There will be a Referendum, Live with It

Yesterday I saw a little of the debate in the Scottish Parliament about the year ahead. Some of it really good like the end of the right to buy, a new food standards agency and some was underwhelming. What I found really annoying, and in particular from Johan Lamont and Labour, is the constant moaning about the referendum. We all know there is going to be one, the majority of the electorate voted for the party offering one on both votes, it happens next September.

So a wee message to the opposition in the Scottish Parliament, get over it. Stop blaming the SNP for everything, stop constantly going on about the referendum and accusing the government of constantly going on about the referendum. You lost the election, you and your policies were rejected and the way you are going now you will continue to be rejected due to your lack of professionalism to do your job and represent the people who voted for you. The SNP Government are not perfect, the public know that, we have suffered under some of the worst government in the history of the world but for the people to be served properly and appropriately the opposition need to be decent, need to get on with the job, need to come up with alternatives and need to get on with the it.

If there is a YES vote next year then in 2016 Scotland may and probably will elect a Scottish Labour Government, right now would you vote for any of them. They are vacuous. My message to you is this:




  1. Tris

    n a way, they shoot themselves in the foot.

    The SNP is still, after 7 years, showing a lead in the opinion polls. According to the opposition everything is their fault.

    But people still say they will vote for them.

    Aren’t the opposition really saying that we are all just really stupid people?

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why people continue to vote for Labour when they are so bad now as a movement. I watched the debate last night and while I thought it was a bit shambolic overall and the so called expert opinion really really poor Sturgeon just stole it for myself when she keep asking sarwar the same questions and he didn’t answer just prattled on from his pre-prepared script.



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