The Family (the old firm)

The birth of another prince according to the BBC was the event the world was waiting for and was celebrated all over the world a couple of weeks ago. I had to avoid the news, the papers, the radios etc for virtually the whole week as it was so toe curling it was frightening. The birth of a child is a good thing but when you are told that the child in question will be your king and you will be his subject is a different matter altogether.

But there are things about this situation that should concern us all. The first and most important in my opinion is the fact that this child will be mine and your kids head of state at some point in the future if things stay as they are. Our children will not have voted for this head of state, will have no say in how this head of state represents them, how they are paid, the influence they will have over government etc. But onto money, a subject close to most of us in these times of austerity or poverty as I would like to call it.

The Scottish Government have decided to give donations to charity and a commonwealth games toy to the new prince on our behalf, the donations amount to £50,000 of our money and I object to our money being used in this way to celebrate the birth of a future unelected head of state. By all means give to charities to ease poverty etc, no problem there, but not in this way and not in my name.

Now the Windsors in the main are paid through what is called the civil list. This came about in 1760 when George III agreed to change how the old firm were financed. He gave up control of the crown estates, some 356,000 acres of land (we can debate how they got this land in the first place, theft anyone), most of the profits go to the treasury and the old firm can’t sell any of it. Sounds like a good deal as it made a profit of around 240 million in 2012. But anyway this was changed recently to the Sovereign Support Grant, sounds good right, actually no it isn’t as it means the old firm now get a share of the profits, 15%, rather than a set amount to fund their lifestyles from government. In the main the Tories/Liberals supported by Labour have ensured that this family will get a lot richer from what is in the main our land or should be.

On top of this Charles Windsor pretty much gets to avoid as much tax as he wants and it’s ok. No real surprise there but how much do the rest get, not easy to actually find this information out but roughly this is what they get from the tax payer:

Prince Andrew £249,000 a year.
Princess Anne £228,000 a year.
Prince Edward £175,000 a year.
Princess Alexandria £225,000 a year.
Duke of Edinburgh £359,000 a year.

You can also add in security costs, travel etc and it costs a lot. Just out of interest a person on Employment Support Allowance gets:

ESA Single Person £3728.40 a year. Do you see the difference.

There are arguments on both sides as to the worth of the Windsors to the country. Some say they bring in the tourists, some say they don’t. Either way this gift in our names, this family, this privilege, this undemocratic system is wrong. While we are happy, we are told, to have them. While allegedly the polls say we want to keep them, the simple truth is that this family and this birth are undemocratic. We do not and cannot hold them to account, they have unchecked access to the very highest levels of government that we can only dream of, they can veto laws that we don’t get a say in and they stand up for everything that keeps us down. Better Together my arse and NOT IN MY NAME.



  1. Tris

    Once we are independent I think we should have a referendum to find out what people want as a head of state.

    The UK will never ditch the Windsors. Scotland might.

  2. Crystal

    Good blog!

    Is there much support for Scottish independence? For a country with such pride and rich history, I always wondered how many felt now being under the Crown. I remember a while back hearing some things, but not as much now. Of course, our news (I’m in the States…Florida) media, probably like yours, can’t be trusted for truthful information….we only get what they want us to know. Sadly, this is enough for a good amount of people.

    Anyways, I ask b/c I find that many people here have become complacent. It’s like they’ve forgotten the rights that they have. The government is running a muck, we’re fighting wars and getting into conflicts we have no business, etc. Economy is in the tank (the numbers they release are hogwash). Yet, we’re just letting them do it. It’s like we’ve been dumbed down so much, we think it’s the Government that has the power, when it reality, it’s the people. Many of us don’t even know our national anthem or our very own Constitution. We believe what we’re told and refuse to learn on our own.

    • Anonymous


      Thank you very much for your comments, I’m flatered that you would take the time to write.

      Right now the figures appear to be around 40% for independence and 46% against but that means it only requires a small swing for a yes vote, which I hope there is.

      The media here has become very untrustworthy and right wing, very similar to Fox News. The government basically lie all the time and few people take the time to find the truth. In Scotland the people trying to convince Scots to vote to remain in the UK have called there own project Project Fear. People are being lied to all over tha place as they fear losing Scotland due to many factors but mainly economic and a seat at the top table.

      For myself I now fear what will happen if there is a no vote. I fear that a no vote will result in Scotland basically losing out big time as the current Westminster system means that England elects all governments with Scotland having little or no say. It really is a sad state of affairs. Shouls Scotland vote no I feel a lot of people will consider if they can remain here, the ones with the options to move that is.

      Again thanks for reading my blog or rants, please feel free to comment anytime.


  3. Hoping not to be ashamed to be a Scot

    Scotland will be the laughing stock of the world and will have a proven majority of cowards if it votes No on 18th September 2014.

    200 or so independent countries in the world, rich and poor, but will wee Scotland vote to remain hidden inside the frocks of Mother England?

    What has happened to the descendents of the once proud Scots who fought so many battles against a much stronger enemy to remain independent?

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