May TERROR Warning

So Theresa May came north to scare the crap out of the too wee, too poor and too stupid Scots. If we vote for independence then we will be attacked by organised crime gangs, cyber-criminals and global terrorism. An independent Scottish state would lose automatic access to UK or is that USA intelligence impacting on its ability to counter espionage and hostile foreign intelligence activity as well as terrorism.

Ok first things first, isn’t it really annoying when Tory/Liberal Ministers brave a journey north to Scotland, the land of the unwashed, to talk down our country. Bad enough that Labour the Scottish Branch do such a good job of it they also have to send no marks who we didn’t vote for to emphasise the message. Do they really think we are that thick, yip I guess they do.

Now onto her points, organised crime gangs. I think the Scottish Police Force will be more than capable of fighting this issue as best they can and in an independent Scotland I am sure there will be a security service to support them. Cyber-criminals, happens all over the world but I suppose our IT experts are just thicker than the UK ones and will become even more so if Scotland is independent. Terrorism, not counting the terrorism of the Con/Dem attacks on the poor and vulnerable who is really going to attack Scotland. There was the Glasgow Airport attack, this came about because the LABOUR PARTY took the UK into an illegal war that the vast majority of Scots were against. The troubles in Northern Ireland didn’t bring about attacks in Scotland, so who would attack us.

The biggest risk to Scotland and to the Scottish people is its continued membership of a right-wing political union dominated by three right-wing parties and three right-wing leaders. We may well face terrorism in the years to come but it will come from either Conservative or Labour Governments and our brave MPs in Westminster will bury their heads in their expenses claims and pretend it didn’t happen. Johann Lamont has demonstrated how good they can be at this this summer, every time there has been bad news she has become the invisible woman and then returns when the fire is out with a new hair do.

Theresa, I am more afraid of you, David Cameron and Ed Miliband and Johan Lamont than I am of the Taliban. Please go back to your comfort blanket London, your luxury lifestyle, and stop coming north and patronising the Scottish people with your crap.



  1. Tris

    yep… she might also remember that we bought 10% of the security services. Not that I am proud of that. They couldn’t work out that a report on Saddam’s WMDs was

    (i) a PhD student’s thesis

    (ii) ten years out of date.

    Intelligence my arse. More like plain bloody stupidity.

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