The Cartel is alive and kicking in Scottish Football SPFL Rule C24

I have been wondering how the play off will work between the top leagues in Scottish Football at the end of the season, mainly because I expect Dundee to actually be in them. Now before I go on most football fans would agree that having one league body is or should be a good thing. I think we can also agree that the playoffs is something to be celebrated if it means two clubs can be promoted to the top league in Scotland. Well when I looked into this today you can imagine my disgust on discovering SPFL Rule C24, basically what this means for the play offs is this:

1st Tie – Div 1 4th v Division 1 3rd
Winner over two legs goes through

2nd Tie – Winner of Tie 1 v Division 1 2nd
Winner over two legs goes through

3rd Tie – Winner of Tie 2 v Premiership 11th
Winner over two legs in Premiership

A 1st Division team finishing 3rd or 4th will need to win three two-leg matches to go up.

A Premier club would need to win one.

So this brave new age is really the current greed is good clubs in Scottish Football doing their damnedest to make sure the current cartel doesn’t really change until The Rangers are back. Now at the moment I have issues with the manager of Dundee Football Club so not attending games but on discovering this today it makes me wonder if I will ever return to games again.

Scottish Football is a joke and the top clubs whom I thought were beginning to change their ways have shown me what they truly are, a bunch of self-serving, greedy no-marks who could not give a crap about the rest of Scottish Football.



  1. dcoleman49

    it should be 2 automatically down from the SPS (Scottish Premiership) and 2nd-5th from first division play through a semi (2 legs) and a final. Simple. Should be the same all the way down the leagues.

    Or a straight forward 2nd againt 11th/9th (depending on division)

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