Where are the NO Campaign

It is just me or are the bitter together mob being really quiet the last few weeks. Apart from people like Douglas Fraser at the EBC and George Robertson promoting the YES campaign by mistake there has been very little from them to be honest. Now this may sound like a concern on my part but it isn’t really. I was kinda thinking that either they are all on holiday, are getting someone to write their fictional expenses or they might just might be struggling with money and members.

Taylor the money man behind Bitter Together, yes him who funds alleged terrorists, has said he will not give Bitter Together another penny. Bitter Together have very few members and even when they have some who turn up they are mostly ignored or laughed at. Their meetings are now by invitation, a bit like the three tory parties around membership, and the Labour Northern Branch appear to be trying to turn the Dunfermline election into a debate on independence because their local record is a mirror image of the havoc they reek in Glasgow. This all implies to myself that things are maybe not all well in Bitter Together land, no matter how much the EBC try to help them at every turn.

We even have Lament and Baillie trying to bait the First Minister over the unworkable energy mis-policy, that cheered me up no end. It took Miliband three years to come up with a policy, born of desperation and a policy which will never ever see the light of day. So really where is the No Campaign? Where is this positive vision of the UK? Where is Blair McDougal?

I might be wrong, I might even have a day off work today but me thinks Bitter Together, the NO Campaign and Gordon Browns Labour thingy might be just be fighting the losing battle. Oh bring it on.



  1. Tris

    Out of money and scared to do any fund raising. because the only people who will fork out are rich London Tories.

    All the polls show them to be in the front, but no one really seems to care much. They know that the press adn the BBC will do the job for them with lies and misinformation.

    The press may continue to do that, but hardly anyone reads the papers now. However, the BBC at some point will be obliged to take a neutral line.

    It will look very silly if it does it overnight, so I expect it to be getting more and more reasonable as time goes on.

  2. Anonymous

    For a fact it isn’t by invitation as they are open to everyone. Also, fix your spelling and grammar before I listen to you Mr. Phonetics.

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