Patronised to F***

After just two days I am sick of Sky News and BBC News 24, it’s like they have only just discovered Scotland actually exists. They repeat the lies of people like Gordon Brownstuff and David Cameron, they are not even journalists and don’t pretend to be anymore. Whatever happened to actually checking out what people say, what ever happened to looking at the facts, what about checking out what Carney at the Bank of England said. What about challenging the devo nano powers that are being re-launched as devo max which they are not, do you even know what devo max is , are you journalists that thick.

Do you have to interview three no to every yes so-called experts, you have shown your cards to the masses and there is no going back. The press in Scotland and the UK are not to be trusted, you really are the scum of the earth and will never be forgiven whatever the result for your complicity in the biggest lie ever put to the Scottish people, no wonder I rarely buy a paper anymore and the sooner they go under the better.

Cameron, Miliband and Clegg in Scotland today, and sorry that prick John Prescott, yeah him of the House of Lords, working class hero my arse. Cameron went to a pro UK pensions company, Miliband spoke to a small hand-picked group of Labour members and Clegg went to the Borders. What a bunch of cowards, why not go to Whitfield, Fintry, Castlemilk, Stenhouse, Govan. If there was ever more of a reason to vote yes there it is, these people just don’t give a shit. They have woken up to the fact their cozy little elite world is being challenged by Scottish people who want change, real change. Not the change that Brownstuff offers, the change of Miliband or Clegg. Not lies and foodbanks but hope and opportunity, No Thanks are a bunch of lying bastards and it amazes me that there are working people even thinking of voting no, wake the fuck up before it’s too late. Open your bloody eyes and get the facts, stop being a slave to the few and stand up for the many, stop being a victim to the right and the lies of the fake left, if it’s a no and you voted no you will regret it for the rest of your lives but sadly so will I, wake the fuck up.

Sorry for the profanity, I have tried to make my blog a non abusive blog in the main but I am sick of the lies, I am sick of the media, I am sick of poverty, I am sick of foodbanks, I am sick of unemployment, I am sick of fear , I am sick of no hope, I am sick of the UK, I am sick of royal babies, I am sick of London, I am sick of Darling, I am sick of Labour, I am sick of just getting by, I am sick of wondering how I pay my bills, I am sick of being treated like shit in my own country, I am sick of something for nothing attitudes, I am sick of fake love and flying Saltires all over the UK and I am sick of those bastards that will keep me down.

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12 Responses to Patronised to F***

  1. Iain T says:

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, on expenses.

  2. bjsalba says:

    My town has a huge newspaper recycling bin. I have a wood stove. I will wait until the bin is near full and then pull out a supply for the winter. There is NO WAY I am going to buy a newspaper. Never ever again.

    • Anonymous says:


      I buy an occasional local for the footie and have bought a Sunday herald, but I think in the main other than the occasional local for the Dees my days of newspapers are over. Most of them have been complicit in lies never seen before , bbc also and if the NO side get a win it will be because of fear and one day they will all pay for that.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Why apologise for your language? It is fully justified. I cannot think of former public schoolboys who smirk and snigger while making other peoples’ lives even more miserable with associated swear words. And Prescott is a renegade – ‘vermin in ermine’ is an apt description of him.

    • Anonymous says:


      I watched a lot of the news coverage yesterday as it is all getting ramped up now with 7 days to go but I just could not believe what I was seeing. We all know the unionists have the media sown up but what we are being served is a national disgrace.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. BronB says:

    You’ve said it all for a grumpy, wee, retired Scottish woman. What you’ve said is just how I feel. Thank you!

  5. JimnArlene says:

    I thought your language was rather calm, I have stopped watching the *cough* news and I haven’t bought a paper for years. Watching my blood pressure and trying not to be a long expletive deleted beep, ranting at the idiot box.

  6. bjsalba says:

    In my opinion, a YES gets ever likelier with every onslaught of gloom and doom.

    It amazes me that after the long lasting results of Thatchers Poll Tax (25 years ago) that these numpties think that we will believe in their thin seedy jam tomorrow plan. It is worthless and most people that think at all know it.

  7. Sod the system says:

    In an independent Scotland, will you still be bald?

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