Unelected Head of State

Today is definitely a day to avoid the news, avoid the radio, avoid listening to politicians more than normal and definitely avoid the BBC. Why you may ask? Well it would appear a new better is to be born into the world. Now the birth of a child is something that most of us would agree is a good thing and I actually hope things go well as our new unelected head of state comes into the world. But that is where it ends.

In a parliamentary democracy (loosely when it comes to Scotland), the legitimacy of the head of state allegedly comes from the people, I can’t remember ever getting to have a say in this and no one in the UK ever has so the approval of the people is rubbish. England and a bit here and there of the rest non important parts of the UK will be celebrating today but what in fact will they be celebrating. Well they will be celebrating an anti-democratic system, they will be celebrating having to bow and scrape to this child for the rest of their lives, they will be celebrating this birth when child poverty rates in the UK are increasing everyday. This child will have the best that money can offer, best food, best health services, best education and it certainly won’t be at any of the places your kids will be expected to use and be thankful for.

A lot of people think it is ok to have an unelected head of state they have no power and it’s better than having a president. But here in the good old UK that is just not the case at all. From tax to land they are not treated the same and have influence over government that we can only dream of. Now I have actually met most of them and spoken to some of them and I will be honest, it was so underwhelming that meeting Tommy Coyne (DFC Legend) in my youth was more exciting and has had a longer lasting impression on me.

So today I would ask that you think about how all the media hype is an affront to our democracy, have a think about all the children who will be born into poverty and no life chances in this country today, think about how you will be expected to bow and scrape when you are allowed to breathe the same air as the unelected future head of state and think about how different it could be in an independent Scotland once we force a referendum on the issue.



  1. Tris

    I’ve never met any of them, and that’s the way it will be till I die.

    Simply because the idea of calling someone “sir” or “maam”, or bowing, or not being allowed to open a conversation, change the subject and end the conversation when I wanted too would be ridiculous.

    Of course, we are a subservient lot. We would treat a president in the same way.

    But at least we’d get to choose him (or her).

    • Anonymous


      I have met them through my work and not through choice. Didn’t do the bowing and only shook hands when offered to myself. On talking to the ones I have met they were fine but I just didn’t have anything to say to them. It’s the principle that get to myself and always has, like you said we are forced to be a subservient lot.


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