The Pound, a voters view

First things first, I don’t have enough of them , esp in January every year. Second, I have had a lot less since Gordon Brown wrecked the economy all over the world and the Tories grabbed their opportunity to bring back in their favourite blood sport, attack the poorest.

I’m not an economist, I’m not even that great at arithmetic if truth be told so I don’t really get all the arguments regarding the pound, although I suspect neither do the bankers, the politicians and least of all the treasury. But one thing I have always thought, if the UK is a union then Scotland is actually a part owner of the pound and the Bank of England. Being called the Bank of England hasn’t helped I must admit as there is an arrogance that comes with the title from down south, esp from Scottish politicians like Danny Alexander and Margaret Curran, the implication is that its English money from English people and English business and because England is lovely and smells of roses, they give some to the dirty unwashed of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. That is never going to go away and was probably designed that way in the first place. However, it would appear that the money markets are getting a wee bit jittery. They are afraid that they won’t get their bounty off the backs of the poor in this country so the treasury, the Scottish, English, Welsh and Northern Irish treasury has had to issue a guarantee on the debt.

That’s fine I get that, what really annoys me though is that we are still hearing that this is no guarantee that Scotland will be allowed to use the pound, that the Bank of England that we own around 8% of won’t be the lender of last resort if Scotland becomes independent and we are a basket case financially. First thing, anyone can use the pound so lets put that scare lie away. Secondly, given the mess that Gordon Brown and Labour left,and the hoarding of cash the posh are doing with whats left I would think that it’s the other way round, at some point in the future it will be the Scottish Government bailing out the rest. We already pay in more than we get back, there are various figures around for this. My point is though as a voter, if Scotland is not allowed to have the Bank of ‘England’ as a lender of last resort and not use the pound then I say we have our own currency, start debt free, use our natural resources as collateral and build the country we could have been if we hadn’t been sold out for English gold by idiots 400 years ago.

I’m just a voter, like all the other voters, but please stop the lies, the fear, and racism of talking Scottish people down at every opportunity. What will be will be, Scotland is not a British play thing, it’s a country with people who deserve a hell of a lot better than their accepting just now.

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3 Responses to The Pound, a voters view

  1. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    shouldn’t keep the pound defeats the point of going independent (although I am voting yes I am not voting yes to become like the Isle of Man).
    Should be called “The Scotch” with “Drams” and “Nips” making it up replacing pounds and pence.

    Should also call the First Minister the Head Haggis to annoy animal activists who won’t be welcome in an independent Scotland anyway like Scott Brown.

    We leave we should surrender it it is only fair. Make our own and be imaginative not simple

  2. Anonymous says:

    reply then

  3. hektorsmum says:

    Sat on a Viking river boat with my tongue held firmly between my teeth as I overheard an Englishman from Yorkshire tell a man from Texas all about how England subsidised Scotland. I did not interrupt as a, this was being done because he heard us talking and I never give anyone a fight who wants one, and b, He would have won if I had by saying it wasn’t being addressed to us and he would have commented that is the aggressive Scots
    Personally I would have preferred nothing to do with the Pound, but Scotland contributed to it over the years, and now we still do, big time. Given time we would have left them to it and welcome, I know why we stuck with it, because regardless they would have jumped over anything.

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