To the GMB

Dear Karen

Please accept my four weeks notice of my resignation as a member of the GMB Union from the date of this email. I will leave my DD open for my final membership payment but will cancel the next month.

I have only been a member for a short period of time but the unions stance against Scottish Independence has disgusted me, as has your financial backing of the Labour Party. As we have seen in Scotland, not one full day after the vote, Labour going back on their vow. Not only did they and you stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tories, you fund a political movement that has already been shown to have lied and who used scare stories against pensioners regarding pensions to win their no vote. A Labour Party happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with UKip, Conservatives, Liberals, the BNP and the Orange Order to frighten Scottish people into making the worst decision of their lives.

It would appear that the trade union movement and the Labour Party, both set up to defend the poor and vulnerable no longer stand for anything other than maintaining a broken country and their own selfish ambitions. I do not wish to have any part of that and certainly will not have my money being used it its name. It has become increasingly clear that if we are to work to end poverty and the attacks on the poorest in our society then we will have to do this ourselves.

I am one of the 45%

Thank you for very little.

Mr Bruce Hosie

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4 Responses to To the GMB

  1. JimnArlene says:

    I applaud you Bruce. I have never been a union member, the miners strike told me unions were worthless; unless they all band together. If they had Thatcher, would have been brought down and not beatified.
    I am one of the 45%, we are legion.

    • Anonymous says:


      Thank you for commenting. I joined the union to try and support local authority workers of which I am one. However their support for the union and the Labour party has disgusted me. The people who are suffering in this country are still suffering, a yes vote was the start of trying to change that but the movements who should have joined us fought against us for their own self interest .

      The SNP, Greens and SSP can hold their heads high likewise everyone of the organizations and individuals who were on the right side. The one thing that is clear is we are going to have to do it ourselves. That means proudly fighting with the 45% and joining the YES parties, working to ensure they continue to work together and to bring down first of all Labour and get as many SNP MPs in Westminster as possible next year. I’m up for it.



  2. mary says:

    Well done GS we all must continue to work for independence however we can. I am a housebound, disabled pensioner so rather limited in the help I can give but my YES posters are still up and I continue to wear my YES & wings badges. I have not watched MSM for ages due to bias as well as the unremitting reality/celebrity pap tho I do miss a decent talk radio since giving up radio 4. I have hope with Bella & Derek Bateman who both have plans afoot . Yesterday was terrible with gloom everywhere but hope is alive again thank God 😎

    • Anonymous says:


      Keep your yes posters up and wear the badges because those are a statement in themselves. We came close 45% of us want change and no matter what the three Tory parties they did not get a decisive win. What they did was frighten many of the older generation, they had no argument for broken Britain so they scared people and threw everything at it. I would not be proud of that, if I were them I would be afraid. We are going no where and we have to keep up the fight, for the poor and vulnerable and for decency. The next time we will win.



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