The National Performance Centre and Dundee Just Don’t Go

This is a little bit of a gripe post I’m afraid. The National Performance Centre for Sport will be going to Edinburgh and not Dundee. Now Edinburgh may have been the best bid but I am disappointed, but not surprised by this announcement. While I accept that there is investment via the waterfront re-development and the impending V&A, this still feels like very small fry given that neither will provide major local employment opportunities and neither will put Dundee on the map other than Dundee’s clamour for Culture.

Now Scottish Labour have no place in my heart for anything other than loathing, but they did have a policy of relocation of civil service jobs across Scotland and that should still be the case for the SNP and major projects. The simple fact is that while Dundee has seen improvement in how it looks, the V&A will give it a certain level of publicity but may not really appeal to the many in Dundee, the continuing levels of poverty and unemployment continue to be unacceptable. Sometimes the best bid to locate something somewhere is not the right decision and I do feel as a Dundonian that Dundee loses again.

Now ‘ allegedly ‘ Sports Scotland will back a major sports facility in the City led by football but to be honest I am sadly not holding my breath. I am still waiting on this huge renewal of the City via the renewable energy sector so the idea that Sports Scotland will build a multi million pound facility in the City just sounds hollow. The failure to ensure that all of Scotland benefits from tax funded resources being located appropriately across the nation is something that I am not at all proud of. If we truly want to build an inclusive Scotland then the Scottish Government need to be inclusive in where public funded bodies or projects are based.

I really hope I am wrong about Sports Scotland but I feel that not only does Dundee lose out AGAIN but Scotland does also with another failure to move things out of the central belt.



  1. Tris

    It’s certainly disappointing that Edinburgh wins out again.

    I too would like to see a lot of things out in small towns, the North and the islands, although clearly the national sports centre on Lewis is not a starter.. for obvious reasons of being easily accessible.

    But there are loads of town just outside the central belt, including Dundee, which might have profited from this.

    I don’t know who made the decision though…

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