A Decision but the WRONG one.

Many of us have woken up this morning , some of us never went to bed , to the worst possible decision that Scotland could make. I guess it probably isn’t wise to blog when I feel how I do right now, but I don’t believe I have ever felt sadder in my life, other than when my father passed away.

Have Scottish people made an informed choice? I can’t accept that they have. The media, and in particular the BBC, have not only lied but they have spread fear to get the result their masters wanted. Not one daily paper came out in support of independence, not only did any support a yes vote, they never questioned in any detail the arguments of the no side. For that they should hang their heads in shame, for many like the BBCs Nick Robinson, they were shown to be liars and I for one will never ever forgive them. We should be ashamed of our media today, they have failed us all and those of us on the yes side must make sure that we don’t buy their papers again. I will buy a Sunday Herald due to their support for change and that’s it.

The Labour Party – I can’t express in writing how I feel about this disgusting nasty party. They have given up every principle they ever held for their own self preservation and interest. They have betrayed all of us and while Miliband, Darling and Lamont are presenting hollow platitudes this morning to the YES side they have been complicit in the biggest lie ever brought on the Scottish People. Glasgow and Dundee, the two poorest cities in Scotland rejected Labour and I hope and pray that at every election to come in the future they make Labour pay for their betrayal. Ed Miliband will never be Prime Minister and anyone who thinks so is in for a rude awakening. They are a disgrace today as they were yesterday but at least the people of Dundee, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dumbartonshire can hold their heads high, you did the right thing and you should be proud of yourselves. Don’t ever allow Labour back in, lets kill them off once and for all.

The Conservatives and the Liberals – They got the result that they wanted, they used a scorched earth approach to bully and frighten 55% of the Scottish people into voting no. They are calling this a decisive victory, it’s not. Maybe not as close as most thought it would be but that hardly matters now. The Conservatives I don’t really care about as they stuck to form, the Liberals like Labour have cheated us all and not just in Scotland but Liberal voters all over the UK. They are finished as a party whatever happens, they have been shown to be, like Labour, Conservative light.

Change and NO Voters – Will we get constitutional change? Yes, I think there will be some but will it be enough?, no. I believe any changes that do come will make Scotland weaker, Holyrood will get extra costly responsibilities but you can bet that any additional powers will not in any way strengthen Scotland or weaken Westminster. No voters in my opinion are in for a big surprise. You will feel betrayed, you will feel let down, you will at some point regret your decision and you will not be able to do anything about it. You will get poorer, you will be taken out of Europe, you will have made the worst decision you will ever make in your life. Those who are passionately British I can accept that, those who gave into fear and believed Labour and the other Tories I have no sympathy for you at all and I will remind you of your vote when it all goes wrong. England will now get the powers it needs to ensure that it will forever be dominant in this abusive relationship, make no doubt about it.

Me – First things first I am angry this morning. However, I have to accept the result either way and move on rather than let that anger eat me alive. I am proud to have tried to do my little bit for the YES Campaign and I am proud of the Campaign , we may have lost but we were on the right side. No one can ever take that away and don’t ever forget that YES were on the right side. Right now I feel like walking away but maybe that means the NO side will have destroyed my spirit and in that destroyed me. I know that I will never vote for a mainstream party again, I may never even vote in a Westminster election again but I think I will seriously consider the Scottish Socialist movement or the Green Party as my home as far as politics goes. Just because of the result this morning the same issues are still there, they have not gone away, they have not been cured and they have hardly been mentioned this morning. Too many people in Scotland and in other parts of the UK still live in poverty, are still being fed by food banks, are still unemployed, still die too young, still suffer from poor educational opportunities, are still being attacked by the NO side because they are poor and vulnerable. That has to end and we cannot lose sight of the fact that the YES vote was for them, even if they were scared into voting no or didn’t vote at all, this was about them. Some of them may have given up on themselves but we can’t give up on them. They deserve better today as they did yesterday and we can’t lose sight of that.

I don’t know if I will continue to blog or not. This blog was and is an opportunity to express my opinions and my feelings. I was inspired to start this blog by Munguin’s Republic and I am really flattered that some of you took the time to read my rants and to comment. I thank you for that. So, today is a painful day and maybe not the time to reflect on the YES Campaign but I felt that I needed to express myself while it was all raw because, I know it’s corny, people will look back on this day in the future and the writings of ordinary people will present a better record of what actually took place than the lies and manipulation of the media and the three tory parties.

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14 Responses to A Decision but the WRONG one.

  1. JimnArlene says:

    My deepest fear has, come to pass. Scotland has become Scotlandshire, the labour heartland of the the downtrodden, lumpenproletariat.

    Those, of us, who dreamt of better things must not melt away; like snow of a dyke. We need to take a deep breath, gather ourselves and prepare to fight the good fight, for as long as it takes.

    The grass roots of the yes campaign, could be used to build a new political force in this “province” of ours. There has been so much energy and energy does not dissipate, it changes; there maybe hope yet.

    • Jim

      Today is an open wound and a difficult one to try and consider the future but my gut reaction is definitely a day that for me every single one of us will live to regret, the decision, of lets face it ,the elderly and the middle and upper classes.



  2. bjsalba says:

    From what I could see, it was the old frightened by lies who voted NO. Most of the young were eager and ready for change and voted YES. We oldies should work with the young folks to keep the fight going.

    First we need a short break to restore our strength, think about it .

  3. I wonder how long it will be before there are cars with stickers saying “Don’t blame me, I voted Yes.”

    I do not think we should give up, so please keep blogging.

  4. bringiton says:

    The really sad part of it is that it will be the vulnerable and the elderly who are now going to suffer most from this result.
    The cuts to our pocket money coming down the line will force the SG into making very hard choices.
    The Labour No voters are responsible.
    Keep the faith Bruce,we need people to report on our corrupt London elite.

    • bringiton

      I totally agree, the ones who will hurt the most will be the ones that voted no. What a sad state of affairs that we find ourselves in today, we had that chance to be a nation again and we bottled it. We are a laughing stock and we just have to accept it for now.



  5. pa_broon74 says:


    Scottish wealth and sovereignty handed to Westminster on a plate held aloft by the Scottish aged and middle classes.

    I too am disappointed and after the fact, not surprised. I did think we might manage it or it would at least be closer. Looks like Scotland choked.

    Here here on the stickers, I’m looking to get some run off.

    Bruce, you need to keep blogging, these tricky bastards are going to need monitored. Take a break and understand the journey is still on.



    • Paul

      This mistake will last for generations and we will all pay. I need to get a t-shirt printed saying I am one of the 45. Whatever happens I will always know that I was on the right side. I will probably keep the blog going but probably not post until we need to start pointing out what we will not be getting and how much worse off we are going to be, because we are going to be worse off. Side issue but Scotland is not a country anymore for me, it’s a region until people in this country grow a pair and fight for it but probably not in my lifetime, how sad is that I’m only 45.



      • dubu650 says:

        I couldn`t agree more with your thoughts you`ve written today. I could taste hope for the future until the vote results. What we need in Scotland is an honest mainstream media that will honestly debate all sides of the argument. With that independence couldn`t fail to win.

        • Anonymous says:


          I totally agree, the unionists were fighting with the Police in George Square last night, covered by media all over the world accept the BBC/ITV. We do really live in a joke of a country, I didn’t buy a paper today for the footie which is a first in a million years but no more. I will get the Sunday Herald but will not read or buy any of the others if even free.



  6. Iain says:

    I was heartbroken and angry yesterday, and thinking about where I could emigrate to. Today I’m thinking that 45% is a fantastic achievement at the first attempt. We know that no more powers were ever going to be given to Holyrood, but that was a handy comfort blanket for the terminally fearful.

    There are hundreds of local and sectoral pro-independence groups, and we have a young generation to be intensely proud of. Absolute stars have emerged as though from nowhere.

    We need to regroup, breathe deeply, get rid of the disgusting Labour politicians in 2015 for starters, support pro-independence businesses, buy no newspapers, pay no TV licence and prepare clinically for the next referendum.

    East Germany got rid of their trough swillers under much more difficult circumstances, but they didn’t achieve it first time round. Lots of pro-dependence people don’t even realise they’re living in western Europe’s DDR, but they might notice when austerity really kicks in and hits them personally.

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree, I put the 45 number on my twitter and there it will stay. I am not giving up, I’m 45 years old and while very angry I am strangely more energised. I am a member of the GMB but will be cancelling my membership tomorrow and that monthly payment will go into re-joining the SNP or possibly the SSP. I need to have a wee strategic think about that one. My leaning is the SNP but I will also be making an effort to point out the shortcomings of my local labour MP and will be campaigning against him next year that is a definite. Stage one for me is to get rid of Labour or at the very least make their lives very uncomfortable, they are Tories now and people have to learn.

      I’m up for a fight.



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