The Rules are Just Not the Same for Everyone

Today we have learned that Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have been caught in a wee sting suggesting that they will accept payment for access to high Government, well blow me over.

Nothing new in this story at all. If you steal a bottle of water in a street disturbance you can expect to receive six months in jail, if you steal billions in tax payers money and avoid paying tax you can expect a knighthood. If you make a mistake or are overpaid in your tax credits, you can expect to be chased by debt agencies, but if you are suspected to have abused children while serving at Westminster you will be allowed to die peacefully while the accusations are never fully investigated, and the Police are too busy chasing down 500ml bottle water thieves.

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, and receive housing benefit, you better expect to receive a lot less housing benefit, unless of course you are the Queen or a Windsor with 16 Royal tax payer funded Palaces across the UK and wider world. No extra charge here for the extra hundreds of rooms. If you are disabled then you better get ready for the work assessment test, but if you are an elderly minor Royal you will get a grace and favour home and more than enough money to keep you living like, well Royalty.

We are all in this together, just some of us a hell of a lot more than others.

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8 Responses to The Rules are Just Not the Same for Everyone

  1. jimnarlene says:

    It really is, one law for the masters and another one for us serfs.

    • Jim

      It really is and it gets me angry everyday that many of us are basically just getting by while these scumbags are living the life of reilly, always the same three parties too.

      Thanks for commenting.


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  3. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    The fish rots from the head down.

    • Anonymous says:


      Very true, see that Rifkind has gone. All that means is we will save our money from paying him to do nothing on our behalf the scumbag.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. hektorsmum says:

    Got to agree with both your good self and Jimnarlene, when they said we were all in it together they meant us. I wish someone could explain to me why the electorate voted in so many troughers 2010 when it was as clear as the nose on your face that they were all robbing us blind, only certain individuals should have been returned not the bleeding lot of them. They have been taking the mickey ever since.

    • Hektorsmum

      It’s a total joke. I’m being hounded for a tax credit thing from years ago that is HMRC mistake but because they haven’t looked at it you get hounded. It’s a tiny amount but I’m fighting it on principle but it just shows that the law is only blind when you are wealthy and MPS in the main are the wealthy and could not give a shit. I really hate this country now, and if people keep voting in these scum I think I’ll give up as sometimes people just don’t learn.

      Thanks for commenting.


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