Nearly There Now

Only 17 days to go before we make the most important political decision we have ever made in our lifetimes.

In some ways I am glad it is nearly over and in other ways I wish we had a little longer. Listening to the radio this morning young people were being interviewed about how they are going to vote in the referendum and some of the reasons for voting no were just plain tragic. One young person noted that Scotland might be given more powers and that’s good, no thought about what she had said, “given more powers”. That has to be one of the saddest statements I have ever heard in my life, what have we done to some of our young people that they think powers for Scotland is some form of political gift. Another young person talked at length about Ian Woods’s figures for oil and that Scotland just can’t afford to go it alone, that also made me deplore the mainstream media in this country for the lies and fear they have been putting out for the last two years or maybe 300 years depending on which way you look at it.

Whatever the result on the 19th September, I will never ever have any good feelings about the media in this country, they have been complicit in the biggest propaganda campaign against the Scottish people in our history and someday they must be held to account.

I have also blogged a great deal about certain politicians in Scotland, and the UK in general, but especially Scottish ones. In many ways this has been a learning experience for myself and not really a good one at that. I have learned that many of our politicians, especially Labour ones in Scotland, are some of the most loathsome individuals we have ever elected to office. Johann Lamont and her “something for nothing culture” comments, Ian Davidson threatening to do an SNP MP, Jim Murphy doing the rounds telling lies and in some people’s opinion having a staged egging. You can add in Willie Rennie, Jackie Baillie, Ruth Davidson, the list is endless of politicians in Scotland talking Scotland down at every opportunity to preserve their way of life and their lifestyles, all of this at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.

The decision that we make in 17 days will shape not just our country for the immediate future but will shape how we feel about ourselves and Scotland as a nation. I have never considered myself British for as long as I can remember, Britain for me is a Victorian drama where the elite look down on everyone else, a country that lives in the past and will fight tooth and nail to ensure the few have the most and the many have the least. If it’s a no vote, Scotland will have died, we will have accepted that we are no longer a nation but a part of what really is North England.

A YES vote however will not only change Scotland for the better, that goes without saying, but a YES vote will force people in the rest of the UK to look at what they want and need from their Government. That would not be a bad thing at all, Britain is broken but not in the way that David Cameron goes on about. Britain is broken because of the David Cameron’s of the world, this is a country of privilege and wealth for the few. A report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission which studies the backgrounds of more than 4,000 business, political, media and public sector leaders, describes the UK as ‘deeply elitist’. It outlines how small elites, educated at independent schools and Oxbridge, still dominate top roles, and that these key institutions do not represent the public they serve.

This is a Zombie Nation, ruled by hereditary principle, behind closed doors, away from the light of day and the honesty of open and equal competition based on merit.

The commission says its findings are based on one of the most detailed analyses of its type ever undertaken.

It found that those who had attended fee-paying schools included:
•71% of senior judges
•62% of senior armed forces officers
•55% of permanent secretaries (the most senior civil servants)
•53% of senior diplomats.

While just 1% of the population were Oxbridge graduates, 75% of senior judges, 59% of the cabinet, and, amazingly 47% of newspaper columnists went to Oxford or Cambridge.

Let’s be clear on this, a no vote will result in more poverty, the privatisation of the NHS in England and the subsequent underfunding of the NHS in Scotland. A no vote will result in job losses in the public sector, maybe even my own, but hey Jim Murphy and Johann Lamont will be ok. A no vote will be a vote to maintain the elite and unfair country we live in as noted above.

The decision we make on the 18th September will also tell the world exactly what we think of ourselves, will we be welcomed back into the League of Nations or will we will be remembered as the people who bottled it, the people who actually voted away their chance of their own independence. Can you think of any other country in the world that would do that, I can’t. My feelings if it’s a no vote are clear, and you will probably disagree with me, but for me Scotland will no longer be a country and we should not pretend otherwise, I would go as far as saying that we should abolish Holyrood, no more Scottish sports teams etc, we will have given that right away and I would not be able to bring myself to support them anyway knowing that it was all just a false premise, a fake country. The United Kingdom is not an equal union in any shape or form, we all know that even if certain people like to pretend it is. A no vote would mean accepting that we were consumed by the larger country, England. Longshanks will have gotten his victory at last.

I am very nervous about the result of the referendum; I do think it will be a slim yes vote because the alternative is a frightening thought. I know that I will hate, what a horrible word, many politicians and maybe even ordinary people around me if they are celebrating a no vote. I know that I will feel as bad as I ever have in my country and some of its people, that I will feel betrayed by no voters and by the ignorance of no voters, and the establishment who have used fear to win the day.

I have waited my whole life for Scotland to be given this opportunity to stand up and be counted, to right the wrongs of 1707, to not take that opportunity to vote yes will be the greatest crime against ourselves ever.

Either way, were nearly there now, it’s nearly over or it’s maybe just the beginning of the greatest adventure we will all ever have or the worse nightmare in our lifetime.

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12 Responses to Nearly There Now

  1. bringiton says:

    I pretty well agree with your sentiments.
    The people who intend to vote No must realise that they are giving the Tory government in London a green light to do as they please with Scotland.
    They will then have to shoulder the responsibility for the outcome.
    This is what happens when you tell someone that you wish to be entirely dependent on them and have no desire to make decisions for yourself.
    Some very insecure people around.
    Thanks Bruce.

    • Bringiton

      I will certainly let no voters understand what they did when it all goes wrong but I suspect that you will find very few who will admit to being no voters. When things get really bad I suspect that 5 million people will have voted yes like the four million Celtic fans who were wt the UEFA Cup Final in Spain.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. pa_broon74 says:


    I consider myself to be a reasonable well balanced individual, but I too will have a hard time accepting a no vote, I also won’t be able to forget the actions of the people and institutions that brought it about by various nefarious ways – which is why I basically won’t ever accept it. You can treat that as a statement of intent if you like.

    If it is a no, two things: firstly the No side will not be magnanimous, they will be insufferable. Secondly I will never – repeat – NEVER tire of reminding those who voted no of the folly they’ve inflicted on themselves, their family, their neighbours and their wider communities

    No voters will never – repeat – never be able to complain about decisions affecting them made at Westminster, I expressly reserve the right to remind them at every turn what they’ve done.


    I think it’ll be a Yes. My prediction (my hope?) is it’ll be a replay of the 2011 Holyrood election.

    • Pa

      I totally agree, and it is one of the things I fear, the NO side, the English, in fact everyone around the world will be laughing at us. People just don’t undertstand that we will be a laughing stock the world over. I have listened to American radio and the clip that Tris posted, spoken to American friends as I used to live there and they can’t even believe that Scotland would ever consider voting NO, that NO even have a lead due to the lies and fear and that they would rather starve than ever be a part of another country. For me their comments just show how much of a stockholm syndrom we have in Scotland and how good a job the few have put on us.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. JimnArlene says:

    I’m certain it’ll be the great adventure, the alternative is too dire to contemplate. As Pa Broon says, I too reserve the right to remind the NAE sayers, of their folly.

  4. hektorsmum says:

    Sorry Bruce I have been away in some proper countries which has made returning here very hard specially when the first person I met told me she was voting No and she had already voted.
    Been in Hungary, Budapest where the people are proud to have their capital back, Slovakia, Bratislava where they had never been independent before though they had been the capital of Hungary one time and now after a “velvet divorce, poor but happy, Austria, Vienna, where people seem so well balanced, happy to talk about the past but focussing on the future. Onto Bavaria, Germany, where people are proud to be Bavarian’s and Germans but a sneaking thought that they might even like Independence. Passau, also in Bavaria, but only just, people consider themselves Franconian’s and would love to be Independent at least of Bavaria.
    In Cologne our guide said we were the first Scots to choose YES, my only excuse, wealthy and complacent and sadly probably older than us (maybe). Onto Holland where the Guide was happy to speak about how things are as well. They were all proud of their countries, happy to discuss the past and how they see the future. That is how I see the YES campaign, the NO is stuck in the past, unable to see the future not even to see reality. If they vote NO my Dog Boarder, well her business which she is voting NO for will go down the swanny apart from her really wealthy clients. She has already lost my business, as I intend leaving the country if we do not win.

    • hectorsmum

      We are in for an interesting two weeks and while I think it will be a slim yes I accept that might be my defense mechanism kicking up, I fear a no I can tell you that.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. bjsalba says:

    Nearly there, Nearly there.

    Half of me is ready to celebrate, but the other half worries about what nasty tricks BT/UKOK/NT his hiding up its sleeve.

    • hektorsmum says:

      I think we all worry about that, we just have to have faith in Scotland’s greatest asset, her people. They are not as daft as are portrayed though I told someone on the Guardian the other day if I hear another statement about those canny Scots I may scream and believe me I can scream for Scotland.

    • bjsalba

      I agree in some ways, I am really nervous as I think this vote is going to be so close but it could be the most heart breaking moment in my life since my father passed away. It will be over soon either way but there is no way I will ever trust any of the main parties again. If it’s a no there is a part of me that thinks I will never vote in a Westminster election again, let the English decide the government because that is what a no vote says.

      Thanks for commenting.


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