Dundee Football Club (my best 11 plus subs)

Taking a leaf out of Munguin’s Republics book I thought I would move away from rants and politics and do a little post on my favourite players since I have been a Dundee FC fan. My choices for my team are maybe not the best players to have played with the Dees but they are the ones who I would love to see as my idea match day squad. All comments welcome.


This was a difficult choice as Dundee have had some really great keepers since I have been a fan. But the one I have went with is Bobby Geddes.The reason I have went with Bobby is that he was Mr. Consistant, I can’t remember him having bad games at all. No doubt he did but I just remember him being solid all the time so he is my choice.

Left Back

This one may surprise people but I have went for Arthur Albiston. I remember him signing from West Brom but he was a Man Utd legend and had played for Scotland. He only played about 15 games or something but I just liked him. He read the game well, he was cool under pressure and he had stature. I wish he had played more to be honest but I accept that not many Dees will agree with me on this one.

Right Back

Again a tough choice really but I decided to go for Rab Shannon . He was another very consistent player who never really made that many howlers. He was Dens for around 10 years and must have played in most of the games during that time.

Centre Half 1

My first choice here is a very easy one as he is my favourite all time Dundee player. I have went for Jim Duffy . Jim Duffy for me was the most under rated centre half in Scotland and was better than Miller, McLeish, Hegarty etc. He was classy on the ball and it seemed like he could do it all. I remember the day he got injured at Ibrox and I remember going mental in the Derry when he made his return and nearly kept us up. Legend.

Centre Half 2

I went for Lee Wilkie. Lee was solid at the back most of the time and just got better and better. He always gave 100%, even when injured, he was a leader on the field and by all accounts off it and I was so saddened the day he got injured. I really believe that had he not got injured that season we would have stayed up, he was that important.

Left Midfield

This may be the most difficult part of my team to choose overall. How do you pick four midfielders given some of the greats we have had and I have seen. For left I have went for Neil Mccann. Neil was a very good player but I just can’t get past his goals at Muirton in the semi final of the League Cup and that goal against Raith during the Dee-Fiant Season so Neil it is on the left.

Right Midfield

Decided that I would go for Jimmy Murphy. He was my first favourite player when I started going in 1979 and I think the first game was against Ary Utd, we won, and he was ace. In the First Division few could deal with him as he was fast and very tricky so gets in my starting 11.

Centre Midfield 1

Georgi Nemsadze. Dundee have had some good midfielders and we could all list 10 from just our personal periods of watching the team but Nemsadzi was just pure pure class. He led the middle really well, he was very skillful, he worked hard, he scored great goals, he had it all. He was the Jim Duffy of the middle for myself. The man is a footballing God.

Centre Midfield 2

Another tough one and many names sprung to mind but the one that I always liked, he wasn’t the most talented or skillful but I have went for Wes Saunders. Wes was a solid, uncompromising midfielder and I think the only one I ever saw giving Roy Aitken a hard time. Played for nearly 3 years with the Dees and was a man mountain and just a player that I thought never gave up, worked hard, wasn’t afraid to mix it and just had this fighting spirit when playing that I enjoyed. So Wes makes it and many many of you will disagree but it’s my team.

Forward 1

Tommy Coyne. What can I say, did this man score goals or what. Coming from them across the road where he was obviously too good and under appreciated he came to the real theatre of dreams and in doing so became a legend. Tommy Coyne, looked uncomfortable running, always looked like he would lose the ball when he had it but could he take a chance and lead the line. He went to play at Celtic and a World Cup Finals but at Dens he was just amazing. My fav striker.

Forward 2

Claudio Caniggia. Most of us will remember where we were the day he signed. Whatever anyone thinks of that period at board room level Dundee Football Club signed a legend. What could this guy not do, watching him tear apart Dundee Utd on a cold winters night at Dens is a memory that will stay with me for a long time. I wish he had been able to stay longer but you know what, Claudio Caniggia played for Dundee FC, enough said.


This one maybe not a popular choice with many but I will go with Jim Duffy. Putting aside he was my favourite player of all time I think that I probably enjoyed his teams more than any and he was Dundee through and through. Didn’t like how he left the last time and would have him back as manager anytime. Deserves a lot of credit for his service to the Dees.


I will go for 7 as is the custom today.

Rab Douglas.
Bobby Glennie.
Brian Irvine.
Cammy Fraser.
Chic Charnley.
Keith Wright.
Billy Pirie.

I hope you have enjoyed my team, if you ask a year from now it would probably change but please feel free to comment.

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6 Responses to Dundee Football Club (my best 11 plus subs)

  1. The Sensible No Voter Coleman says:

    who is your favourite team of match officials?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ……………………………………Bill Brown

    …Alex Hamilton……..IanUre …..Doug Cowie……..Bobby Cox

    ……..Gordon Smith ……..Andy Penman…..Georgi Nemsadze

    …..Claudio Caniggia…….. Alan Gilzean……..BillySteel

    Bert Slater
    Tommy Gemmell
    Jim Duffy
    John Duncan
    Jocky Scott
    Gordon Wallace
    Albert Juliussen

  3. Mo says:

    ……………………………………Bill Brown

    …Alex Hamilton……..IanUre …..Doug Cowie……..Bobby Cox

    …………………..Andy Penman…..Georgi Nemsadze
    ……Gordon Smith……………………………………………Claudio Caniggia

    ………………………… Alan Gilzean……..BillySteel

    Bert Slater
    Tommy Gemmell
    Jim Duffy
    John Duncan
    Jocky Scott
    Gordon Wallace
    Albert Juliussen

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