My Response to a Blog about Labour and Johann Lamont

I recently responded to a blog on the fantastic Munguin’s Republic, link is below, about the Labour Party and Johann Lamont and have decided to share it with you all. Please feel free to comment or rip it to shreds.


You seem to have opened either a huge debate or a can of worms. It’s why I read your blog daily lol. Scottish ‘ Branch ‘ Labour, as anyone reading my rants will know, are not my favourite party at all. I actually despise them more than the Tories. With the Tories you know what you are going to get and there is a warped honesty about them in how they go about government, they are basically rich enough not to care and use the state arms very effectively to shit on the poor knowing the poor will not fight back.

New Labour or whatever they are called now have no excuse what so ever. They are a bunch of lying money grabbing no marks. First they pretended to be socialist without ever actually doing anything really socialist in their lives. They have mis-managed Government everytime they have been in power, any good they have achieved has been more of an accident than a design or they have made a little change to keep the plebs happy in their core areas. It just doesn’t do them to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. They don’t want the poor to go into further education in case they get educated and start to vote for someone else. They don’t want full employment because the poor will then move away from their core areas and will start to vote for someone else, they don’t want life expectancy to improve because abject poor health and poverty allows them to blame everyone else and shout from the rooftops VOTE for us we are the only ones who will protect you as we dip your pocket while you’re not looking. The Labour Party are a disgrace, they are only interested in themselves and how much they can milk the system. Now I have no doubt there are some decent members but if they can’t see Labour for what they are then they deserve what they get, the sad part of that statement is that in Scotland it means they inflict this toilet bug of a party on the rest of us.

Now Johann Lamont, along with Curran, has got to be not only the worst Labour politician in Scotland but also the most loathsome. Not only is she a terrible person to lead anything, she doesn’t come across as very bright and I don’t mean intelligence, she has no common sence. She is so blinded by her hatred of Alex Salmond and all things SNP that she has already lost. I could understand if this hatred was about politics and improving the lives of all Scots and people who live here but it is not, it is just pure blind hatred and like something from the Soviet era blind obedience to the party.

Lamonts vision is not a prosperous Scotland, a healthy Scotland, a democratic Scotland, a socially just Scotland and an Independent Scotland(I know she is a unionist). Lamont I feel would be happy to see the end of Scotland, she would be happy for Scotland to be North Britain or just plain old England. She would be happy for NI and W to be called England too, her ambitions are not for the improvement of people’s lives or life chances but of her own, her party etc. When will people stand up and see the damage that these people have done to our country and continue to do today, when will the west coast wake up and shake off this unionist rubbish that has kept them poor, unhealthy, unemployed, under educated and cannon fodder. They need to stop supporting a political party that stoke up sectarianism as it is good for their vote in the west and whose only mantra is to keep people down so they can be kept up. I would rather have Tory rule and what that means than have to put with a party filled with people with no principles or honesty, decency or honour. I voted Labour once, I think it was around 92 when they had Kinnock, and then I took an interest in politics and soon saw that they were a bunch of wankers who would sell my granny to get where they wanted to be and screw the rest of us. I live in hope that the west coast and the islands will wake up before it’s too late and stop voting Labour/Liberal. I hope that they can put aside their hatred of the SNP and vote YES, then take control of their political movements and build a movement that truly reflects their beliefs.

I consider myself a Liberal, certainly a hell of a lot more left than the current bunch, but a Liberal all the same. The day after the YES vote I will join the Liberal Democrats and work hard to get the Carmichaels, Campbell’s, Swinsons, Rennies out in Scotland and a proper Liberal party in place.

If we all truly want what is best for Scotland, for ourselves and our neighbours then we all have to take responsibility. If Labour members in Scotland don’t have the balls to clean out their party of the cancer that is Curran and Lamont then they should vote YES and start again. They owe it to us all and that includes NIKO and DEAN, the gains that they mention at times in the main have come about as a result of a nationalist party in Government, we owe it to ourselves not to give up now. If we vote NO then we will have lost forever, we will be slaves forever and people like Lamont will have lovely, comfortable, warm, well fed lives at the expense of the rest of us.



  1. Bugger (the Panda)

    Labour need the poor, they need them to stay poor so they can be frightened by the Tories of becoming even poorer.

    Labour and the Tories are a two headed coin; they need each other. One to pillage and the other to ensure they don’t rise up and bit their collective erses.

    That is why Labour hates the SNP with a visceral intensity. They SNP will ensure that their private money trough is destroyed. The one thing they have patiently and assiduously worked at all these years is not the betterment of the lot of the People of Scotland.

    It is their entitlement, you know?

    They are not Scots, and certainly not the sort of Scots I want living near me. They are Anglo Ermines, Anglo Vermin.

    2014 will be a Yes and it will ;earn to a complete reinvention of politics in Scotland and eventually to a rescue of English political system, by example.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Totally agree. If that isn’t clear just look at Iain Davidsons comments about punishing govan, his own constituency, if Scotland votes yes. Labour are a disgrace. Thanks for your comments

  2. blunttrauma

    I almost joined the Labour Party, I had the application form on the table and I was ready to sign it when I heard over the radio that Tony Blair had introduced tuition fees. I immediately ripped it up and threw it in the bin.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Hi, yeah Labour died even before Blair. They are a vindictive horrible bunch of thieving expenses politicians now. You wonder how long people will keep voting for them. Thanks for the comments.

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