Tim doesn’t get it.

I voted for Tim Fallen as leader of the Liberal Democrats and feel Tim is the correct choice. However, Tim doesn’t get it when it comes to the Alistair Carmichael issue at all.

Tim has said that decent people want to give Alistair a second chance, that decent people see that he is a decent hardworking MP. Is the implication that anyone wanting redress for the lies, the expense of the enquiry, the political opportunism to basically smear the First Minister of Scotland are not decent people!

This issue is not about having a go at Alistair Carmichael, this not about mad SNP Nationalists point scoring and trying to humiliate a Liberal MP, it’s about none of that. This issue is about a style of politics that many in Scotland won’t put up with anymore, it’s about lying to the electorate , it’s about allowing a costly enquiry to take place when Alistair knew the truth, it’s about his constituents not having all the facts and its about a political elite who pretty much think they can do what they want.

No Tim, you don’t get it. Scotland has changed, Scotland is sick of Westminster or many are. Scotland won’t put up with gutter politics or politicians with no honour anymore. If you can’t get that then the Liberal Party will die in Scotland .



  1. bjsalba

    Had you actually seen and heard this dipsy-doodle before you voted for him?

    Did you hear the absolute drivel Tim Farron spouted on the Andrew Marr show. According to him Police on the streets of the Highlands are routinely tooled up, and this is all due to the Single Central Police Force.

    Well I live near and regularly go to Inverness. I have yet to see a policeman “tooled up”. The only thing I have seen is one single picture taken of 3 police officers in the pedestrian area of Inverness last summer (the same week as the Referendum postal votes were sent out). The article accompanying it was liberally sprinkled with references to Routine Armed Patrols. But I know for a fact that those police were not on routine patrol. They were in fact an Armed Response Team sent out specifically to deal with a report of a weapon (knife) being brandished by a drunk outside MacDonalds.

    Far from being a feature exclusively of the single central Scottish Police, armed response teams are UK wide – they were seen in London in 2009 and Bedfordshire in 2012.

    • Anonymous


      I’m not up on the armed patrols issue over the last couple of months other than what one MSP discussed which appears to have been blown up to a degree. I totally think that we need a review of how we can make Police Scotland better and more locally accountable. I was for Police Scotland, esp around procurement, but maybe time for an evaluation to see where we are at because you do hear conflicting views from Officers and the Police federation.

      I do think that Tim Farron needs to spend some time in Scotland and learn for himself what is happening here now. I am a member of the party, I joined after the GE from formally being a member of the SNP, but I joined because I see myself as a Liberal. I totally see that I have joined a party that is out of touch in many areas of Scottish opinion and some ways have not taken on board that Scotland has changed.

      I really think that many people are sick of Westminster style politics, the politics of sound bites, of releasing emails without checking the facts to smear, of career politicians who take people and their own entitlement for granted. Labour are the perfect example of this. But I also believe that the majority of Scots want to live in a federal Britain, I know many people who voted YES because Devo max or Federalism wasn’t on the ballot paper, it needs to be at the next referendum and if it isn’t then I will vote yes again.

      Thanks for taking time to read my musings and to comment, thank you very much for that. The more we discuss and share we might just get there in the end.


      • YESGUY


        The man doesn’t get Scotland. You say this. Then vote for HIS party.


        if they don’t get us what use are they ??

        why vote for a party out of touch. Shades of LIEbour eh??

        I am at a loss how you can justify the libs.

        I have enjoyed your blog but this is too much. If i want to read or hear unionist nonsense i turn the TV on…. any channel will do.

        You want to change the LIbs ?? over a hundred thousand of us have changed the SNP. That’s how it’s done. you have no chance. No one really cares a hoot about the Fibs.

        And Tim is another murphy…. unionist to the core. A horrible man.

        Watch the remaining Scots Libs vanish with this clone as leader.

        i give up…. I believe we should all have our own choices but your make no sense.

        Stockholm Syndrome….. you can see the union failing and now wish it back in all it’s glory.


        • Anonymous


          I don’t think any of the unionist established parties get Scotland now, many Scots don’t get Scotland now and that is all a result of the referendum and the education that the process brought about.

          I think Tim Farron is a decent guy and I really believe that he will learn and bring about change in the Liberal Democrats and I accept that the party needs to change. I wouldn’t agree that my blogs are supportive of the union, I can’t ever remember writing one that is. What I have blogged about over the years is that I can accept a federal UK, as I suspect, and from people I know, that that is what many want. The chances are in a future referendum I will vote yes, I don’t need to be in the SNP to do that.

          I’m not sure if Tim Farron is a unionist to the core, he supports federalism and has said that any future referendum should have the third question on it and he would be looking to make sure that is the case. A federal UK would be a very different place, I suspect a far better place as well. I don’t accept that Tim Farron is anything like Jim Murphy, no one can be that bad.

          You have said that the new members of the SNP have changed the party, in what way? Most of the candidates elected in the GE were long standing members, councillors or aides to MSPs etc. Not many were new blood, but so far they have done well and that’s good but we also need other voices or even the SNP will fail.

          My choice in joining the Liberal Democrats was a simple one really, I am a Liberal pure and simple. The same that many who joined the SNP are former Labour and would class themselves as socialists or at the very least left of centre so they joined the party that represents their views. For me I want to see more power devolved to the local level, I want party members to decide policy, I want to remain a member of the ECHR and the EU, I want to see PR in all elections and I want Scotland to be either independent or part of a truly federal UK. I would suspect that your journey is a similar one if the destination is different.

          Thank you for commenting, you always give me food for thought and that is a good thing.


          • YESGUY

            Firstly Grumpy.

            Tim says “” Who is he to tell US what questions are put in OUR referendum ???? The option of a federal Uk is a farce as the populations are so different . It can’t work. England will always have a say.the rest can put up and shut up.

            Second point. These are the people we voted for Grumpy. So they were counciler or whatever. Where have your Lib Mp’s come from ??? We each have a single vote. We can change SNP with a tick. The fibs will never change.

            Your a liberal guy. Fine i get that . But this is different. We are in the middle of a constitutional war and your advocating voting for the enemy . WHY??

            The Libdems are liars and will promise ANYTHING to get power. How can you trust them AGAIN??? How many times does a liar get away with it ???? What’s fundimentally changed in these shower???? Nothing. Same old soundbites and a member being chased through courts at our expense to remove the Fibber his constituants want rid off.

            A party with one seat (just) has no say in this country. They are a side show for middle England. Nothing they have said has changed. Like LIEbour they offer nothing to the people of Scotland .

            How many libs voted against the austerity package from the tory’s eh ????

            Only SNP voted in numbers against. Thousands of families and poor are in the shit now and you worry about our police force who are doing a good job by anyone elses standards. Or point out the new members are old SNP. No they are not.

            New memebers to SNP.120000 .

            Mhair Black … just left school. A load of old LIEbour defectors maybe but why not. They see the SNP as a party nearer their hopes than their old ones.

            Give me a few reasons why i would vote for the libs Grumpy. Without aiming a dig at the SNP. You sound more unionist every day. The may have problems with the police but the SNP mitigated bedroom tax and have continually fought against austerity that is killing people .

            I enjoyed your blog G. Always a voice of reason and a damn good read too. But these days you write Fib dem blogs while we try and replace the Liar Carbunkle. Your party cannot be trusted. A known liar caused a diplomatic embarressment forcing the French to publicly deny the charges made up by our then S. o S.

            Bloody hell grumpy. i am lost that you are the same blogger i enjoyed.

            • Anonymous


              My blogging hasn’t changed, I’ve become more polite basically. I’m still a yes voter and that won’t change, what did change for me was I got sick of the abuse that was flying around from both sides during the referendum, but mostly the unionist side and decided I wanted no part of it. If there were a referendum tomorrow I would vote yes but I would want the third question on the ballot because many people want federalism whether we like it or not.

              I’m not asking anyone to vote liberal, people have to make up their own mind and its up to the parties to come up with the reasons why they should do that. For me where the Liberals appeal to me are their belief of pr, of devolving as much power to the lowest possible level, of civil liberties and equality but they have a ways to go on things like hol reform and really going for a federal state. Can a federal state work, yes it can, Germany is a federal state and NS hass said that’s the model for Scotland.

              No I can see where you are coming from regarding the opposition parties having one MP each but that is how it is because people voted to remain part of the UK. Now I assume you want more powers to come to Scotland, now right now independence is not on the table so what we arguing for is federalism. I want as many powers coming to holyrood as possible and if a federal solution is the way to achieve that it’s fine with me until such time as Scotland votes yes. The constitutional mandate is what it is.

              Now many better bloggers have discussed the Police Scotland issue who are yes bloggers and its a very important one. I’ve also blogged about the budget and made my feelings very clear on that and how disgusting the scum bags in the Tories are. So my blogs haven’t changed, I’m trying to write better, in trying to be less confrontational because it is the only way to go.

              I hope you continue to read my blog and be as bluntly honest as you have always been, I appreciate it a great deal as its how we all learn.

              Thanks for commenting.


      • bjsalba

        The Police Federation is concerned about a) numbers of police and b) pay negotiations. That is their job. The prospects for both are not good – due to cuts in the money coming from London.

        By the way, you might want to look at Willie Rennie’s Speech to the Federation. I doubt it gained many votes for the Lib-Dems. If you present out of context only the statistics and facts that suit your case, it is best not to do so when you are speaking to the audience that is most knowledgeable about the full facts and highly likely to see through what you are doing.

        If Tim relies on the likes of Rennie or those who write his speeches, he is in trouble.

        • Anonymous


          I’ll check it out, to be honest I am not really a huge fan of Willie Rennie. He calls for people to resign far too much but there is not a lot to choose from in Scotland right now. I don’t doubt he is a decent guy overall but I just think that sometimes we need to think more before we speak.

          Thanks for commenting.


          • YESGUY

            Rennie calling for someone to resign hahahahah

            Will he help shove Carbunkle oot the door.

            Two faced rat deserves what is coming. ( P45’s)

            HYPOCRITES !!

            And as bjsalba rightly pointed out we are well aware of the facts. No more bullshit PLEASE.

            it’s tedious and old news.

  2. Anonymous


    Whatever peoples individual views we need good opposition in both parliaments or we all lose. The SNP have been in power for 8 years, now I do think they will go longer but as we have seen with both Tory and Labour Governments , the longer you are in power the more tired you will get. So basically it is in all our interests for effective opposition whether we like it or not, now I do think Carmichael should face a re run of the election at the very least and I in no way excuse what he did but he also secured the debate on eval due to his knowledge of parliamentary procedure and I for one am glad he did.

    So while I accept that the Liberal Democrats have a long way to go to rebuild trust we need them whether we like it or not.

    Thanks for commenting.


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