I am NOT a Virus Johann

On reading through the leader of the Scottish branch of Labours speech yesterday there was much to dislike, much to despair. It was Lamonts usual attacks on Alex Salmond and the SNP. I actually think she lives in some form of dream world that she is the only inhabitant of but what really annoyed me was her referring to nationalism in Scotland as a virus, without saying it she was referring to Nazi Germany.

How dare she call everyone who voted SNP at the last two elections a virus. How dare she imply that somehow those who voted SNP at the last elections are something to be removed. Johann if you want to know why I voted SNP at the last couple of elections then look at yourself, look at Iain Gray, Jack McConnell, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband. Look at your morphing into the poor relation of the Conservative Party, look at the something for nothing culture that you say I am a virus of.

There is an illness in Scotland and it is a very serious one, one that Labour had 13 years to try to treat and one in which they didn’t do anything, in fact they made it worse. The illness I am talking about is poverty, is homelessness, is low life expectancy, is attacks on the poor and most vulnerable. It’s the cowardice of not attacking the problem of the crash in 2008, the banks. It’s the cowardice of not standing up for the people you say you represent, your cure is you side with the people who do the attacking. It’s an illness that looks to impose the bedroom tax and sanctions against the poorest for doing what they have been asked. It’s an illness that imposes unelected after unelected government on Scotland within a system that is both unfair and undemocratic.

There is an illness in Scotland and that illness is the Scottish branch of the Labour Party. In fact you should be banned from even using the name given how far to the right you and your like have become. You stand up and lie in parliament weekly, you beam your smile when opening the latest food bank and you accuse the SNP and Scottish Government of wishing to nurture the illness that plaques our country. You should hang your head in shame, you talk about the virus of nationalism but sing the praises of a union nationalism that did more damage to the world than any union ever has and ever will in the future. You should be ashamed of the things you say, you should be ashamed of the disgrace that is Glasgow City Council and the illness you have inflicted on the voters there for nearly a 100 years.

I would say to you that there really is a virus, its name is Johann Lamont and Scottish Labour and the recovery has started now in the form of a movement called YES and the cure comes next year in September. Johann Lamont you are a disgrace.



  1. dcoleman49

    While I disagree with your views on the UK and how you think Scotland should have 50 millions votes, I agree that Jokehan Lamoth is a disgrace and a liar. Well done Bruce.


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments. Today will see attacks on devolution at the Liebour Conference. Are they preparing for a no vote with a future disolution of the Scottish parliament. One wonders.

  3. pa_broon74


    Lamont is pretty despicable as a politician. What ever happens after Sept 2014, the bile coming from Labour will have to be dealt with. As usual, while the SNP must come up with concrete manifesto plans 3 years hence – no party on the no side is similarly troubled.

    Better a nationalist virus than a parasitic Labour tapeworm.

    I fear a no vote so I do.

  4. Tris

    Brilliant post Bruce.

    I just thought…how dare you say that someone who disagrees with your political views is or has a virus.

    I’m so angry with Lamont now, I can’t trust myself to type stuff I won’t regret when I read it later.

    Lamont has now reached the same level of disdain that I feel for Cameron and Osborne. She’s quite detached from reality adn from what is decent for a branch leader to say at a televised conference. She’s whipping up hatred. She should watch herself; she wasn’t in parliament this time.

    Panda Paws said it well over on Munguin’s Republic when she said that if Yes was a virus then Unionism was like Smallpox. nobody got it any more!!

    • Anonymous


      I watched Miliband yesterday and was falling asleep , apart from renaming Lamont Joanne there was nothing there at all. The fuel and nursery care won’t happen and the 2 seconds on Scotland with the young Tories behind showed what they really think. They do see Scotland as in the bag as far as votes go. Losers.


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