The week that was.

I have been off work this week on annual leave so have seen a little of the news and even saw some papers. I have also been fighting off a cold with some success but no doubt once I am back at work it will hit and I will just have to work through it.

Anyway, CURRENCY, if there is a more boring word in Scotland right now then I don’t know what it is. First there wasn’t going to be a currency union with rUK even though IT IS OUR CURRENCY TOO. Then we had the news that some Minister in the evil parties has said of course there will be one, and now the three heads of the same body (Osborne, Alexander and Ballocks) are to appear before the impartial and well facilitated Scottish Grand Committee Chaired by Iain Davidson, MP for Glasgow and a defender of all that is Great Britan. I’ll save them the trouble and let you know now that they will all say there won’t be one and then the BBC will run with the headlines right up to September. I just don’t know anyone who cares, I just don’t hear CURRENCY being the number one issue in any shape or form. What a waste of time and booooring. Let’s talk about social justice, let’s talk about poverty, let’s talk about democracy, let’s talk about the Scotland we want to live in. Of course the unionists don’t want to talk about any of that stuff do they.

Next thing that caught my attention was the latest information on the sale of Royal Mail and stamps going up, people being paid off, and the markets making a huge profit. Duh, every time the Tories have sold off a state-owned asset the taxpayer has been shafted, what don’t people understand about that, this is not about getting a good deal for you and me , this is about getting a good deal for the friends of Liebour, the Fibdems and the Tories. I don’t know anyone who was for the sale of the Royal Mail in the first place and most people won’t even know that the taxpayer will have lost billions in this deal and probably won’t even care given the state of apathy in our political system. Next it will be selling off the bank shares to the very people who caused the mess we are in in the first place at a low price, we will lose billions but the friends of the few will be laughing all the way to the bank, they are anyway because we elect arseholes to run our country.

Maria Miller, Conservative MP, gets caught wrongfully claiming tens of thousands of pounds in expenses, she has claimed over £45,000 more than she should have, and will only pay back £5,800, she says it was an honest mistake and her chums across the political parties are backing her. She then gave a 30 second apology and everything is fine. No it is not, what is it going to take for us, the voters, to get off our back sides and stop electing these scumbags. A teenager got 6 months for stealing two bottles of water during the riots and this parasite gets nothing. The fact that this woman is still an MP, still in her job and not in Prison is a joke and an insult to us all. Politicians in this country are the toilet scum of society and it’s no wonder people don’t vote, but hey we’re all in it together, we’re BETTER TOGETHER. I’m sure Darling the home flipper will be silent on this one.

Farage v Clegg, now I just got around to watching some of this and what struck me was that both are irrelevant in Scotland, both are symptoms of all that is wrong with our politics. Farage is a joke and the even bigger joke is the BBC giving him a platform nationally when he is only relevant in Ingerland, if at all. Clegg is a patronising posh boy who has no idea what people need or want, he is a liar and not a good one at that. Clegg is also finished, as are the Liberal democrats as a Political Party. They are now as toxic as the Tories in Scotland and as toxic as Labour should be in Scotland also. The other point is that any debates on the referendum are held as late as possible when most people don’t see the latest Unionist sacrificial lamb getting slaughtered but this debate gets prime time across the whole of the four nations. I would probably stay within the EU but at the end of the day don’t really care if we don’t. Anyway according to the Unionists and the BBC we won’t be in Europe anyway so why was it even shown.

The final thing that caught my attention was the story that high-rise flats are to be demolished on live tv as part of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, the pretentious arty farty crowd think it is wonderful thing , as do Labour Glasgow City Council, but it is bollocks. It is stupid, it does not show the re-generation of Glasgow and the Scottish Government should be saying to the organisers that it is just not going to happen because it is stupid pretentious rubbish that will either just confuse people or make them laugh at us. Just think of the nations that will be watching around the world, where millions of people don’t have homes, and we are blowing up some on live tv, even shitty ones, what message are we sending out.

Better Together my arse.



  1. Margaret W.

    Ah but the cost of the demolition will be taken from the games funds saving GCC a fortune to stuff into their brown envelopes Great wheeze don’t you think?

    • Anonymous


      Good point, we all still pay though and it does feel like pretentious crap if you ask me. Still it might highlight how utter rubbish Labour are and that is a good thing as anything that shows that bunch up is good.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Not Not Daniel Coleman

    for the commonwealth games it is salmond and his crew pushing it all through, they did the bid and won it. Maybe you don’t want to show off your country and would rather be like Korea and be secretive.

    Should be no currency union, should form our own currency after the yes vote. That is proper and shows we don’t need the pound. Should have our own, want to be independent, not dependent.

    Lib Dems aren’t finished as there will be a yes vote and will rebuild over 3 elections to get back into coalition governments. But so will the SIP (scottish independence party, we won’t have UKIP) as you want people with 0.00000000000000006% of the vote to get 0.00000000000000006% of the seats in parliament. That is true PR which is what we need.

    What you mean Clegg and the right wing is finished, when we go independent we will move to the centre with people we elect to run our party. Labour will swing left and the tories here are more left than labour in England anwyay. Will save politics, make a left centre and right again and hopefully get rid of nonsense like UKIP and the Greens.

    • Anonymous


      Agree we should show off Scotland at the commonwealth games but not embarrass ourselves at the same time.

      Agree on currency as I would probably prefer a Scottish currency, as long as we get our share of the assets of course.

      Clegg is finished no doubt about it. Whether the Liberals can bounce back remains to be seen especially given the likes of Alexander are still around.

      Thanks for commenting.


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