My Scotland Re-Visited

I wrote the blog below over a year and a half ago and was reading it again yesterday in light of Gordon ‘better together ’ Browns latest intervention to the debate. I was thinking that Brown and all the other unionists want to deny us a better future, a better Scotland and that’s why I re-visited my Scotland yesterday.

The Scotland that I dream about, the Scotland I believe we deserve is a Scotland that frightens unionists and those on the side of better together. The reason they fear this Scotland is because it would be based on honesty, on decency, on fairness, it would look to care for all, even bankers and failed Labour politicians.

It would be a Scotland that we can all be proud of. Listen, everyone living in Scotland, from whichever nationality and wanting to make it their home for good, have an amazing opportunity to do something special, something different, something good. We are all Scotland if we want to be, by ending the United Kingdom we can create a Scotland for everyone. I know that sounds flowery and for many it might even sound stupid and idealistic in the extreme, but I would rather have my vision than the constant negativity of Better Together and the Unionists, they fear my Scotland and my vote.

My Scotland

My Scotland will be an independent Scotland where people succeed not on who their families are or which family they were born into but on their ability.

My Scotland will be a democratic Scotland where every vote counts, where there is no unelected second chamber or unelected head of state.

My Scotland is a Scotland where people don’t rely on food banks to feed their family and being foreign is not a crime.

My Scotland is a Scotland where the ability to learn is not based on the ability to pay.

My Scotland is a Scotland where social justice and fairness are at the heart not the bottom.

My Scotland is a Scotland where freedom of expression is encouraged.

My Scotland is a Scotland where the media are honest and trustworthy and not propaganda arms of the government.

My Scotland is a Scotland where young men and women are not sent into illegal wars.

My Scotland is a Scotland where everyone is valued.

My Scotland is a Scotland where politicians represent the people, not themselves or the party.

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6 Responses to My Scotland Re-Visited

  1. up the revolution says:

    should social justice come above proper justice for those in courts? He murdered someone but it’s alright because he felt rejected from youth work 10 years ago because a result was announced on the stage.

  2. “I know that sounds flowery and for many it might even sound stupid and idealistic in the extreme,”, not to me it disnie.

  3. hektorsmum says:

    Funny that you have seen my dream, I am fed up with people being discarded because of where, in the sense of the place they come from or the people the come from. Where youngsters learn at a very early age that their dreams will never happen. I am fed up with the number of young man and now women who see the only way out of poverty is joining the British Army where they become cannon fodder and when they come out find they are back into poverty with mental health problems as well. I want to eventually see the end of unelected Head of State and an unelected second chamber where it is stuffed to the rafters with failed politicians and those who feel that being given a title makes them superior.
    Isn’t it wonderful what ordinary people can do with the help of the internet

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