Having a wee read of the news this morning while having my coffee I saw this little nugget from Alistair Carmichael Secretary of State for Scotland which got me thinking that this man has no intention of being Scotland’s man in Cabinet so maybe he is just a quisling? Labour and Liberals hate the term but there might just be some truth in it, what do you think?

Mr Carmichael told BBC Scotland that Mr Salmond must accept that there would be real problems in an independent Scotland running welfare reform and benefit payments.

Too wee, too poor and too stupid. Why do we put up with these people, why is it that they see fit to run down our country are every turn, why is it that Scotland seems to breed the quisling politician and why oh why do people keep voting for them.



  1. Tris

    When, time after time, respected international organisations have said that Scotland would be one of the top ten rich countries (per capita) in the world; when other continental countries have indicated a positive response to the idea f independence, and when the nearest comparable country to us, Norway, is floating in a sea of money.why are they only people who have any doubts about it, Westminster?

    Easy answers.

    The English/Welsh/Ulster MPs are aware that without Scotland there will be less money to slosh around. Less money for subsidies to rich bankers and to poor celtic ‘regions’ and the north of England.

    The politicians who are currently Scottish representatives in London know perfectly well that after independence they are looking for a job. Some of them, permanent backbenchers are worried where on earth they are going to find another post like they have at the moment.That pays 3 times the national average wage, with terms and conditions that are eye watering. Those with ambition to lead Britain into war, or sit at a table with the presidents of America or China, with the sure and certain knowledge that they will become aristocrats, are terrified of losing a life on international superstardom, for a possible government post in Edinburgh, worrying about drains, or education or flu vaccines.

    Rather like James VI, their heart is elsewhere.

    The words parcel of rogues suits vey nicely

  2. pa_broon74

    Carmichael is just another mouth piece for Westminster. The reason he said what he said isn’t because Scotland couldn’t do those things, it was to take an invented negative and attach it to the name Salmond.

    Its about smearing Salmond and by extension the SNP’s reputation.

    What annoys me about this type of thing is, the flip side is that Westminster can handle benefit reform & payments when in actual fact the opposite is not only true but provably so. Basically chumps like Carmichael are telling us (bear with me here) – that something that isn’t happening now – will, while something which actually is happening now – isn’t.

    That is the basic argument for the union. Scotland will not be able to do things that Westminster currently cannot do either but you’re expected to ignore the latter and focus on the former. I now realise what a no vote actually means, it means Westminster will fuck things up now while a Scottish Government might fuck things up in the future, maybe.

  3. Anonymous


    You are correct in what you say. The independence referendum is all about money (ours) and power (theirs). They want to keep our money because it keeps titanic UK afloat and they need our name because it lets them go to New York and pretend to be what the UK hasn’t been for 200 years, a major power. I am just so sick of all of them now, totally sick of them. I really hate the Liberals/Labour/Tories, they are all a bunch of quislings when it comes to Scotland and when the day of reckoning comes I hope these bastards reap what they sow.


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