Charities ( a major grump)

Something that is getting increasingly on my nerves this last year in Dundee are charities. Now Charities in many cases do a vital job in raising money for equipment, provide vital lifelines for many, raise awareness of important issues and are shamefully having to replace services that any decent society would be providing as a matter of course.

However, charities are in real danger of alienating many people, people like myself. I am slowly but surely getting sick of being stopped on the streets of Dundee by young charity workers from a host of charities, or more recently getting two visits a week at my door. When they see you are male it’s the pretty girl that comes to stop you in the street or take the lead in the conversation at the front door. They ask very leading questions that are all designed to set you up to feel guilty or lucky, usually both, and are in the main intrusive. I am finding that I am becoming more and more resentful of them, even the never ending adverts on tv that are also designed to pull the heartstrings but again rely on guilt.

Now this is a pretty new development in recent years this hard sell approach and while I accept that they have to find money to run their services they are going about it in a way that is just wrong, and very annoying. 12 charity bosses earn more than £300,000 per year, 32 earn over £200,000 per year with the average salary being £165,000 per year. These are astounding sums of money and for myself these salaries risk undermining trust in them, and any reason for myself to give them any money at all. So my message to charities, stop it now. Stop using guilt, stop using tactics that puts pressure on people and in some cases offend, and please Dundee City Council stop them from going door to door and stopping people in the streets. I know I can walk on, and a lot of the time I do but then I feel guilt and that I should not have to feel because of their methods and their insensitivity.



  1. hektorsmum

    I too dislike them, we made a concious decision to help animal charities as they cannot speak for themselves. We started with WSPA and their campaign for the Bears and we then went onto to support Rhino with the other world charity whose name escapes me. We also support Cat Protection and Dogs Trust, I have two sponsor dogs with them, one is a memorial for my equally dog daft Mother, the other for my two previous Pugs. We also support he SSPCA and PDSA, so you can see there is not a lot of money to spread it further. We are also paying money to Greenpeace and have done for decades. So when approached by these chuggers (name given not by me) I normally tell them politely I have enough charities to support so Bee off with you. That and I can get out of their road easily, Hektor is a blessing, he can clear a path through anything and considering he is a wee cuddle but so many never know what breed he is though unfortunately more people recognise him as a Pug these days.

    • grumpyscottishman


      None of us should have to justify how we feel about charities. We all give in whichever ways we feel appropriate but the methods used will alienate people to not give. It really is getting on my nerves.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Calum

    I too can only agree – as far as I’m concerned these “charities” are just business – the term is used to hide numerous tax dodging scams as well as provide well paid employment to those from the Oxbridge brigade who would otherwise have ended up in the media or politics. A charity should be run on a completely voluntary and unpaid basis. There are plenty of charitable people who will gladly give their time to run charities without any requirement for a “management professional”, Who knows perhaps the people they are actually trying to help may actually get some of the money and not our already rich elite.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I must admit I’m starting to feel the same way. When I saw what they earned it really was eye watering. I don’t have an issue when staff earning a wagw to run the charity and deliver services but it should not be a salary that makes you rich, there is something so very wrong about that.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Jim Morris

        Another bugbear is charities you have already signed up to, phoning or writing through a professional firm (who, if they reach a target will get £160,000 off the top) asking to increase the contribution. And yet another when an impressive list of Trustees and Patrons doesnt include how much they donate per year for their patronage.

        • grumpyscottishman


          I never knew that they will still call up even when you donate. We give to our Church and donate to the foodbank when we can and I that’s as much as we can do but I really do get sick of charities now. It’s like we are being asked to fund everything on top of taxes etc. It’s just not on. I also often think when I see so called celebrities asking for money how muc did they give or are they paying paid to be in the add. Enough is enough.

          Thanks for taking time to comment.


  3. hektorsmum

    I had to come back Bruce and tell you of an experience my Husband had last night. I took a call from Greenpeace for him. Turned out he had signed a petition and after a convoluted conversation, the man on the other end said did he want to join Greenpeace. Husband laughed and said he had been a member every since the French sank the ship in New Zealand, could not for the life of him remember his membership number though. The man apologised said he was sorry to bother him.
    Calum, I agreed with him also, was involved in a long conversation on the Independent a few years ago and one or two had worked for a couple of the big Charities and boy they were saying the same as him.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Seemingly BBC Scotland Call kaye covered this this morning, must have read my blog lol, but generally it was pretty negative in the main from a friend was telling me. I just think they are losing the good will and it appears it’s the bigger ones making it worse for the smaller more local ones. They need to really think their strategies I guess.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. bjsalba

    Did you know that one of the Charities that sued the Scottish Government over the Named Person provision was not even registered to operate as a Charity in Scotland?

    So not only do they overpay their bosses, but part of the money people give is spent on lawsuits that the Scottish Government has to spend money on for Lawyers to defend against such suits.

    • grumpyscottishman


      That’s mental isn’t it, as if we have money we can afford to waste on that crap. I have pretty much decided that I will only give to the local foodbank and to Church now to be honest. I have had enough of their hard sell and adverts that are made to make a person feel guilty.

      Thanks for commenting.


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