Scotland the new centre of the Universe

If you having been following the news the last couple of months you might have noticed a few interesting reports.

It would appear that Scotland has become the centre of the UK universe. I know you don’t believe me, Scotland the place to be in the UK. But it’s true, lets look at the facts for our sudden change in status.

In the summer of next year we will host the Commonwealth Games, pointless competition but hey it’s coming back to Scotland. Now I appreciate that we applied for this a wee while back, and are paying for it ourselves I’ll have you know, but the countries that couldn’t get out of the empire quick enough will be in Scotland next year, England will get to show how great they are if they can beat the Australians and a few athletes will get to actually be Scottish for a couple of weeks.

We will also have Glasgow being the focus for the World War One celebrations, sorry commemoration, next year. Now that’s a bit strange because we all know that London hosts all the big stuff and the Union Flag waving. The Queen will be there and her many children, heads of state will be there, failed politicians the UK over will be there. Gordon Brown might even turn up as it’s closer than Westminster which he appears to have real difficulty in finding for his day job.

David Cameron, the posh boy himself, is bringing the cabinet to Scotland. All of the posh boys and girls are coming to check that the thick jocks are not messing up the organisation of the fallen empire games. So those lovely people who run (down) our country will pay a wee visit. IDS, Alexander, Gove, Osborne, Clegg, Cable and the rest will have to suffer a couple of days with the great unwashed just to check that the stupid jocks don’t mess it up for the Queen and despots on the big day. Bet they don’t bring any lottery money with them to pay for it, the London Olympics were for us all so we all paid, the Empire games are in Scotland so the jocks will pay.

Not to be undone Ed Miliband, him of individual thought, is bringing the shadow cabinet to Scotland to convince us that he cares and doesn’t want us to leave the Union. Bad enough that he has to come but he has threatened to bring the whole vacuous bunch from Labour with him. Still it will give the Scottish Labour Branch flunkies a chance to kiss his arse and worship at the alter of delusion and Labour lies. Lamont will also get a chance to not have to travel to London to get her orders. All will be well in Labours world and the flunkies (Scottish members) will get to believe the slightly thicker posh boys and girls actually give a shit about Scotland.

If they did they would stay well clear and do us all a favour.

Now the latest one is that Stirling will host armed services day next year. Now I am not at all sentimental about our service men and women, they do a tough job, as well as they can with limited resources. But the guff we are fed about the military makes my skin crawl, still the celebration of their role in fighting pointless wars will come to Scotland.

So Scotland will be a busy place next summer, even the Ryder Cup shit is coming to Scotland, so if you have any money that will be the time to go abroad on holiday. But what you need to ask yourself, and a question that I already know the answer to is, do you think if there were not a referendum next year and the risk that us stupid jocks might take our taxes and resources away from London any of this shit would be coming to Scotland.

These people, aided by their thick Labour and Liberal Branches in Scotland, really do think you are as thick as shit. They think that if they come and visit in their fancy suits and skirts, drive past you in the government car, visit a food bank maybe, kiss a baby, let you worship at the alter of the Royal Family and the elite you will forget about the bedroom tax. You will forget about the food banks, the unemployed and the vulnerable, about weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde, about the theft of your resources, of the low life expectancy in our country, of obesity, of poor or no housing, of a diminishing health and education service which is about to get worse when the pocket money gets cut. You will forget what they stand for as they step over you or better yet get the SS (Police) to kettle you, telling you how wee, poor and stupid you are. They want you to forget that on the West Coast, as once on the East Coast, Labour have betrayed you.

My message, my plea, give them the finger next year. Vote for a better future, a better Scotland. Lets get the message across that we are better than that, that all the races and peoples of Scotland deserve better, will take better before the last chance to take it is gone because you can be rest assured when you have served their purpose they will drop this country and vote for their own independence. Don’t give them the chance, stand up for what’s right, do what is best for your children and your grand children. Send a message to the world, vote yes, Scotland wants to get on.



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