Views on Scotland

Following my wee look at the Better Together Facebook page of lies and deceit I thought I would have a wee look at some English views on Scotland or Scots. I have went for some of the funny ones and went for ones that have come from ordinary people.

“The English stopped taking your first-born for a life up the chimneys 300 years ago, get off your lazy backsides and sort yourselves out.” – lm57 , Nottinghamshire

There is a saying, ‘don’t wish too hard for what you want as you might get it’. This, our Scottish neighbours, is exactly what these polls reveal. I for one would vote for England to become independent of Scotland. You obviously come between the criteria of a little banter against us to fully fledged hate. Therefore, let us grant your wish for you, let us vote to kick YOU OUT!!! That also means all you Scottish MP’s in our parliament taking a hike too, you’re not taking part in making our laws anymore.
– Tony , Derbyshire

Is it any surprise that the English want to be rid of the parasitic Scots. Throughout England the Scotia Nostra is alive and well. Scots only employ other Scots,put up barriers in business where ever possible and take as much advantage of the English taxpayer as possible. The Union is fine in principle but it only works in one direction; in favour of all things Scottish.
– The Veteran , Alicante Spain

Like every other parasite they’ve killed their host. One of the matters we need an English Parliament for is to protect England from the inevitable Scotch exodus when things collapse up there. More generally, there’s an awful lot of objectively anti-English British and EU legislation that needs to be repealed before we can begin to defend ourselves and our long-term interests.

I hope there is no attempt to redraw the border between England and Scotland,i have a feeling there will be pressure applied to try for referendums to annexe the border areas into scotland.Naturally the rest of the remaining oil and a large chunk of the gas will fall into Scottish handsCameron is such a nincompoop (with lots of Scottish blood!) ,that he would rather allow English people to be annexed ,than for instance expel millions of non-English people occupying all the major urban areas of England.

Hope you enjoyed the selected views of some of our fellow Britons, I have no doubt there are a lot of positive comments out there, but where is the fun in that.


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