Something for Nothing Part Two

If reports this morning are true, then we are about to see attacks on the unemployed that have not been seen in this country for many a year.

George Osbourne is to announce details on tough new conditions that will be attached to the poverty money called unemployment benefit or JSA. This is to tackle the ‘ Something for Nothing Culture’ , Johann Lamont(Scottish Leader of the Labour Branch North) will be proud her Tory colleague is taking a leaf out of her book. Basically anyone failing to find a job through the work programme will be required to do full-time community work or report to the job centre everyday. If they fail to do so then they will have their poverty payment cut anywhere from one week to three months or longer.

This does not take into account the cost of getting to a job centre, or the fact that if you are slaving away 37 hours a week, you won’t have the time to look for a job. We are really moving back to the Victorian times with this measure and it really is time that people took notice of what is going on in their country. Thatcher would not have even went this far. Whats next soup kitchens, oh we have then. Will this create homelessness, already have that, it will bring about poverty, oh dear we have that too. Still I suppose the unemployed can volunteer at the local food bank and when their finished for the day pick up their parcel on the way home to feed the kids.

Westminster is a disgusting country in itself, supported by all of the main political parties, and we are under attack like we have never been before. When will the tipping point come, when will people all over the UK take to the streets. When will Labour grow a pair and stand up for England , they have already abandoned Scotland, so they only have England left really.

This coalition of the three tory parties must be the most disgusting political class we have seen in 300 years. Their continued attacks on the poor is nothing short of a class war that they will win if we don’t start to take notice and understand what they are doing in your name. Years ago people believed that Labour would defend the poor against the rich, now they are the rich defending the rich against the poor.

We are not defenceless, we are not hopeless. You can start to learn about what is really going on, look at all the arguments, look around your community, look at how bad things are sadly becoming down south and then you tell me you will vote no next year. If we want rid of this elite, this attack on all of us who are not wealthy or have not inherited millions like Cameron and Osbourne, Miliband and Clegg, the Mountbatten’s (Windsors) then we have to vote YES next year.

Time is running out, we have one last chance, lets not blow it.



  1. Tris

    You’ve said it all there Bruce.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if any of it would help people, but almost invariably these massive schemes do nothing to help. Far better to fund local initiatives run by councils and spearheaded in community centres.

  2. Anonymous

    Totally agree Tris. I did a bit of the old YTS when I was 16 and it was actually well run and involved actual training. I got my apprenticeship as a result and everyone I knew who did it mostly got jobs or went on to college, this one was run by the local authority and defeintely the way to go. But that won’t make money for the tory donors who run the crap schemes now.

    Thanks for the comments.


  3. dcoleman49

    I agree some of what you said. But your point of cost to get to job centers is invalid as the job center should re-reimburse your expenses, on production of a receipt, to get there. I know this from meetings with Councillors of the SNP when I argued this is why bus prices should be lowered so young people could get to the job centre and anyone who is unemployed will get the expenses.

    Other than that, 70% good argument for the rest.

  4. Anonymous

    Not a problem for the comment; they do as my argument
    was struck down when I tried to give that as a reason in a meeting with the LP. Not a record, the Lord Provost.

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