Subsidies can on occasion be a good thing, when they encourage employment and equality, when they allow social enterprises to function, some subsidies to rail and energy, the council tax freeze can keep prices down, good for the many with little money.

However, one set of subsidies at this time of year makes me sick to my stomach. Currently restaurants and bars in Westminster receive £7,000,000 (7 million pounds) in subsidy a year from the tax payer so that MPs food and alcohol prices stay low. MPs recently voted to freeze prices until next May. Enough time for some of them to benefit until they’re voted out at the next election. By the time that this current freeze ends MPs will have awarded themselves a 10% pay rise. In 2012/13 MPs were subsidised to the tune of £7500 each for the bars and restaurants in Westminster. MPs also just agreed to spend £200,000 on refurbishing their bars and restaurants. We also pay £1,000,000 in subsidy to the Lords for bars and restaurants. In 2013 Holyrood subsidised their restaurant to the tune of £50,000 pounds and MSPs were able to get a top of the line Christmas dinner for under £10.00.

Now, compare that to the recent figures that state that between April and September this year 835 children had to use foodbanks in Dundee to feed themselves, not adults getting food for their children but children turning up, being assessed and receiving emergency food to allow them to eat. 3371 people have used foodbanks in Dundee so far this year, compare that to 8082 bottles of champagne bought this year by Westminster, not cheap crap mind you.

Now while Stewart Hosie MP SNP and Jim McGovern MP Labour in the City have raised their voices against sanctions and welfare changes the Labour Party in the main have backed most of the attacks on the poorest. Food poverty is a national disgrace but when you consider the luxury that MPs afford themselves then something has to give next May in the General Election. The General Election next May is more than a vote for a political party now, the vote is about a decent society that defends the most vulnerable, that sees social justice as a right not an aspiration. When you go to vote next year think about all the hungry people in Dundee, many young and elderly, when you put that X in the box please consider this and many blogs on the net, do not put your X in the box that allows this abuse of privilege to continue, that allows people in Dundee to be treated as the lowest of the low. We deserve better, Dundee deserves better, as do areas all over Scotland and the UK.

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4 Responses to Subsidies

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Children, turning up at foodbanks unattended, needing to be fed; that is totally heart wrenching.
    Scum bag, MPs and lords, living in total luxury, knowing that children need to go cap in hand, looking for food; that is totally stomach churning…. Bastards.

    • Anonymous says:


      I thought that as well when I heard about it yesterday and had to check it out. It really is a disgrace that children are turning up to be assessed as requiring emergency food. If that doesn’t make an MP hang their heads in shame nothing will. They certainly look after themselves really well and that is shameful. If this doesn’t make people seriously consider their vote next May I guess nothing will, but the more you learn about this country the more ashamed you become.

      Dundee has always been a poor city and it always will, 2nd to Glasgow in all the bad tables but surely people are allowed their pride and their dignity, is that too much to ask of the wankers at Westminster.

      Thanks for commenting as always, much appreciated.


  2. yesguy says:

    I posted this on my Google plus page and fired it off to my friends to put on Facebook.

    Thank you for the figures. It puts thing into perspective .

    Off to post it on Wings. People should know what the hell they are voting for. And far too many are ” i’m alright Jacks” .who ignore whats going on around them. Heatbreaking read but the truth must be put out there for folk to see for themselves.

    I joined the SNP a few months ago. They will get my vote along with all my family’s and friends. (Anything for the peace, they say) This cannot go on. But please take heart that we are trying to mobilise the troops so we can have change . 40+ SNP MP’s at WM for a start.

    But for all the folk in Dundee and everywhere who use foodbanks. I am sorry. I will try and do something to help but we need to change our govt if we are to have any success. How the population hasn’t risen by this is a disgrace and tells us most don’t give a jot.

    A wee reminder to folk out shopping. Drop off a wee bit to the local foodbanks and spare a couple of quid for the homeless. Don’t ignore them They are someones sons or daughters. They could be your own.

    Thanks again.

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree that a vote next year should go to the SNP. I re-joined the party this year and I really hope they can use this new membership to good effect. It might have a positive affect on Scotland if we can get as many SNP in Westminster as possible and push for devo max, not the rubbish that Smith delivered.

      I always donate when I see the foodbanks collecting, its not that much as I don’t have much myself but I give what I can when I can. If we all do that then we make a difference.

      Thanks for commenting.

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