Unity (the quality of being united into one)

So three days into the worst decision ever taken by people in Scotland, we have Gordon Brown calling for unity.

The more I think about it the more I am not interested in unity with anyone who voted no, I am certainly not interested in any unity with anyone from the Labour Party, comrades with Tories and millionaires, acting in the best interests of Labour and the other Tory Parties.

Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy, Ed Miliband and Johann Lamont had unity with Farage, Cameron, Clegg, the BNP, Orange Order, racists and bigots. That is their kind of unity. That is the Britain they stood up for against a campaign that wanted social justice, who wanted to protect the poor and vulnerable, who wanted to maintain vital public services, who wanted to change Scotland into a proper inclusive democracy, that is the unity I want to be a part of.

As we have seen, just 3 days after the vote, Miliband and Labour are already putting barriers forward to stop change. They have already started to campaign for power next year, conference has started so it’s comrade this, comrade that. Oh by the way at conference they are saying Labour won the referendum, did they? Douglas Alexander is thanking the paid volunteers from England who came up to Scotland to tell lies and spread fear, that is their kind of unity.

But in fairness to Gordon Brownstuff he does have a point, unity is a good thing. In fact I would go as far as saying unity can be a vital thing. So my alternative plea for unity to everyone who voted YES is:

At next year’s General Election let us all unify in a campaign to get rid of as many Labour MPs from Scotland as possible. Let’s unify to get the message across to London and the vested interest that we, the 45%, are not going away. That we will continue to fight for social justice and equality, that we will not bow down to the lies and fear of the various Tory Parties and their racist and bigoted chums.

Let’s unify and send as many SNP MPs to Westminster as possible next year, if we can send even 30 they might actually hold the balance of power. Although given how bad and unelectable Ed Miliband actually is, it is just a might hold the balance of power. But it is important that we send a clear message to right-wing Britain and the three Tory Parties that we are here to stay, we are a new movement and we are strong. We will not bow down, we will not go away, we will not scrape. We will stand tall and we will never give in to the greed, to the fear and to the abandonment of the poor and vulnerable.

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8 Responses to Unity (the quality of being united into one)

  1. JimnArlene says:

    This is how my thinking has evolved, since the result. It appears many of the “45” have also been thinking the same. You just have to look at the SNP membership surge, for confirmation of this. It isn’t over, we are the “45”, we are legion.

    • Anonymous says:


      I think it is the way forward, it maybe isn’t even about a quick referendum it is maybe more about being ready for one once the surge to the right in England really gathers pace. There is a good chance that UKip might just get a foothold, there is a chance that Boris will lead the Tories and with Miliband being as bad as he is and the impending EU referendum we really need to be ready.

      For now it’s accept the result, target Labour and put them under real pressure, and take stock. The 45, if to be sustained has to play it smart, we can bring about momentous change but only if we play it smart, that includes tactical voting now which won’t be easy as a lot of YES supporters were from labour but would find it hard to support SNP, but I think AS knew that so decided to stand down.



  2. bjsalba says:

    6 days after and just look at the surge in membership of the YES parties.

    Definitely we should go for ousting the No parties from as many places as we can, starting with the Scottish contingent to Westminster.

    From what I hear, the process is already underway.

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree, Labour in Scotland northern branch must pay. Lamont for being nasty and useless, Murphy and the rest for being liars. I also hope Rennie gets a tanking, his comments about Salmond showed a total lack of class and just showed the hatred these people have for the SNP and don’t they just make the word Nationalist sound like a dirty word, even though most of us would say we are patriots rather than nationalists. They wouldn’t understand the difference.



  3. Political Tourist says:

    Interesting to read this 18 months later.
    Probably the SLAB wipeout was one of most the cathartic things that happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      Political Tourist

      Labour’s wipeout in Scotland was certainly one of my favourite moments last year. They had it coming for years and deserve everything they get. Just look at the state of them now, in one way it’s sad that the opposition are so poor and that can lead to poor governance but it’s their own fault. I think what we need is for ordinary people to actually join the parties and try and change them.

      I am a member of the lib dems and I fight my corner and the yes vote at every opportunity, that’s how we fight the cause. We are not all nationalists or members of the SNP so we need to fight the fight where we can.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Political Tourist says:

        Don’t mind me asking Bruce, how were you received when you went from the YES camp into the libdems?

        • Anonymous says:


          I got a really warm welcome from local members and have found them to be very open minded. Most I would say favour remaining in a federal UK and I think we’re let down by the leadership by the party not supporting a federal question on the ballot.

          There are a few yes liberal members whom I met at conference and while I met a lot of really smart people there are, like all the parties, too many hangers on and sit on the fence types at the top. It’s one of the things I hate about political parties to be fair. I think the Lib Dems are at a crossroads, May wi be a total failure and while they may get 6 or 7 seats the quality of leadership will remain poor and that might result in a slow decline of the party.

          Thanks for commenting.


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