It’s Conference Time, the TUC kind

Looking at the BBC (I know I shouldn’t) the headline today is Show courage and back changes, Ed Miliband tells unions. Ed Miliband will urge unions to have “the courage to change”, as he attempts to persuade them to back an overhaul of the way Labour is funded.

Now as the two of you who read my blogs, and the many who comment on Munguin’s Republic will know, I have no love for the Labour Party, and in particular the Scottish Branch. A party, a long time ago, that fought for social justice and equality have become the red Tories and only look after their own pensions and the banks. So Miliband going to the TUC Conference is interesting as he may not get the welcome he thinks he has a right to, and may find his welcome is more in line with that which a Tory or Liberal might receive. Of course we will never forget Alistair ‘ Homeflipper ‘ Darling speaking at the Tory Conference and getting rapturous applause. But then of course he would he was going home for the first time.

But anyway I digress, my point is Ed Miliband should very quickly change his speech to say that he is taking the Labour Party back to its roots, if I got to write a little of his speech here is what I would say:

‘ Conference I am here today to apologize to you, to your members and to the people’s of Scotland, Wales and the north of England. We have failed you, when we should be marching on the streets shoulder to shoulder with the working man and woman against austerity. When we should be standing up for the poor and the disabled, for the elderly against the almost daily attacks by the Tory and Liberal parties in this country, when we should have held the bankers to task we went on holiday and didn’t take our mobiles or tax funded ipads. When a million people took to the streets to try to stop the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in Iraq we did not listen. When we should have been redistributing money to those who most need it, we redistributed it to the banks and the millionaires.

When we could have improved our services at the point of need, we brought about the Olympics that were not for Britain but London. When we knew the NHS in England was on its knees we set in motion the black clouds of privatisation. When we needed to show compassion and understanding we backed the almost daily attacks on immigrants. In Falkirk we over reacted to union members putting forward their own candidate, we called in the Police and allowed ourselves to be wrong footed by the Tories and Liberals and have since allowed them to destroy our once proud links to the working man and woman. I even had to tell my secretary in Scotland, Johan Lamont, to go on holiday for the summer and forgot to tell her when to return.

Conference I am here today to beg you not to remove our funding, not to take away the only money we have because once that happens we will die. Tony Blair, that Brown fellow and myself have made huge mistakes. We wanted to be like IDS, like Hague, like Dave and George and in doing so we became the red Tories and the people are turning away. In Scotland, our heartland where we could take our vote for granted we continued to take our vote for granted and now the Scottish people may and probably will vote to leave the dis united kingdom that we allowed to be created. Conference I promise you today that if you stay with us we will forever be in the gratitude of the working woman and man and will never ever leave you again. We will stand up for what we once believed in and ask that you give us one final chance.

To the people of Scotland I say this, when you vote yes next year we will be good neighbours and friends, we will build a friendship based on honesty and trust and we will always regret that we stole your resources, your wealth and loyalty. Conference I beg you.

This was just a wee take on the TUC Conference and Miliband, of course he won’t say any of that. He is going to spout the same old us and them rubbish to try to convince trade union members that the labour Party is their party, the party that stands up for the poor and needy, the party of public service and the barricade to the Tory/Liberal journey back to the Victorian age. All bollocks and I hope that union members don’t fall for it again. I really hope Union members tell him where to shove his words and his platitudes.



    • Anonymous


      I’ll need to look at what he says when I get the chance although I suspect it will be the same old guff that he always says. He will not add anything of substance to the debate and I really hope that union members see through it and send him packing. I don’t often agree with Bob Crow but he is right when he says it’s time for a new workers party in England at the very least. Thankfully we have a left of centre alternative in Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.


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