Just been having a look at the Better Together Facebook and it is so full of lies and ill informed rubbish it really is funny if not a lot scary. Here is a little sample from the Unionists and the Pro British mis-movement.

lies 1

Does anyone believe that one. Really, only a little over half of SNP voters would vote for independence, what have bitter together been drinking. The next photo has already been shown to be lies, this has been pointed out to bitter together but so far they have refused to remove it.

lies 2

here are some of my favorite comments:

Rob Donaldson-Webster Salmond is power-mad, pure and simple, he doesn’t give a dan for Scotland.

Gary Leitch We are starting to become a country rife with division and the SNP are stoking this fire by appealing to certain groups within our country he are very anti British whipping them at every chance i have seen it for myself in a certain area of Glasgow were there is a lot of anti British sentiment infact in some parts it looks more like West Belfast than Glasgow

Samuel Boardman Basically this is not about a referendum on independence anymore it’s Alex salmond v the people of Scotland !! One winner the people of Scotland….we vote NO !

One of the best comments and sums up the Bitter Together case is this one:

Valerie Thompson Can somebody from Admin explain to me please as to why Wendy Baxter has been removed? Reading down this thread, it looks like half of us have been arguing (or should I say, debating) with ourselves.

Really if you want some light relief then check out the Bitter Together Facebook. You won’t get any more better fiction for free anywhere and the amount of misguided people spouting rubbish really will give you some light relief. This really cheered me up and depressed me at the same time.



  1. Caroline Magoha

    Scots who don’t think school is a priority is total rubbish! We want an Independent Scotland for our children and education is a priority for YES voters! Says it all for your shady graphic!

    • Anonymous


      I totally agree with you. The Better Together campaign is a campaign of lies and fear which we need to highlight and point out to people.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Richard McHarg

    People’s lives are full of priorities, irrespective of where they live.

    Just because independence is further up the list than say ‘what are we going to have for dinner tonight’, doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to people.

    It was pointed out on Wings Over Scotland that these statistics were based on the results of those who were against independence, and not the whole sample.

    Better Together lie because their campaign is based on nothing but more economic subservience to Westminster; something they are handsomely paid to promote.

  3. Tris

    The figures were fiddled.

    To be fair Ashcroft has admitted it to the guardian.

    But they seem to be unable to see that we will never solve the problems of health and eduction as long as the first priority for our taxes is maintaining the 4th largest military spend of the world.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It’s just sad that the media continue to peddle these lies with very little scrutiny in Scotland. We deserve better and I can’t wait until they lose and the likes of Moore curran etc come scurrying home so we can reject them twice.


  4. sanity is here

    just trying not to burst into flames here but this does seem to me to be a completely biased article with no proper proof or evidence to show that the photos are incorrect and if someone points me to another blog saying a similar thing then you argument is just going to become an invalid mess of poop.

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