The Liberal Democrats at Conference today had the opportunity to back a motion on the scrapping of the Trident Nuclear Weapon system or support a motion to hold yet another review of defence policy.

Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat Leader, asked members to back the motion for review and oppose the motion to scrap Trident. Tim appears to be concerned with the UK’s standing in the world and feels that we need to be clear that our security, and that of our neighbours, is not compromised. Tim is clear that the Liberal Democrats will vote against a like for like renewal in any vote in parliament. So why yet another review?

I am embarrassed to say that the party by a vote of 579 to 447 decided to support the motion for a defence review. We do not need yet another defense review, we do not need to talk endlessly about nuclear weapons. Multinational Disarmament is not going to happen and is not an excuse to retain these weapons, weapons that even if we wanted to we couldn’t launch without the approval of the USA who retain the codes.

Willies Rennie, Leader Scottish Liberal Democrats, asked conferance to back the Leader. The party is more concerned about the 2020 General Election than doing what is right. There is no justification to retain weapons of mass destruction, I urge you to read this blog over at Munguinl’s Republic and tell me that there is any justification in spending up to 100 BILLION POUNDS on Nuclear Weapons:

The renewal of Trident is about people like Cameron having a seat at the top table and nothing about defense, it’s about the UK thinking that it is bigger and more important than it is, and you know what, China, Russia, America, France, Germany, Pakistan, India, and Japan could not give a crap at the end of the day what we think. They pay us pity service, they tolerate the UK and allow us to go around the world dictating as they trust us to be their poodle and do as we are told.

When people are going hungry, when people are killing themselves before the state gets around to it, when people have no work, no home and little hope there is no way on this planet that any Liberal Democrat should give any credence to Nuclear Weapons. I will repsect the democratic decision of conference but I will never agree with it and will always be ashamed that when had the chance to stand up and be counted, we bottled it and put our election prosopects ahead of our Liberal principles.

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