Just Like That

Just like that, last night the Scottish Governments responsibility for renewable obligations was removed via an amendment to the Energy Bill in the unelected House of Lords without any consultation with the Scottish Government and no objection from the Labour Party or Liberals.

Now this might seem like a piddly little issue but that is not the point. If the House of Lords can do this then what will be next. Holyrood only exists as long as Westminster allows it, the power to dissolve the devolved parliament lies in the hands of, let’s be honest, English MPs. If it’s a YES vote next year, and the direction of travel indicates it may well be, will Westminster just ignore the democratic will of the Scottish people and dissolve the Scottish Parliament and take the chance that 300 years of brainwashing and subjugation will result in little more than a whimper from the brow beaten Scottish people.

Lets be clear, what took place was a testing of the waters last night. England without Scotland faces a new and potentially devastating economic and democratic crisis. England’s balance of payments will nose dive resulting in the wipe out of their credit status, their influence around the table of the security council, the G8, the eu, these will all diminish overnight.

Westminster is waking up to the fact that Scotland might just be going down a different path, call me what you want but I just don’t trust them to play fair when we vote yes. The question is, are English troops on the streets of Scotland unthinkable if we vote YES, it might seem far-fetched but you know what, if they are willing to remove powers in the dark of the night with no opposition from that lackeys that pretend to be the Scottish branch of Labour then what ends will they go to fight for what they think is theirs and their God-given right to govern Scotland.

We better all beware and we better all wake to the threat that is Westminster and the Unionist parties and their friends. Last night was just the start.

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8 Responses to Just Like That

  1. Aye wake up if the unelected house of lords can take powers from the Scottish government what chances do we have? will they pockle the results? probably.I am starting to think that the transition to self-determination will not be as easy as once thought for Westminster is desperate to hold onto us Scots for they think of us as their vassal state,soldiers on the streets well they did it before in the 1920,s!!Some have been brainwashed and some have been bought off with the titles and the wealth these members cannot be trusted to do what is best for the people of Scotland they have their party and self interest first and foremost,sold down the river aye but left up the creek without a paddle i.e. Holyrood will be disbanded,by Westminster looks like they never learn when people want freedom it is best to help them obtain it peacefully not start another war.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I forgot about the tanks on the streets of Glasgow in 1920s. I must admit I am not so sure that in the event of yes vote things would get to the point of troopps and just wanted to put that out there to stimulate debate after the events of last night in the Lords. However, as you noted Holyrood can be disbanded and there is a part of me that just does not trust Westeminster and the unionist parties to do the right thing.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. richardcain2 says:

    In the event of a Yes vote, it is unlikely. Westminster have hamstrung themselves by signing the Edinburgh Agreement, in the full arrogant confidence that Scots would meekly do as they were told and vote No. There would be international condemnation if they reneged on that.

    However, in the event of a No vote, then it is entirely plausible. “Those troublesome Scotch have chickened out and we must make sure they can never come this close again”. Bye bye Holyrood.

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  5. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for your comments and I totally accept that my argument is very very unlikely but would condemnation stop them if they really wanted to do it. Turkey occupy half of Cyprus and are being considered for membership of the EU so I am not so sure about how other countries view things at times.


  6. richardcain2 says:

    Yes, but Turkey doesn’t pretend to be a “World Power”, a “beacon of democracy” and the “mother of all parliaments”. Yes it would sting, and there would be a temptation amongst the right wing to lash out, but actually lashing out would seriously compromise their position as a “player on the world stage”, which they are fiercely protective of. England is not going to turn suddenly into a backwards yokel-dom overnight.

    ….not overnight, anyway!

  7. Tommy Cooper impressions going on here

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