Comments on a Postcard to the BBC

Please find some of the comments that caught my attention today following the release of the White Paper on Independence.

37.The Rockabilly Red
Can we get EU funding to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall? Only a bit higher and a bit wider this time……and no gates please.

And please, take David Moyles back


Scotland should be independent and Join the EU and the Euro.They should follow the Republic of Ireland and become a republic.The choice is not for money but for running your own destiny during good times and bad times.Stop being ruled by English Conservatives and rule yourselves and build your own institutions as you can`t trust English ones and kick out the nuclear subs.I know England is bad.

As a Scottish born resident of England, I will automatically be considered a Scot (it they yes side win) yet I have no vote on the question.

I do not want to be a part of a country or considered as scottish in a country where I am denied the vote!

Wow – sounds fanstastic – a lot more desirable place for EU immigrants to move to. What a shame. Good luck with that bonni Scotland!

The UK is the 7th largest economy in the world. There is no doubt that the UK has influence.
Scotland has provided 2 Prime Ministers, Chancellors etc over the last decade alone to that economy.
Scotland will never have such influence on the global scene again. It may survive quite happily but it will be largely irrelevant.

Scottish independence would mean the RAF pulling out, the SSBNs pulling out of Faslane and shipbuilding being moved back to the England. Some of the biggest employers in Scotland shutting up shop. The Scots will vote for major job losses? On the plus side the English will no longer need to keep paying for the Scots. Labour will be a spent force and a bunch of Scottish MP’s will be out of work

132.Mark F
A yes vote in Scotland would certainly leave a few jobs open in England. Scottish people would need a license to work here.
In addition they’d be taking RBS back (they need a national bank afterall).
I wonder if the rich and famous who moved away from UK Scotland will move back to an independent Scotland? They should expect to get the wheels taxed off them if they do.
Good luck Guys…

In the main ignorance is bliss.



  1. pa_broon74

    Here’s to irrelevance, and a goodbye to food banks, the bedroom tax and the rest of Westminster’s expensively ruinous and ultimately pointless adventures around the globe.


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