A Red and Blue Tory Coalition

I have been reading a few articles this morning and one that caught my eye, and gave me the most laughs, was an article by Nick Wood: The SNP surge heralds a constitutional nightmare on The Conservative Woman website. I know I have no life, I just happen to like politics. Have a read of the article and the comments, it’s mostly rubbish but the comments say it all really.


However, and good on Nick, he did get me thinking about the potential outcome of the General Election in May. Now I have made it very clear that I think the SNP, and certain SNP politicians, need to shut up about balance of power and confidence and supply, all that is nonsense at this point and they should concentrate on winning the seats first. It could just be the SNP ramping it up and putting the fear of God in the South, but given our media being the equivalent of Fox News across the board, there needs to be care taken that it is not allowed to be portrayed as arrogance and threats.

Now good old Nick alludes to the idea that the Conservative Tories and the Labour Tories could have some secret deals made under the table to lock out the SNP in the crucial and important areas. He actually has a point but I don’t think that any deal would be secret. If the SNP do return say 40 MPs (very unlikely) then the response down south of the SNP having any say may be very interesting indeed. The fact that English MPs have held sway over Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for hundreds of years is conveniently forgotten at the moment and there appears to be a real anti-Scottish feel about this election. It’s the anti-Scottish people, anti-SNP and anti-Scotland election. Jockland, benefit junkies, socialist nightmare and deep fried mars bars (I am yet to see by the way) election.

However, I would not be surprised that in the event of their worst nightmare happening, you know Scottish people actually voting for what they want, the red and blue Tories do in fact form a coalition to keep the SNP out. My reasons are mainly that neither of them have any shame, both hate the SNP, both wish to retain a United Kingdom for their own individual status and our resources, and both will do whatever it takes to keep power in the hands of the few to rule over the many.

I really have no idea what the final result will be, James over at http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/ will give us a real indication as time goes on what may happen on the day, but I will just not be surprised if we get a red and blue Government. If we do though I also suspect that it might just bring an independent Scotland that little bit closer.



    • grumpyscottishman


      They really do but I think that many down south might just hate us and see us as the excuse for everything that is bad down south. Look at the story today about what Ncicola Sturgeon is alleged to have said, it’s lies but the story goes on. But what is really interesting is that it looks like Labour and the Tories knew about this at the same time and are working together, a coalition of the red and blue tories would not surprise me and it could be their last throw of the dice to save their precious union in the short term. We are watching the death of the United Kingdom and it’s wonderful.

      Thanks for commenting.


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