Is it just me?

The last couple of weeks I have made a real, and very polite, effort to talk to NO voters both face to face and via social media and I am detecting some interesting things.

There are those whose vote cannot be changed, they see themselves as British and no matter how bad things can and will get in the event of a no vote they will never ever change their view. In fact a couple I have spoken to have suggested that Holyrood should be scrapped and that immigrants are a big part of our problems. They also do not accept that social security changes are causing hardship etc etc etc.

There are those that have no argument what so ever, they avoid the questions and even when they do answer it is from a Better Together leaflet. They hate Alex Salmond, for reasons that are beyond me, think the SNP have done a crap job and there is no way that Westminster would ever do anything bad to Scotland or the Scots. They use sound bites, you know the ones, best of both worlds, better together, what is plan B but cannot explain what any of it actually means. This is the group that I am sensing a lot of fear from, they are the ones who are more likely to resort to abuse, certainly worse abuse than I have ever seen from a YES supporter.

Now I know the polls say that Belter Together or No Thanks or Best of Both Worlds, whatever they are called this week are ahead in the polls. If you are a YES supporter whose optimism only works by polls then you would be very depressed and ready to pack it in, sometimes I have even felt like that given the constant near 100% propaganda of fear and lies we see and hear every day in the so-called media and on the BBC.

But I’m not, and I’ll tell you why. As I alluded to above I am sensing a real display of panic and fear coming from the NO side. Their supporters are more and more now resorting to abuse, there is desperation and a feeling I get from them that some of them know they are wrong and I feel they suspect, as I do, that they are losing the debate. I would love to know, as we all would, what the mega polls, paid for out of our taxes disgracefully and only shared with one side, actually told them but I really feel that these two polls told them they are losing or at worse drawing.

As I said I have been optimistic and then downright fearful of a hammering but the closer we get to the vote the more I am starting to feel that YES is winning, no matter what the polls say, like 2011, I have a feeling that something has changed and the media and the polls are either not catching on and/or are in total denial of what is happening around them. I really believe that the YES Campaign is going to pull this off.

Not scientific, not based on surveys, just my feelings over the last two weeks but sometimes you just suspect things are not what they seem.



  1. Susan McCrae

    Going by the visible support in my area, yes is more popular, with a sudden surge in houses with Yes stuff. There’s posters, stickers, garden displays and new flagpoles flying the Saltire or Yes/Saltires popping up everywhere. Cars and vans are decorated with Yes stickers – even company vehicles like council vans and BT (phones not fear) vans too. I can honestly count on one had how many No houses/cars I’ve seen in the same area. They seem to be scarce collector’s pieces.

    • Anonymous


      Your right there is a definite visible presence for the YES Campaign, there is a feeling that things are changing.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. JimnArlene

    I too, have noticed the ramping up of abusive behaviour on line. I have also witnessed a no voter, firstly doubting his view and after a little information, switching to a yes voter (this week). I believe we are winning, I think most no voters; aren’t aware of the facts, but are blinded by party loyalty, media misinformation or just plainly selfish I’m all right jacks.

    • Anonymous


      They are panicking in my opinion, the last few weeks I have seen it for myself. I think they know something we don’t and that is the mega polls. The closer we get people are seeing the light.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    I don’t know anyone who has much faith in the polls in Scotland any more. If you want to raise your spirits go back and look at the archived newspaper articles about polls before 2011. Even funnier is the “analysis” afterwards of why they got it wrong.

    • Anonymous


      I agree the polls are just not what I hear on the ground when I talk to people, I could be wrong but it is just not what I feel right now.

      Thanks for commenting.



    Another good read Grumpy.

    Whilst i agree with you that YES are winning , i fear we will never know until the actual day.

    The MSM and BBC in particular are cranking up the fears and scares and cutting short interviews in mid sentence to accentuate the negativity and this is keeping many from voting with the facts. Fear is the number one motivator , People do the craziest things when they are scared enough.

    More should be done to attack the bile and distortions but i fear that it would get messy and folk would turn off.So for the time being we have to put up with the rhetoric and keep our tempers in check.

    We all feel that YES are winning and the more abuse we receive , the more we know they have no answers . NO Hope.

    The shock on their faces on the 19th will be ample reward. So keep faith folks.


    • Anonymous


      Like 2011 we won’t know until the day because it doesn’t promote the story the papers etc want promoted. It will all be over soon and I pray that it’s a YES and I suspect it will be a very close YES.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Sod the system

    Can’t blame people for being sometimes a little selfish to preserve their own and their family, human nature. But we need to look at the bigger picture and realise that this is about our huge family, Scotland, and that we should take this opportunity and progress as a nation.

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