just general texts to your children. Do you want your private emails being accessible, your financial details? We are told, rightly, to protect our personal details online at all times from people who might use them unlawfully but who protects you from the state. I don’t have anything to hide but I value my privacy and have concerns about who has access to this information, when and under what circumstances do they access the information, what are the balances and checks. Who gives the permission!

This bill is something that we should all be concerned about as every day our rights are being chipped away little by little. We already have freedom of information but as we have seen this protects people at the top but not at the bottom. The Royal Family are protected, MP’s are protected, Local Authorities are protected, Defence is protected, Business is protected, Health and Safety is protected, Law Enforcement is and International Relations are protected. The only people who appear to not be protected are us, the general public. I think we should all be keeping an eye on the many people who appear to be keeping an eye on us.

Another wee thing:

I watched a bit of the joke that was the Scotland Bill debate yesterday in Parliament. If anyone needed reminding how Scotland is viewed as part of this so called Union then go online and watch some of this non debate. Not only did parliament not debate the Scotland Bill it turned into a debate about England. The various deputy speakers allowed people like Graham Allen MP for Labour take the floor for 45 mins and say nothing, Alberto Costa Conservative MP, was just offensive and as anti Scottish than you are ever like to see, he is the worst kind of Brit Scot who talks his country down at every opportunity.

This debate was a disgrace and made this Liberal Democrat even more likely to vote YES in any future referendum. The simple fact is that Scotland just does not belong in this union any longer because it is not a union, we are so different politically that Westminster just no longer matters in so many ways but is destructive to Scotland in so many more ways. Labour again voted with the Conservatives to keep control of Tax Credits in London while also failing to support no claw back of any top ups to poorer people of their Social Security that Holyrood may implement, a triple wammy. Benefits are cut, Holyrood top up benefits, Westminster means test and claw back additional payments and Scotland budget gets hammered. I have had enough of this shit to be honest, politics in this country are sickening and a disgrace and if Scots can’t see that then the shame is on us. There was no Liberal Democrat representation because Alistair Carmichael MP was in Court for lying during the General Election Campaign. Really.



  1. hektorsmum

    I read your comments on this elsewhere, you can guess, I would have thought that one of Carmichael’s English Colleagues could have stood in for the little liar, it might have done repaired some of the damage and enhanced their electoral chances somewhat.
    Being some of those affected by Talk Talk hacking in the sense that changes have had to be made and still require making you can imagine not happy with this. The Government, regardless of colour of rosette is incapable of keeping anything secure, usually because of fellow travellers, Philby for instance. So would much prefer that information is not left lying around. Still not happy with the explanations given regarding the phone hacking. Things were never cleared up as to how journalists managed to acquire the telephone numbers that they hacked considering that there is no mobile phone book? All well and good to blame the people for not changing their passwords.
    I have to say that so far with Talk Talk those who have lost out financially have given the crooks their details, by using some of the information they acquired but Government will lose all of it knowing them.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally agree, it appears that nothing is ever safe in this country when it comes to our personal information. I dread things like this Bill as it just erodes more of the tiny amount of rights we have left, and who will have access, the council tax worker, the office staff at Tesco. It’s a joke and I would not trust this government with anything, even bloody shops ask for your email address now. I had one shop ask for my email when I bought a kettle and I said no, the girl looked at me like I was a nutter and said but I need to have it, I said I don’t need to buy my kettle here, your choice cause your not getting my email address. She took the sale. Its a joke.

      The Scotland Bill is just a trap that Labour and too many Liberals are happy for Scotland to fall into. I actually think we should refuse to implement the Scotland Bill, I know the SNP would get hammered but it’s a joke and not worth the grief it will cause, sometimes you have to stand up for your principles. Carmichael should just be gone, the damage he is doing to the Lib Dems just makes the party harder to get any one to listen to it in Scotland. There was little chance as there was but with this affair I think the party might actually get wiped out next year.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. tris

    Ah, it now works….

    As I wouldn’t trust the brit government as far as I could throw a double decker bus, I wary of that scary bitch May being able to get her hands on all sorts of information.

    Of course authorities have to be able to police the internet. I am suspicious though of the level of information that the Brits seem to want to get their hands on. I’m told it is the most severe legislation in the developed world.

    As they are such a set of liars, cheats and deviants, I seriously don;t trust that information with the britgovernement.

    Just imagine if the Scottish government were proposing such intrusion. The word Nazi would be thrown around, I have no doubt.

    As for the Scotland Act, I’m sickened.

    But that’s what you can do when you control the BBC and have most of the foreign owned press on your side.

    My one comfort is that every time they teat Scotland like they treated all their other colonies, with superior disdain, we get a little closer to the freedom and prosperity that Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, etc, now enjoy.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I actually read an article that said we were more spied on in the UK when you add in CCTV, store cards, emails, phones etc than China and Russia. It pisses me off, esp when you look into things like what is exempt from FOI and you see a clear picture of us and them. This country makes me sick to be honest but you are correct, every little bit of this takes Scotland closer to exit. The Scotland Act should not be accepted, I know that the SNP would get pelters but to be honest with 1.5 million yes voters they would be fine and I suspect would go up in people’s estimation. The Act is a fiscal trap where Scotland cannot win, they must have been working on this for years, I know that Swinney will see the traps but my fear is that the SNP will want to try and out smart them but it will just dig a bigger hole further down the road. The Tories are now the Government for the long term, maybe for the next 15 years which would mean 20 years of Tory Rule, I really think that Scotland will go before then as people are just not going to accept that deficit or the Tories. I think the SNP can rightly say that the Scotland Act does not meet even the bollocks that was in the Smith Commission therefor we will not accept the Act in it’s present form.Tat then gives Westminster a huge problem, no mandate to govern, EVEL everywhere, possibly out of the EU if recent polls are correct. Although there is a part of me that hopes the EU vote is so tight that Scottish Votes keep the English in against their will, then the shit will really hit the fan lol.

      Thanks for commenting.


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