Still Waiting on a Positive Case for the Union

We are nearly into the year, you know 2014, the one with the vote that could change all our lives for the better in so many ways. According to the polls the YES Campaign are still losing and for the life of me I just can’t figure out why. What is it that people can’t see right before their eyes. Osbourne is promising more massive cuts to social security with Labour promising the same, the Better Together campaign is even more funded by right-wing nutters and the wealthy, the establishment and the posh i.e those who want to keep the rest of us down. Lord Wallace of the Quisling has said even if Scotland votes for Independence he will keep his title if he is a taxpayer in Ingerland, oh please let that be true, the English are welcome to him given he has never been Scottish anyway.

However, I am still waiting for the positive case for remaining in the United Kingdom.The Better Together website, , offers no positive case at all. Talks about the economy but no facts, says we have clout at all the top tables as part of the UK which we all know is a lie. Last time I looked I can’t remember the Scottish First Minister being around any of the so-called top tables because, well, he isn’t allowed to is he because Westminster do it so much better for us. There is a bit about Scots living in England and English living in Scotland. Now that won’t change will it the same as the Scots/English who live all over the world and the Aussies/Americans/French/Polish who live here won’t suddenly have to move. Ok there is nothing even remotely a positive argument on the website. What about the Facebook?

Ok the Better Facebook is all fearbombs. We can’t be a member of Europe, well we already are and most people probably don’t care anyway when push comes to shove. ASDA will put up prices if we vote yes, well that has already been shown to be a lie and a big fearbomb that lasted, well not even a day. There is a bit about higher taxes if we vote yes, what are the SNP planning on ending the Council Tax freeze, are they planning on putting up income tax and vat, no didn’t think so, another fearbomb. Moaning about the white paper being funded out of taxpayers money, what the fuck do they think funds all the propaganda that comes out of Whitehall and the BBC, monopoly money. Ok nothing there as well. Ok google it?

Ok there is some guff about the BBC and the union flag. There is some stuff about the burdens and risks of going it alone and losing the benefits of the UK without actually saying what any of these are. There is the same old shit about Scottish banks from the liar Alistair Darling, it’s the old chestnut. When doing well British Banks , when doing badly Scottish. There is also the fact they don’t tell you that the bail out was the Government buying shares and that the countries in which the bank operated in were part of the bail out so Scotland would have faced no bigger a challenge than any other country when the Darling/Brown/London caused WORLD BANKING CRISIS hit.

I give up, McDougall and Darling keep saying they will continue to make the positive case for the Union. Well where is it? Where can I get some? I can’t seem to find it? Is my PC barred from locating it? I can only find FEARBOMBS.

The Better Together campaign is run by liars who don’t want you to know the truth, it is funded by liars who have a lot to lose, it is supported by liars who want to keep you down and they are the Tory Party supported by the Labour Party and the Liberal not so Democratic Party and UKip. All of this aided by the BBC and the media, now have a wee think. What is it that they are so afraid of? Why don’t they want what is effectively democracy? What are they hiding?

Well let me tell you a little. They are afraid of losing their jobs at Westminster, they are afraid of losing their jaunts around the world thinking they are important, they are afraid of you finding out how crap they all are and how better Scotland could do on its own. They are afraid of social justice and fairness. They are afraid of honesty and decency. They are afraid that you are going to take some of their power and re-distribute some of YOUR MONEY that they take and use on their behalf. Wake the fuck up Scotland before it’s TOO LATE.


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