The Politics of Yesterday

Three things happened yesterday that I followed with interest and am I not talking about the potential for the Dees to sign yet another midfielder, John Brown please just go.

No, first there was BBC Question Time from my very own beloved Dundee. It was as flat as the earth is round. The panel uninspiring, the audience in the main ill-informed and if you must speak and are not taking the piss then please have an argument worth listening to. The lady in the audience banging on about working people, sorry you really need to wake up and learn a little of the world around you, honestly, nerves aside, you really had no idea of what you were talking about. John Swinney came across as someone who wanted to be somewhere else, Ruth Davidson tried to have a serious voice while working to convince even herself of the rubbish she spouts on a daily basis, Dugsdale from Labour is the new vacuous poster girl and seems to not remember even recent political history in this country. Dimbleby noted a panel of four to ensure balance, fuck me, did I hear that correctly, BBC and balance in Scotland have never went before why now. Wouldn’t be because of a certain media bias report that came out that you say is shite is it. The star was Jim Sillars, here was an honest and honourable man who knew what he was taking about and just oozes class and decency. All politicians should look at him and learn something about how to conduct yourself. Overall the programme was crap, with a pretty flat debate and a desperately ignorant audience in the main.

Number 2 – Labour won a bye-election in a super safe seat in Cowdenbeath in the mid-term of a government in Holyrood for seven years on a very low turn out while repeating lies, half-truths and playing on a pretty thick local electorate (sorry but true) who would vote Labour even if they told them to jump off a bridge. The winner, whatever his name, was so bereft of anything that if he had been a corpse he would have still won. You might think that it says little for the SNP, but places like Cowdenbeath will never turn, no matter how much they have to suffer, unemployment, decline, poverty, ill-health etc they will hold to this Labour vision that no longer exists but that the PARTY spill out knowing that those very poor people will provide the winner with a very good life for the next few years. I just wish some communities would wake up because your ignorance drags us all down.

Number 3 and my favourite of the night was the Liberal Democrats getting beaten by UKip, yes I did say Ukip. The Liberals came dead last, what this shows is that if you tell lies in a campaign, big fat bare-faced lies and then go against everything you said and put the Tories in power over Scotland, then even the ignorant of Cowdenbeath can demonstrate that even they are not that thick. Can’t wait to see wee Wullie Rennie try to spin this one. The Liberals, no matter the result in September, are finished as a political party. They will be wiped out in Europe and wiped out in Scotland. Now I consider myself a liberal but would never vote for them in their current form. Clegg is a Tory, Alexander is a Tory, Scott is a Tory, Will Rennie is just not any good. Charles Kennedy at least had some decency. Nick Clegg, I wonder how happy you are today, and liberal voters, you really need to start thinking about a different path if you are to save your party.

I also nearly slept in because I stayed up too late. What we do to maintain an interest in politics, even though the politicians are doing their best to kill that interest.

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5 Responses to The Politics of Yesterday

  1. Alex Smith says:

    Made the mistake of listening to the winner’s speech after the Cowdenbeath result – the man is a typical Labour Party drone, just a mouthpiece spouting the party line. Did you catch the swarm of minor party drones applauding him, while eyeing each other up as rivals for the next safe seat? No vision for the people there, just naked ambition, waiting for the gravy train to reach their stop.

    On Question Time, who was that last questioner? If he was a Dundonian, I’ve never eaten a peh at the tap o’ the Lah Hull in meh life! Probably shipped in by Aunty Beeb to show someone who didn’t need subtitles south of Newport!

    • Anonymous says:


      Thanks for commenting. I agree it could have been any person from Labour as they all say exactly the same everytime no deviation from the party. Sad that it has come to this. Question Time was very poor and not a good reflection on Dundee.


  2. pa_broon74 says:

    I also watched all three things happen.

    Of note for me during question time (and I tweeted as much) was someone as vacuous and lacking as Kezia Dugdale trying to teach John Swinney to suck eggs. Not only does she not have experience on her side, I’m going to sound like a total old fart – even although I’m not that old – but she’s far too young to be sitting on the TV telling people what to think.

    It would be precocious if the bile coming from her wasn’t so potentially damaging and willfully stupid.

    James Kelly going on and on and on and on and on and on (etc) about the Cowdenbeath result being a rejection of the SNP and independence, I’ll allow him the former but definitely not the latter. In the run up it’s all about the people in Cowdenbeath and how labour will work for them, perform unspecified miracles, blah blah blah. Only when Labour win does their true intent surface – they don’t give a shit about people in Cowdenbeath, they only care about their own place in the political pecking order and since the SNP and Indy are the main threat to that – that is what its really about.

    That really annoyed me as it happens, I nearly spilt some wine such was my ire… (Fortunately I didn’t, licking the table is such an unedifying experience. 😉

    On the whole, I thought Natalie McGarry wasn’t a great candidate, none of them were as it happens.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I agree the SNp candidate was poor and I think she has been put a couple of times now. Not sure how local she was , I think she might be from Glasgow. That is not a good move for the snp if they trying to find seats for who they perceive as their stars. First of all it is just the same as the other parties most of the time and just posses off local people. My two local snp councillors for the west end live in the ferry. I warned them that if I didn’t get info from them throughout their term thy would never get my vote again, so far 2 years in nothing so they are losing my vote. Councillors and map and MP should be from if possible but live in the area. The Labour winner, while very poor, was at least from the area.

    Question Time was just dire and flat. I really hoped it would be good, Dugdale is a drone like a lot of politicians . I badly want independence like many but after the yes vote we have to try and get a system that gets rid of career politicians, maybe maximum terms of 2 elections. Still another day in the journey but they all let us down.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for typos, using tablet and the predictive text is a real pain.

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