Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday

It would appear that more jobs are to go at the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday Newspapers. There will be fewer sections and SOS is to become a tabloid with the magazine going. Now while no one likes to see anyone lose their jobs the simple fact is these two papers have made their bed. Their failure to reach out to YES voters, their extremely poor journalism and their LIES have brought them to this point. I would actually be happy for both papers to be consigned to history because they are in fact not newspapers at all, they are just reporters of press releases from the Labour Party and the other right-wing parties.

You brought this on yourselves, I am sorry some of you are losing your jobs, but when you give up every journalistic principle of impartiality and honesty you have is it any wonder people stop buying your papers. Good riddance I say.



  1. Tris

    It was inevitable.

    Politics aside, the papers are too expensive. The only paper which has increased sales is “I”. That’s because there’s almost nothing of it and it costs 20p.

    Of course, as you say, the Scotsman and SOS have consistently refused to report reality, and what the hell good is a newspaper if it prints fiction?

  2. Sam Mitchell

    I am shedding large pools of tears over this lamentable news…. still… when you fly with the crows…. If the bbc wasn’t subsidised by a criminal tax then it would have gone the same way long ago…. perhaps it’s editorial days are finally numbered once Scots have control of their own future…

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