Margaret Curran Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland

Margaret Curran is the Labour MP for Glasgow East and also the shadow Secretary of State for Scotland.

Margaret Curran represents Glasgow East, one of the most, if not the most impoverished area of Scotland and certainly in Glasgow. Glasgow East has some of the worst statistics in Western Europe for child poverty, health, crime, alcohol and drug abuse and long-term unemployment which is also generational. Margaret Curran is one of the leading campaigners for Better Together and wants people in her constituency and all over Scotland to vote no.

Margaret Curran has also indicated her support for abolishing the Barnett formula, which gives Scots almost £1,200 per head more public spending than the UK average, and replacing it with a system based on need. Margaret Curran wants to make Scots poorer; she wants to make her already desperate constituents more desperate so that they can be as poor as their comrades in other Labour heartlands throughout the UK.

Margaret Curran believes that devolution has not worked or made things better when we all know that devolution and the current government are the only thing that has kept services in place and local authority workers in employment.

In her speech at the Scottish (branch) Labour Party Conference Margaret Curran said that ‘for too long now, Scotland has needed a bigger voice in the world. I say – it’s time’. But she wants you to vote NO to Scottish self-determination and independence. According to Margaret Curran ‘If we want a better, fairer Scotland, the way to achieve it is by changing the government – in Edinburgh’. Margaret Curran is a huge part of the Westminster problem that we all have.

Margaret talks about ‘ The BBC – founded by a Scot. The Bank of England – founded by a Scot’. She does this while telling you that you have no right to either if you choose to vote for an Independent Scotland, a better, fairer Scotland. Margaret Curran described Tory welfare cuts as ‘brutal’ which will cause ‘misery for families across Scotland’ – yet Margaret Curran Labour MP for Glasgow East would prefer you have to suffer a Tory government in Scotland rather than self-government with independence.”

Margaret Curran MP is a disgrace as a representative of the people. For Margaret to call herself a Labour MP must have members turning in their graves as her views are more Tory than most of the Tories. Margaret Curran is worried about one thing and one thing only, her job in Westminster. If you vote yes then people like Margaret Curran can no longer tell you what is best for you while presiding over some of the most poverty-stricken areas of Scotland, areas that Labour have failed to improve in a 100 years. If you vote yes then you can stop people like Margaret Curran milking the system which keeps her wealthy and you down, you can stop people like Margaret Curran from taking you for granted. It is not in the interests of the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland for your education, your health, your life choices to get better because you will see her and them for what they are. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and we now have a chance to remove those boils from our country once and for all. We do this by voting yes and then by ensuring that people like Margaret Curran, so-called Labour MP Glasgow East, never again get to mis-represent the people of Scotland to ensure their own health and financial wellbeing at your expense.



  1. JimnArlene

    As I have stated elsewhere. I believe most Labour politicians are, self serving, opportunist, careerists. Who would rather the masses were kept, perpetually, poor and badly educated. Voting fodder, to be hoodwinked every election; via the same lies every time.
    They will, or have lost the Scots. This campaign has shone a light on them, like never before, exposing them for what they are, to too many; they are a spent force.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I agree, I think they are on the way to being finished in Scotland and if Scotland stupidly votes no and Labour don’t deliver they will become as dead as the Tories and liberals.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bringiton

    Curran believes that devolution has been a failure,not because it has been bad for Scots (quite the opposite) but because Labour no longer run the show in Scotland and as long as they are seen as being British (English) Labour never will.
    After independence,she along with the rest of her Scottish Labour colleagues in london will be unemployed.
    They had better hope that the conditions for unemployed people will be better in an independent Scotland than the system they have enthusiastically supported in the English parliament.
    Thanks Bruce and let’s hope we never see her likes again!

    • grumpyscottishman


      The sad thing is that if it’s a yes, which I think it will be a close one, these people will sadly try to get back into Scottish Politics and I really am loath to be paying their wages out of our taxes because they are just not either good or nice, they don’t even have the best interests of the country at heart. They are scum, sorry but they are.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • hektorsmum

        Bruce I expect they will be overnight Nationalists. I have a husband who would rather see them buried, but then he is like that. Scum they are and scum they should return to, pond scum.

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